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Further proof, were it needed, that Britain has degenerated from a fun-loving democratic paradise to a yob-ravaged land in which decorated war veterans collect their pensions in armoured vehicles for fear they might fall prey to alcopop-crazed happyslapping hoodies comes today from Fulham, where "sick yobs" found a novel way to …


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  1. Anthony Metcalf


    "American Pitbull"....."defenceless animal"

    I am not seeing how these two go together?

  2. Anonymous Coward


    Why does it paint the Precious?

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  4. IanKRolfe

    Poor dog is distressed... being called "precious"! How can the Bulldog-in-the-street stand with head high with a name like that? Poor pooch.

    Still, I hope that they catch these yobs and let the owner graffitti THEM.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Tolkien references? Not I

    Well there's Precious little I can add to this sad Tail. The yoof of today are just animals. To pick on Precious, Precious is just inhuman. This country has gone to the dogs !

    Stop the madness we don't wantsis it does we Precious ?

    Damn, nearly made it. Have my coat on already.

  6. Campbell


    Defenceless does sound strange but consider, if the dog had chomped on the hand of the scumbag doing this it would have been destroyed by now..

    Maybe just as well that the mutt decided not to.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    From the archives of The Day Today

    Is it just me or does this story sound like it came straight from the mind of Chris Morris...?

    And now Alan Partridge with the sport...

  8. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    Ok - im not normally one to use icons...



  9. Dave Burns

    @Anthony Metcalf

    Its an american Bulldog NOT a pitbull. I have 2 American Bulldogs and they have a lovely non violent nature. Unless your a postman.

  10. Graham Jordan

    10 dogs?!?!

    I bet your house smells like a meadow ey love!!! Bloody hell!

    Moneys on it being some questionable kids, or else what kind of deranged yobo carrys a pink pen round with him?

    Lets hope he/she catches cancer some time soon.

  11. Richard Joens

    Fight back

    Perhaps she should seek help from this K9.

  12. RichardB

    Ah well.

    If it was a male dog it would have been considered normal for it to have its bollocks cut off.

    A bit of makeup on a lady dog seems quite tame in comparison.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    More a toddler with a felt tip pen

    As i see the marks on the dog, this is more the effect of a toddler with a felt tip pen, than the result of a teeneager artirstry. Of course, the dog would have been happy to let a little child paint him ( or suffer him), and it wouldn't even moved, unless it felt pain. The case is different should a young person apporach it.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Proof! If proof be need be, that UK no longer stands for United Kingdom, rather Unstoppable Krimewave.

    @Anon Coward - They perps would have been screwed if Precious had been one of those IRA bomb dogs.

  15. Chewy

    @Dave Burns

    My friend's Dorsets would have taken their arms off :-)

  16. anarchic-teapot

    This is outrageous

    And the toddler who committed it should be locked up immediately.

    I suppose I can only be grateful my cat didn't haul me in front of the magistrate because one of my children decided to colour him red one afternoon. The cat apparently didn't even wake up while this was happening.

    Traumatised, my aunt Fanny. It even purred.

  17. Les Matthew

    She is lucky

    If a dog was left on its own outside a shop in North London it would have been stolen in less than ten minutes.

  18. Mike


    Even if it was a toddler, where the hell was the parent(s), and if there, why did they not stop said child before the poor mutt had been given a complete repaint??? Whoever did this of whatever age there's no excuse; someone must have been there with sufficient (ir)resposibility to have stopped this happening if they had any kind of social conscience about them

  19. One-armed Freddy

    It's only a dog

    I think it's an improvement. There's probably a market for this kind of dog customisation. Instead of whining about her dog being defaced she should be talking to the bank about a loan to buy a salon and a load of felt tips.

  20. The Other Steve

    Poor animal

    Try that on my cat and see how many fingers you have left afterwards.

    The perils of an overly nice nature.

    Still, hanging's to good*, and all that. Bastards.

    *consider that (yet another) icon request :-)

  21. Chris Taylor
    IT Angle


    Pimp my Precious

    Bling my Bulldog

    Chill my crazee canine


  22. Ex Pat

    Who cares?

    So who cares exactly? If the owner was pathetic enough to own a dog in the first place then they should be thankful for the improvement made to the ugly mutt by these great kids.

    I mean really, dog owners are just so lame. It is only a shame that these great kids did not doodle all over the owner as well.

  23. Jamie Davis

    I'm going to hell...

    I haven't stopped laughing for 10 minutes. I know, I know... inexcusable. But really... it does look a child's daubings on some wallpaper. I was expecting tags or at the very least a primary school-like penis motif.

    @Coward - your Gollum-esque comment has had people in the office staring at me strangely.

  24. ryan


    ...tagged a cow and it was deemed art.

    perhaps Precious' owner should be looking into flogging her much-loved mutt?

  25. Anonymous Coward

    RE: It's only a dog

    Indeed. It probably doesn't even know that it is covered in marker pen, much less care.

    >> Chief veterinary officer Steve Cheetham said yesterday: “This would have caused Precious distress.”

    WTF are they smoking down at the RSPCA?

    >> “It will take me ages to get it all out.”

    So rather than leave it to fade naturally over the course of a few weeks, she plans to scrub it clean? That will cause a lot more distress than covering it in marker pen (as anyone who has ever tried bathing a dog will tell you - let alone scrubing one).

    >> “Whoever did this is sick...

    >> “The moment I saw her I fell in love and had to have her.

    >> “She is my baby...

    Somebody is clearly sick.

  26. stalker

    @ Ex Pat

    Sorry, pathetic enough to own a dog? how about "stupid enough to live in a flat" or "daft enough to learn to drive"??

