back to article McAfee pays $51m for Hacker Safe

Security firm McAfee has bought ScanAlert - the company behind the "HACKER SAFE" kitemark used to certify ecommerce websites. ScanAlert is, or was, privately owned and claims that over 75,000 websites show its mark. It is based in Napa, California, and employs 130 people. McAfee will pay $51m in cash with a possible bonus of …


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  1. Eddy
    Thumb Down


    Yet another 'feature' for McAfee to load onto the top of their quivering pile of bloatware...

  2. Mike Lovell


    Will FastHosts be applying for certification?

  3. Anonymous Coward

    My Opinion last year

    was that this service was over sold and could not possibly keep up with the number of sites using it now I know it is.

  4. Paul
    Jobs Halo

    security theatre

    you can't verify a site is secure by only using standard automated test tools - sure, they're great for capturing obvious stuff, but to really prove a web service is secure requires a willingness to actually break the service, and a proper audit of the source code by experienced security-aware *independent* programmers.

    if these people have, or ever will, issue a kitemark to a service running on any form of windows, then they're charlatans!

  5. Anonymous Coward
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    ... is crap! I have luckily forgotten which website affiliated with McAfee is visited, which tried to covert me into buying some shady "security product" (anti-spyware) by running a "test" from their website - consisting only of JavaScripted events - no real information of any kind was processed - a complete scam! And SiteAdvisor claimed it to be all kosher. I (naturally) filed a report with SiteAdvisor - which apparently was rejected, as it simply disappeared from the system within a couple of weeks.

    Needless to say - I abandoned SiteAdvisor shortly after...

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