back to article Rhys Jones 'killer' named on YouTube

The alleged killer of 11-year-old Rhys Jones has been named by commenters on YouTube. Rhys was shot dead in a pub car park in the Croxteth district on his way to football practice on August 22. Police say Rhys was caught in the crossfire between local teen gangs, but have not named a suspect. According to reports today, …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Sad little fucks, the lot of them

    Why can't they stick to shooting one another. The more the better.

  2. anarchic-teapot


    Presumably you mean "censured" or "edited", both of which are real words, not weasels.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Stray bullet or not...

    They shouldn't have been shooting the thing in the first place. If they find out who it was, they should throw the book at them.

  4. Anonymous Coward


    Presumably YOU mean censored!

  5. AdrianC


    "Censured" certainly is a real word, but it ain't the one you think it is.

    You mean "Cens_o_red".

    The sprog-wivva-gun is the one who should be censured. His name is censored.

  6. kissingthecarpet
    Paris Hilton


    Presumably you mean "censored". They probably have been censured as well but that hasn't got anything to do with weasels,voles,shrews or stoats

  7. Ted Treen

    Pathetic nonentities

    Pathetic little nonentities: Gangsta talk doesn't make them tough: Acting like an LA dope dealer is not terribly convincing. It doesn't make them respected or respectable. What respect could anyone have for a potty-mouthed child? Maybe a degree of circumspection because he just might be tooled up - but in no way is that respect.

    Respect has to be earned: it cannot be demanded.

    If only there had been a ruling elite who recognised the value of a clip round the ear in years gone by, we might not be seeing children using deadly weapons now. Whatever the screams of outrage, it's the direct fault AND responsibility (remember that word?) of the dreadful social engineering imposed upon us in the last thirty years by a soi-disant liberal intellectual elite.Even political correctness is a more subtle implementation of Newspeak - removing the terms and ideas necessary for dissent - because these crypto-fascists of the left brook no dissent whatsoever.

  8. Dave

    dictionary = a collection of words with meanings supplied

    redact (v): to prepare for publication

    Clearly, the preparation in this case required the plain indication that the original comment had been edited

  9. N1AK

    Nice work numb nuts

    Redact: To edit / change in preparation for publication.

    If your going to try and point out errors in peoples choice of word, at least consider a 5 second trip to or similiar so your at least partially informed.

    @Ted: I suppose their is a basis to this beyond your underlying political bias? Theirs a million and one people out there with a veritable bucket load of opinion, and all of it's without value because their are no facts/evidence to back it up.

    In my eye you showed the irrelevance of your own thoughts with the first paragraph, the people they want to respect them do, they're the other kids in the gangs. If you can't understand their basic motivation (however misguided) you'll be hard pressed to change things.

  10. Rob Moss


    What on earth has redaction got to do with a weasel? It has three differing meanings:

    1: to put in writing : frame

    2: to select or adapt (as by obscuring or removing sensitive information) for publication or release; broadly : edit

    3: to obscure or remove (text) from a document prior to publication or release

    I don't think that's the wrong word to use here, do you? And... weasels come into it how?

  11. Joe Blogs


    To edit sensitive documents before release to the public. With today's heightened awareness of the legal implications of exposing information, it is common to redact even e-mail messages before sending them.

  12. W

    As my teachers always said...

    ...a spellchecker won't check *your* grammar. *You're* going to have to do that for yourself.


  13. Anonymous Coward

    Nice work N1AK

    If YOU'RE going to try and point out errors in PEOPLE'S choice of word, at least consider learning some grammer, so THAT YOU'RE at least partially informed.


  14. Anonymous Coward

    @N1AK - choice of word indeed!

    your - you're (x2)

    peoples - people's

    their - there (x2)

    theirs - there's

  15. Andy


    Or maybe [redacted] is his street name innit.

  16. W

    I repeat...

    My teacher always said that a spellchecker won't *check* your *grammar*.

    But it'll remind you how to *spell* it.

    Please tell me these errors are intentional and I'm just being silly for pointing them out...

  17. Hedley Phillips

    More and more like /. every day

    Yet again the discussion has turned towards grammar/spelling mistakes.

    This place is slowly turning into /.

  18. Alex

    He used a word, the meaning of which was obvious in context

    Get over it?

  19. Sean Nevin


    Everyone here with the exception of Ted and one anonymous coward (should I capitalize that? Is it a proper noun in this context?) is going on about grammar and punctuation in a comments section about children killing each other.

    Yes I *noticed* that the author used the term 'redact' when they should have used 'deleted', 'omitted', or simply a blank space between square brackets as my local newspaper does in these situations; but I don't care. I skip over it, and instead concentrate on the story.

    This is *The Register*, be thankful such a publication *exists*, and stop fighting and obsessing over tiny errors; or go back to reading/watching the shite that the mainstream media produces. Or do you all just do that because you're too stupid to actually *think* about the issue at hand?