    Methinks you have a slightly blinkered outlook on life meladdo...I love my dog to bits, and I don't think I am:

    a) lame, or

    b) pathetic

    hows about we send the pikey twats to your house to doodle on your plasma tv/car/wife/kids/door and see how you like it?

    and even if you have no love for animals, surely the fact that some idiot has seen fit to cause someone (the owner, I'm sure the dog didn't give a toss) so much distress is enough to make you shake your head and wonder WTF?!?

    no trolls were harmed in the making of this rant


  27. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @The Other Steve

    Maybe not a 'Hanging's to(sic) good icon!' but a 'Grammarnazi' one?

    *Enters shelter to wait out expected fallout*

  28. Ex Pat

    @ stalker

    Love your dog? Oh dear, the sad gits seem to have arrived. I would not be surprised if you put your tongue in it's mouth in search of reciprocal love.

  29. laird cummings

    American Bulldogs...

    These are really gentle beasts, most often. They've been bred to remove some of the problems that the classic English bulldogs have with energy, breathing, and bone structure. They're large, cuddly, family-friendly beasties - The lady across the street from me breeds them, and I find them to be entirely charming.

    Most likely, Precious was quite happy for the attention, and could care less about the markings. I'm betting she waggled right up to the vandals. OK, I can see *some* distress on the owner's part, but really - Isn't this a bit much? Personally, I'd have been annoyed, but hardly more than that. As other's have noted, a toddler with a marker could hardly have done more, and it's not that big a deal.

  30. Michael Sheils

    Grafitti 2.0

    Mobile art platform.

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Err... dogs aren't things, if anyone cares

    If I may make my first post, I live in the area and believe I have met this lady and her pooch twice. The dog was very sweet but very, very wary. The owner's explanation of prior abuse seemed sadly believable. Some here have suggested that being graffiti'd would probably not upset it; I am pretty sure it would, and plenty. Does anyone get the impression of a happy animal from the photos?

    Why it didn't take the arm off the twat I don't know but as somebody else has pointed out, if it had it would probably be dead in a day or two for the crime of defending itself.

    Which leads me to another point, re fighting dogs: we take an animal species with known aggression, breed it for plenty of body muscle, a pair of jaws from hell and even more temper, choose to keep it around us -- and then are simply stunned when one occasionally does exactly what was designed to do. And then we kill it.

  32. Phil Underhill

    To the chap above ^^

    Don't use the word 'we' so liberally. I wouldn't condone allowing people to own these dogs and am all for hosing them if they attack someone.

    My next-door neighbour lets his dog out at midnight and beyond sometimes and I have to listen to it barking. While he's probably the minority, he's a great example of why dogs should be 'uninvented'. Along with guns, I suppose.

  33. Mike Richards Silver badge


    @Les Matthews

    'If a dog was left on its own outside a shop in North London it would have been stolen in less than ten minutes.'

    Either that or up on bricks with the ears smashed in.

    @ Chewy

    'My friend's Dorsets would have taken their arms off :-)'

    Dorsets? That's a euphamism isn't it?

  34. The Other Steve


    Bugger, I keep doing that. Thank's so much for pointing it out.

  35. stalker

    @ Ex Pat

    don't knock inter-species erotica :D or are you jealous of my poochy love?

    BTW its a 4 year old german shephard, so i'd like to see anyone try to stick their tongue in his mouth :P

  36. Alex King

    @ Anonymous Coward

    So dog's aren't "things" then? In that case they must be people?? I'm confused.

  37. Anonymous Coward

    Apropos Mike Richards: wrote @Chewy

    " 'My friend's Dorsets would have taken their arms off :-)'

    Dorsets? That's a euphamism isn't it? "

    No. If it had been a euphemism, Chewy would have said:

    > My friend's arms would have taken their Dorsets off.


  38. Red Bren

    Why do they have to put the nasty doggies down?

    Can't they just remove their teeth? After all, you don't need them to eat dog food, just ask any pensioner...

    (With thanks to The Mary Whitehouse Experience, I think)

  39. Luther Blissett

    Sick Brits

    I'm guessing Lester hadn't read Lewis Page when he posted this.

    No, I don't think I should take the blame if El Reg's server crashes in the next 5 seconds.

    Now what have you done with my giant pink poodle?

  40. BitTwister


    It must be a quiet news day at that bastion of truth and accuracy - The Sun.

  41. Martin Glenn

    They had Pens, OMG

    I think we can rule out Pikeys, Chav's and Yoofs, For a start when was the last time you saw one with a Pen or even know how to hold one.

    Oh yea right it is all that practice filling in claim forms and benefit stubs.

  42. spezzer

    all very suspicious...

    i think weve established this a a girls pink pen - and that the owner had some shopping to do - i put it to the jury that the owner ran out of paper in her notepad and wrote her shpping list on the dog. clearly the dog wasnt to pleased with the idea, hence the illedgibility. what better way to cover her tracks than to leave it unattended for 10 minutes - genius!

    and - did the owner actually purchase anything from shop?

    there are so many questions

  43. Snert Lee

    Let the punishment fit the crime

    Judging from the photos, the perpetrators should be sentenced to maybe 20 hours of community service and 100 hours of art instruction.

  44. Bez


    "Maybe not a 'Hanging's to(sic) good icon!' but a 'Grammarnazi' one?"

    Excellent - red background, white circle, four large black apostrophes arranged in rotation :)

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  46. Law

    RE: mmm

    Sounds like a huge shoe.... almost like it would be too big to fit in a shop of some description

  47. This post has been deleted by its author

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