back to article Europe delays accidental ban on MRI scans

The European Commission has suggested that it should delay implementing legislation that would have imposed serious limits on when and where MRI scans could be used. The draft legislation covering workers' exposure to electromagnetic fields will now be sent back to the drawing board for a further four years. Meanwhile, the …


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  1. Paul Kinsler

    I do hope ...

    they ensure intensities of roughly 1kW/m^2 remain legal. Otherwise we might have to turn the brightness of the sun down on cloudless summer days.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I had a MRI scan once and it nveer ddi me ayn hram.

    The magnetic strip of the hospital car parking ticket I'd left in my pocket came out of it a touch worse....

  3. Mark Scorah

    perhaps that should have been

    daft legislation

    So are they proposing a limit on how much light we can receive? After all light is electromagnetic radiation

  4. Campbell

    Oh No!!

    Can't you see what's happenign here?

    In the news today we have Predator B's attacking Fleshies. Fleshies talking about building EMP bombs and and now "they" are trying to stop us using EM fields, probably to allow "them" to infect us with "their" nano tech control-bots without fear of them getting fried in an MRI.

    Folks RoTM is in full swing and make no mistake the battle for Earth has already begun. Be on your guard and if that toaster so much as twitches in the wrong direction lay in to it with the nearest heavy, preferably blunt, object.

    Be afraid, be very afraid.

  5. Chris Miller


    1kW/m^2 - ah, but that's ionising radiation (at least the UV component is), so probably subject to much more stringent controls :)

  6. Luther Blissett

    @Paul Kinsler

    >> we might have to turn the brightness of the sun

    Analysis of contrail residues has allegedly discovered fine particulate aluminium and other metals, which would tend to reflect incoming radiation back into space. If true, then you needn't worry on that account - they've thought of everything. (It would also explain why amanfromMars is garbled sometimes).

    They just haven't told the green crusties yet.

  7. vincent himpe
    Thumb Down

    of course we should not look inside the human body

    everyone knows that that is right up there with flying broomsticks , black cats. we should go back to trepanisation and bloodletting and reinstate that the earth is flat and the center of the universe.

    The real reason they want to ban this , is simply that they are afraid if someone were to scan them they would find no more then 2 brain cells ... idiots.

  8. laird cummings

    To protect the evil...

    This is how the Lizard Alliance intends to prevent premature widespread detection of their zombie infiltrators until too late. The plan is almost complete, but they need just a few more years to fine-tune and complete their takeover.

    Or maybe it's the quacks having at it again, Making It Up As They Go in the grand tradition of yore. Next on the agenda: Laudable pus.

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