    Not that that's out... I agree with Ted (as he was the only one here who's actually *said* anything). Toughness is not measured in trash-talking or shooting people with whom you have no real grievance. It's doing a difficult thing for a cause greater than your own self interests. These gangs (packs) do this basically because they're bored, or have a difficult life and the leaders tell them it's because of their 'enemies'. None of them seem to realize that there is a life beyond angry youth, and sadly, for many of them there isn't.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Nice work N1AK (AC)

    This'll go on f'rever.

    >try and point out errors

    Try TO point out the errors.

    >at least consider learning some grammer


  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "If YOU'RE going to try and point out"

    It's TRY TO.

  22. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    I'm all for the grammar lessons

    But you guys are lacking the long, heavy wooden ruler to make it stick.

  23. Dr Stephen Jones
    Thumb Up

    At least...

    ... it's not about "virtualization"

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    You boy! Monett

    Go stand in the corner before I pop a cap in yo ass.

    As for this:-

    >gangs (packs) do this basically because they're bored, or have a difficult life

    Bored? Nah, a gun is too expensive even these days, they had a purpose.

    Difficult life? please, in that particular area at least half the population are maintained entirely by the rest of society, from health care to education, food, housing, fags, alcohol, drug money, even their funerals will be paid for by the state.

    I bet the gun was bought with JSA.

  25. Bryce Prewitt

    I'm afraid of Americans

    Look, none of this would be happening in the good old God-blessed United States if we had better gun control. We need more than just a waiting period and a signature confirming that you aren't a loony psycho ready to go off and kill someone at a moment's notice.

    In fact, we should abolish firearms. Period. Not even allow them for hunting. After all, we don't need to hunt water, and we've a large supply of it, so why should we hunt animals, when we have an even larger supply of ranches and farms? It's all bullshit if you ask me, the gun legislation. But here's my proposal for a Better America by increasing the burden of gun ownership:

    1) Extensive background checks coupled with legislation preventing even more classes of people from being "stable" enough to pass these checks

    2) 30-day waiting period

    3) DNA marked weapons and bullets at the moment of firing

    4) Enact a very, very steep ammunition tax and use the money to pay for the health care of the wee wee little middle class children

    5) Require a credit check to purchase a firearm, needing a score of 650 or higher

    6) Raise the age of purchase to 25. Make this a federal law that the states needn't abide by but threaten to withhold highway funds if they don't

    7) Require all gun purchasers - whether by veteran gun owners or newbies - to undergo a 16 hour gun training course taught by a complete knob

    8) Make all gun owners wear a red band around their arm with the Cross of Dav... Mark of Charleton Heston on it (a monkey's face)

    9) Raise the minimum punishment for all offenses in which a gun is involved to something ridiculous, like three consecutive life sentences without a trial for murder, even if it's self-defense

    10) Finally, monopolize gun sales to Wal-Mart, so that the lines will be so ridiculously long and the customer service so non-existent that nobody will actually feel compelled to own weapons

    I know this does very little to actually stem the tide of how most weapons in America are purchased: illegally. This also does very little to address the illegal arms trade and sales of firearms out of vans and trunks. But, really, once all the legitimate gun owners give up the ghost, surely all the gangsters and drug dealers will too, right?

    After all the American media and the liberal cock-sucking pinko faggots have long told me so. They point at Australia, Sweden, Norway and England as being primary examples of how perfectly functional a society can be without firearms. Children trick-or-treating in neighborhoods again. Old ladies crossing the street without fear of reprisal. The police even knock before kicking in your door with their standard issue. Naive teenagers even run through fields of sunflowers, holding hands and listening to the Beach Boys. All because there are no firearms.

    Did you know that a society without firearms also solves the problem of "the dole"? Yes, that's right! The American media tells me that firearms are the cause of welfare and teenage pregnancy. Also: blacks. Yes, that's right, blacks! Ban firearms and that Uncle Tom next door will leave forever. He'll even forget to take his nice 52" plasma screen 1080p high definition tv behind for you to take home as a gift. All because there's no more firearms. Would you believe it?

    Hey, wait a minute. Croxteth and Merseyside don't sound like any American cities I've ever heard of. And nobody gets their news from the BBC except for fart-sucking communist liberals.

    But England doesn't have any gun crime because their excellent police force has done an excellent job of conquering street crime. This must be in America. There's no way the media and the liberals would lie to me.

    Silly Register. Please identify the location these events took place in next time. And all you posters above me, ha ha, I bet you feel right silly don't you! Silly English, always thinking it's about you. This didn't happen in England, it happened in America, because gang crime and firearms are an epidemic here and we desperately need to model our social programs after yours because then we'll be progressive and forward thinking like you! Silly wankers. You can't edit your posts, can you? I'm having a right laugh. Ha ha ha.

