back to article Cisco offers $10m prize in small biz bingo

Cisco is launching a global contest to find great business or technology ideas. The "I-Prize" will include the chance to help Cisco start a new business unit along with $10m in funding over the first three years. There is also a $250,000 signing bonus. The prize was launched as part of the opening of Cisco's centre in …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    So they offer $10.25m for an idea to generate £1bn over 5 to 7 years..

    Surely if some independant had such a product or business model they'd get their own funding and run with it themselves?

  2. Josh
    Thumb Down

    Great Idea, but

    Apparently you are not allowed to participate if you use firefox on linux...the submit button for the final stage of registration doesn't work on my ubuntu-top.

    Here's a good idea:

    Web standards!

    Oh wait...

    If they can't imagine someone would use firefox on linux to access the sight, they probably don't have the vision required to see the greatness of my (real) idea anyways, so f*** 'em.

  3. Eddie Edwards

    Sounds about right

    If genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, and 1% of $1bn is $10m, that sounds about right.

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