back to article Man who urinated on dying woman for YouTube glory jailed

A man who shouted "This is YouTube material" as he pissed on a dying, disabled woman has been sent to jail for three years. Anthony Anderson, 27, had been smoking cannabis and drinking heavily with friends, when he found Christine Lakinski, 50, collapsed in a doorway in Hartlepool, in northern England. Calling her a "smackhead …


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  1. Secret Santa
    Dead Vulture

    Hope the jail he goes to has solitary or a good dentist.....

    I'll be amazed if this guy comes out the same person who went in as.

  2. Chris G Silver badge

    The Birch

    It would be nice to bring back the birch that was formerly used on miscreants like this on the Isle of Man. Otherwise lock him in a set of stocks each Saturday in the centre of Liverpool so people can throw buckets of piss over him and give him a bit of his own back.

    I bet he comes out of prison early with a personal social worker to look after him , is given somewhere to live, found a job and a free psychologist and a degree in crime.

  3. Philip
    Thumb Down

    Here's wishing him a wonderful 'welcome party' ..

    I hope this unpleasant little tosser gets what's coming to him inside... this is truly horrific to the point of not being able to summon an El-Reg-type sardonic comment - I'm just burning with rage; and despairing at what this country is becoming :(

    R.I.P. to Christine Lakinski - at least you don't have to live here anymore.

  4. Anonymous Coward


    Why was the man going to a nightclub with a bucket of water and some shaving foam? Did he plan to shave himself on the dance floor? I suppose we'll never know.

    "She had curvature of the spine and learning difficulties and suffered bullying all her life" - how ironic that she died such an undignified death, in public, in a doorway, covered in piss and shaving foam, mocked by a wide boy.

  5. {¯`·.¸_LÅMߤ¥_¸.·´¯}


    It never ceases to amaze me just how low some scumbags stoop. I bet he laughs at the publicity. Even worse are the cowards that stood and watched.

    Yet another reason why I want to leave this country. Trouble is, its never greener on the other side:(

  6. Hedley Phillips

    Beyond belief

    We just can not understand how anyone could do this to a human being.

    The cannabis and alcohol are no excuse for this idiots behaviour and lack of decency and respect.

    This poor woman suffered throughout life and even in death she had no dignity.

    Christine, I trust you can rest in peace now your suffering is over.

    Anthony, yours has just begun.

  7. kain preacher


    how could some raised by humans do this ?

    All I can say is karma is a bitch, and hope she gets him

  8. Joe K
    IT Angle


    This is the kind of crap that bums me out for a few days.

    I'm not saying its totally non-reg, if he really did shout about Youtube, but geez.

    Now i have the mental image of some scumbag pissing on a poor dying disabled woman to tide me over the weekend.

    This is why i've stopped reading the papers. That and the never ending Maddie bullshit.

  9. Robert Long
    Paris Hilton


    Because large parts of our society value celebrity and fame above all else. The tosser said why he was doing it: to be seen doing in on YouTube.

    Let's face it: Jeremy Kyle is watched every morning as he's paid to piss on some bunch of unfortunate bastards and no one does anything about that either.

  10. idryl

    What if she'd been a drunk, and had survived?

    Okay so it's pretty bad to piss on someone, but is it really so bad that it deserves 3 years in prison?

    For all the guy knew she was some drunk in a doorway. Okay, so even if someone's drunk in a doorway it's no good reason to piss on them, but if she really was just off her head and had survived, would the same act have earned national media attention and a long jail sentence?

    It seems out of proportion.

  11. george


    glad he got a sentence of this length.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Sadly, idryl - the answer is that if she was "just" a drunk and had survived, there would have been no outcry, since it would possibly never have come to light at all: after all, how many policemen patrol our streets these days?

    But if the incident had indeed come to the attention of the police, I would hope that that same sentence would have been imposed - and also on his sicko mates.

    It's the action that counts, and not the state of the victim

  13. Tim Blair

    nothing can excuse this !

    Rest in peace dear lady...

    A life of pain that leads to death on the pavement being pissed on and laughed at as you fight for a last breath ? this c*nt is as bad as a nonce. karma ? god ? yeah right ! an electric drill and a blowtourch would be closer to justice.

  14. Crossbow


    She was just lying unconscious in the street.... lets see..... call ambulance, or use as urinal....

    Let me think.

    The answer is a little obvious

  15. Frank Bough

    Sausage Machine

    I really do feel that a special level of punishment be reserved for scum like these, Victoria Climbié's torturers and the like. My fond hope is that a large sausage meat grinder be prepared to have the screaching, desperately bucking bodies of these wankers pushed gently through while the rest of us make bets on the EXACT moment that they suffer cardiac arrest. A nice little extra for these urinating scum would be to have had red hot crocodile clips attached to every square millimetre of their worthless hides on the way in.

