back to article Sony paints PS2 white... for a while

Despite investing many millions of dollars into the PS3, Sony thinks the best way of boosting its consoles sales is recolouring the new model's seven-year-old predecessor. So, enter a "limited edition" ceramic white PS2. PS2_ceramic_white Sony's white PS2 pack: a game and two microphones included The colour – which is …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    Surely it'd be more apt if they painted the PS3 white. And then stuck a trunk on it.

  2. Jonathan Hensley

    Already been done

    Over in Japan they used to have the entire spectrum of colors to choose from for the PS2. There's been a gold one to commemorate a new Gundam game, a white one that came with Gran Turismo 4: Prologue (I have that one myself), a sakura (pinkish) colored one, blue, etc., and controllers to match.

  3. matthew bennion

    Sony uses new tactic in video games industry race

    Is this a sad tactic to try and trick old grannies buying consoles into mistaking the PS2 for a Wii?

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