back to article Verizon bags slow-tracked wireless battle

Verizon has abandoned its legal attack on new rules that would allow US consumers to attach any device and any application to a prime portion of the country's wireless spectrum. Less than two months ago, the uber-telco filed a "petition for review" with the US Court of Appeals, urging it to overhaul Federal Communication …


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  1. D Crunkilton

    Google should bid on non-open part of spectrum

    """You see, the FCC has attached an "open access requirement" to a chunk of the band, which would force to winning bidder to treat it like the anything-goes wired internet, and Verizon doesn't like that."""

    I figure Google would be happy no matter who wins the "open access" portion of the band. All they want is for it to be "open access". Even if Verizon wins it, it must still be "open access". Verizon probably doesn't even want to deal with that portion of spectrum.

    """The latest word from Google is that it's "carefully analyzing" a bid for the spectrum."""

    Since Google has achieved what it wants for the "open access" portion of the spectrum, it should agressively bid for a part of the spectrum most dear to Verizon-- the "non-open access" portion of the spectrum. I am presuming that if Google won this portion, they could do with it as they please, like open it to anyone for a wide variety of purposes.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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