back to article Garmin trumps TomTom bid for TeleAtlas

Satnav hardware heavyweight Garmin has gone head to head with rival TomTom in a bidding war for control of Dutch map data provider TeleAtlas. Reuters reports that Garmin has entered the lists hoping to win the favour of TeleAtlas with an offer of €24.50 per share, topping TomTom by 15 per cent. TomTom offered €21.25/share in …


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  1. Piers

    hmmmm - up your bid Tom Tom!

    Americans don't seem to understand Europe too well at the best of times...

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Garmin is the worst shite on the market

    Please, TomTom, don't let Garmin win.

    I could write a better GPS UI than Garmin with my todger tied to a rock.

  3. Mark
    Thumb Up

    @Anonymous Coward

    Go on then!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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