    Hanging too good for them? Try mincing!

    Live mincing.

  16. Phil

    Personally I think he got off light


    Yes it is so bad. Personally I think scum like that are a complete waste of both space and resources and I would be happy to either

    a) pull the lever

    b) flick the switch

    c) do the injection

    all 3 of which are better than he deserves.

  17. Alan Donaly

    He needs a good

    solid thrashing is what he needs a fist beating till very nearly dead would suffice he and his friends he needs to lose some skin.

  18. Tim Wesson

    Why the Victim Does Count


    The victim does matter, for a proportion of those who piss on random drunks will be doing worse than they imagine to be. By facing the same risk profile in punishment, it encourages such folks to think "Hey maybe it's not just a drunk", since the risk of the higher punishment will be (more likely to be) at the back of their mind.

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A few weeks ago...

    there was some bloke laying across the pavement, and in the time I was walking down that road in that direction I saw about 10 people step over him

    Just before I got there a woman did stop to check if he was OK, and called for an ambulance when he didn't give any response - however everyone else continued to step over him and carry on... except myself of course, I at least has the decency to go on to the road to walk around him!

    (Before you say anything, I did wonder if there was anything I could do to assist, but she had already called for an ambulance, and my medical knowledge is so bad I can't even find my own pulse, so I carried on... no idea what happened to him, if he was OK or not)

  20. peter

    The great thing about the Justice system

    That which remains (after New Labour have destroyed it, open courts, trial by jury, etc etc) is that if you do something, like throwing rocks at a man or pissing on a comatose women.

    Is that when they suffer a heart attack, or pancreatic failure you become responsible for their condition through actions or lack of them. So it is fair from both sides, there is a risk mugging an OAP that you will cause massive internal bleeding, if you get away with casuing no damage then you get a light sentance, kill them and you get it is massively increased.

    idryl isn't trolling they just don't understand the law.

  21. Anonymous Coward

    And what of those who shot the clip?

    Shouldn't his friends also face some charges for filming his actions and not intervening?

  22. rainbowarrior

    welcome to United Kingdom

    and we thought that islamic terrorists were all that we need to worry about eh ?

    This guy should have been castrated - as should every yob.

  23. Jackie
    Thumb Down

    R.I.P. Christine

    I really hope that when this lowlife guy is on his deathbed and hopefully in alot of pain that somebody will remember to piss on his last breath, this most likely will not happen as it seems to only happen to innocent defenceless people like Christine...... It sickens me to the core!!!

  24. John
    Thumb Down

    Flog the w@nker

    This kind of news makes me feel physically sick, how the hell can anyone be considered human and do this to another person, in particular as they lie dieing.. For her sake I hope she was not aware of what he did, to lie there incapacitated and possibly aware you are on your last moments while some arogant bastard does that to you is pretty much too sick to contemplate.

    Also, why the hell weren't his friends brought on charges. If more of these pricks became responsible for events through their action or inaction as the above poster mentioned the world might just on occasion be slightly less off putting.

    Ps. Its shit like this that I stopped reading 'real' news papers or watching the news, I just got sickened seeing what people do to each other. Now, I just take part in my local news and events, things that I can have a small part in changing in some way. Not this crap that I have no control over what so ever.

  25. M Brown

    Overreaction much?

    Look, I'm not saying this bastard doesn't deserve jail time, he does. But people go on about torture and killing of this low life? Jesus people, get some perspective. There are FAR worse people out there who have done much sicker acts than this and they go un noticed.

    I hope that shit that's now in prison feel remorse and its eating him up. Doubtful but I can hope.

  26. Tawakalna

    you missed some relevant facts, El Reg....

    this f*ckwit wasn't a stranger to this poor lady - he was a neighbour! Along with the others who stood around laughing and tormenting her, he had been part of an ongoing campaign of abuse and intimidation against her for some time. She'd moved house many times in her life, always being picked on and victimised by local kids and teens, and some adults. Of late it had been getting much worse.

    Many of the supposed "decent" neighbours who've professed outrage over the way she died, didn't lift a finger to help her although the abuse had been going on for years. And as you might imagine, the Police did b*gger all as well. Maybe if they'd stepped in at an earlier stage, or if the "decent" neighbours could have torn themselves away from reality shows and soaps, this might never have happened?

  27. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Kneejerk reaction!

    Worse things than this happen every day of the week and nobody goes to jail for 3 years for it. Fair enough if his actions led to her death then throw the key away but his crime, put simply, was to urinate on someone & degrade them horribly.

