back to article Barracuda skydroid to make comeback?

The German and Spanish killbot industries, struggling to recover from the loss of the "Barracuda" demonstrator plane, which crashed last year, might be saved by the German government. Reports suggest that German defence authorities may offer "assistance in kind" for the building of a new Barracuda. The original Barracuda was …


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  1. James Smith
    Thumb Down

    What do they do with it?

    It does worry me somewhat the amount of money continental Europe spends on their armies. Because they dont do anything with them.

    If they sent some stuff over to Afghanistan and actually did something that would be nice.

  2. Rodrigo Andrade

    RoTM Angle?

    Where is the obvious RoTM angle?

    After the NRA bravely struck down the bot, which El Reg shamelessly failed to point as a victory for the resistance by the way, and now this failure to shine the light on the Lizard's Army true intentions with the carcass?

    Lester! Lewis is being controlled by exploding cranial implants! Dont trust him!

    Pulse rifles at the ready, my fellow freedom fighters. El Reg has been infiltrated.

    And I am getting my tilfoil coat.

  3. Hate2Register

    Porn for nerds..

    Indeed, after a veritable season of references to 'stealthdroids', 'killbots', and their 'fleshy slaves', what other conclusion can be drawn, other than Reg tech writers regularly plunder the vocab of kiddie comic 2000AD for those oh so gripping Terminator comparisons of new 'battletech'. The armed forces have made several clever (?) additions to jargonese, such as 'modern battlespace', 'integrated technologies', and even 'socio-political topography', which must be hard to say while you're shooting enemy ragheads.

    But assuming soldiers are not in your primary readership demographic. Who does read the Reg's battledroid series? As any interlligent life form will already know, comics are like porn for kids, (right?). So using their vocab will define your readership, who I suspect are getting all excited by the Star Trek stuff.

    Which makes the Reg like porn for nerds..


  4. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    Actually porn is porn for nerds.

  5. Big Al

    Very fishy

    The whole Barracuda project sounds fishy to me...

    (Sorry, couldn't resist that...)

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