    Oh, you English folks, what a great sense of humor you lot have. So very dry, though. Why, if I didn't know better, I'd say all your posts are serious! Ha ha ha. Glad I know better though.

    Good on you, Chris Williams. You simultaneously brought an issue to light and trolled a good part of your fellow countrymen. Oh, you English! You really are the perfect firearmless society, aren't you? Ha ha ha.

  26. Anonymous Coward

    Accidental or not...

    Adult crime = adult time

    Well it would if I had my way. They'll probably use the 'poor ol me - had a bad childhood' sob story and will get away with it. Again.

  27. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    Guns expensive? My friend got one offered for £50. Is that expensive?

  28. Vernon Lloyd


    First, what the fuck were you losers going on about grammar for, ffs this article is about a serious issue.

    I can see why gun and knife crime are on the increase - too many losers out their pointing out how they are better than the next (in this case grammar).

    Lets get to the issue here, a young boy tragically lost his life when a bullet struck him. Does it frigging matter if it was meant for him or not.

    Its time to get the little 'Street Cred/Respect' shits off the street, its time to disperse the gangs, its time to get OUR communities back from these wankers who think shooting a gun gives them respect. What will happen to the killer, will he go to prison or more likely go on a fucking safari on OUR hardearned tax money.

    We have fought and stood together as a nation in TWO world wars, and yet in some communites we bow down to the gangs. I am not blaming those innocents people living in these communities, as being alive is better than dead.

    For the sake of Rhys and all others killed through mindless and fucking street cred crimes its time for the nation to stand together, and unite in making ALL communities safe for OUR children. Before anyone thinks why can't the government sort this out. They are more worried about their pockets than our lives.

    No doubt half the readers here will be concentrating on my spelling and grammar that the point made, to them GET A FUCKING LIFE!

  29. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Analogy with USA mistaken

    In Liverpool the local drug dealing mafiosi have been handing out guns to their kiddie foot soldiers, and are now regretting it (since having a back yard crawling with police is bad for business). The solution may be for the UK Govt to make drugs legal and at the same time become the monopoly supplier at a price with which the mafia cannot compete, while also instituting rehabilitiation measures for those addicts who want it - assuming a UK Govt without mafia aspirations, of course.

    In the USA the removal of the right to bear arms can surely only hasten the arrival of a Fourth Reich.

  30. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    Scum On Our Streets

    Why are the decent people of the UK rising up and crushing these neds, scallies, Chavs, Scum that are ruining our daily lifes, our government does NOTHING take matters into your own hands, if these low lifes make your life hell, stamp them out.

  31. Anonymous Coward

    rhys jones

    i think who ever killed rhys jones wants to do the real hard man thing and hand themselves in surely they cant live with the guilt knowing they took the life of someones son!!! There was a fight between two gangs?! so there was plenty of people out there that was there that night in these gangs all of them people will know who fired that shot that killed Rhys so stop trying to act the hardman and tell whos done it, the parents of these kids thats members of these gangs want to be ashamed! and know that next time it mint be there childs life taken away! You are all Cowards and pathetic hard men wannabes!!! your nothing but losers! worst thing is when they do find the killer and im sure they WILL there will be the shittest punishment like a youths institute for five year or something?! pool tables sky tv!!! the lot! they want to lock him up for life!!! and leave him to suffer like the family of Rhys Jones!!! i cant imagine what the hell there going through right now!!

  32. The Sceptic

    Right on Vernon

    I think someone had to state the obvious here.

    This aint da pisin contest of gramar!

    A boy was killed. His family need closure and you can bet your house on it the killer was local and people know him. The best deterrent we can have is catching the offender and letting others know they won't get away with it. It doesn't matter if the death was intentional or not - it doesn't matter if the killer knew him or not. There should not have been opportunity in the first place.

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    @ Sean Nevin

    Spot on, Sean.

    Just lately I've noticed comments to articles are becoming increasingly silly, petty and irrelevant. Likewise the indiscriminate use of bad language is on the up.

    I find neither of those offensive (although I do have a personal hatred for poor grammar and spelling) and it's very refereshing to see that still aren't sent for censorship before posting (well done El Reg). I'd still far rather read relevant comment regardless of how poor the spelling and grammar, well constructed and free of bad language just for the sake of it.

    This case was shocking at the time and it still is now and while we all have our opinions on how best to deal with the issue of gun crime. These are the real issues, get a grip, people.

  34. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    @ Bryce Prewitt

    What the hell are you going on about?

    Nothing you've said in your comments relate in any way to Chris Williams' article. I read the story because I was and still am shocked that an 11 year old child could be gun downed by these pathetic pseudo gangster morons. You on the other hand obviously just trawl around the Internet looking for stories that allow you to vent your bitter and twisted spleen.

    Please go and take your industrial sized chip-on-the-shoulder and choke on it along with the rest of the gun loving cretins you exist alongside.

    You pathetic, irrelevant individual.

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