    I guarantee that if the same thing happens tomorrow to an able bodied person who lives happily ever after, the perpetrator won't go to jail for a single day.

    What he did was completely wrong but he's being punished for the fact that this woman was already disabled, bullied & dying.

  28. This post has been deleted by its author

  29. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Don't drop the soap

    Be a shame if someone f@!ked him up the gary glitter and then pissed on him - if not another toilet function!

  30. Graham Marsden

    Dangerous Pictures Act...?

    Oddly enough, it would still be entirely legal to possess a copy of this video clip because it's not "extreme pornography" as defined in the Government's Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill 2007.

    And was he put on the Sexual Offenders Register? Oh, no, he wasn't engaged in a sexual act in private, so of course not...

  31. Anonymous Coward

    Re: welcome to United Kingdom


    F**k that! Go with eviration: cut that thing off and make him sit to picc for the rest of his life! Anyhow he showed to to wolrd that it's useless to him.

    BTW, qhat about his friends? How about not calling an ambulance for the lady?

  32. mohassan
    Black Helicopters


    irregardless of whether he thought she was a drunk or not, If I had my way I'd hang the cockroach, that'll set an example to the rest of these scumbags terrorizing the streets.

  33. teslar
    Thumb Down



    Yes, it is that bad. If acts as these go unpunished or only mildly punished for the most part, who knows where we'll end up in 10 years. Every time you merely fine someone 50 quid for pissing on someone else, you're sending out the message that, actually, it's slightly less dramatic than doing 90 on the motorway.

    It doesn't matter if it's pissing on people (disabled or otherwise), being violently racist, or showing blatant disrespect for other humans in other ways - such a behaviour deserves to be punished as harshly as possible - our society depends on that. And I find 3 years to be an extremely mild punishment. I would like to see that person serving the rest of his life cleaning toilets in an explosive diharrea clinic.

    You know, next time you're in town, someone just like this guy could decide to clobber you over the head and piss on you while you're twitching in a pool of your own blood. He's not stealing anything from you, mind, he's only doing it for the show and because he thinks it's funny, youtube clip included. Would you consider 3 years for that guy to be too harsh a punishment then?

  34. Matthew Hale

    Echoed Sentiments...

    ...from most of the above. May he suffer accordingly. Bet he ends up in some pussy open Cat C prison though....should put him in Cat A with the real nasty lads.

  35. Anonymous Coward

    Just stop foaming at the mouth for a minute

    ...the birch ... set of stocks ... electric drill, blowtourch [sic] ... sausage meat grinder ... fist beating ... castration ...

    And you call him sick. Just listen to yourselves.

  36. Ash

    Bea him up? No...

    What he needs is a council flat, £20k a year in benefits, and a free car and driving lessons. Show him that society cares for him, and he will begin to care for society.

  37. Simon Bidwell

    Unbelievable Behavior

    Wow, the scumbag and those who watched deserve a more severe punishment. To think if someone had called an ambulance she might still be alive.

  38. David Ullrich

    To the bloke who goes by {¯`·.¸_LÅMߤ¥_¸.·´¯}

    "Yet another reason why I want to leave this country. Trouble is, its never greener on the other side"

    I hear you...

    I can not speak for all Americans, but I do feel the same about this country. The grass is quite pale here, and not just from global warming. Maybe its not ones country breaking down, just our society, our species, us...

    One more thing to consider. Instead of thinking of ways to hurt or get even with this excuse of a human, why not think of ways to help at least one other "Christine" still out there in need, in Christine Lakinski's memory.

    For all of us...

  39. KDogg

    Crimes like these tear society apart...

    and should be treated accordingly. I'm not saying this is as bad as murdering someone but it sounds like this piece of pond scum had been harassing this poor women for awhile. Allowing people like this to get away with crimes like urinating on someone that is unable to defend themselves especially when he knows that they are mentally disabled makes me sick. To suggest that something like that just deserves a fine is morally wrong. The general ambivalence that the majority of people seem to have towards the abuse of those people in our society that need the most help sometimes makes me want become a hermit or something.

    The thing that worries me the most is not the guy who urinated on her. He deserves to be in prison and I'm sure this is not the only horrible thing this waste of flesh has done that would sicken anyone who is not a piece of crap. He sounds like the type of guy that might beat his wife/ kill small animals for fun/ fiddle little children. No the thing that really worries me is if it is true that this of abuse had been going on for awhile and no one had stepped in and tried to stop it or at least say something about it. If this is true then all those people are as guilty as the man on his way to jail and should be ashamed.

  40. wil
    Thumb Down

    what a complete prick...

    I hope the lads in HM jails get this git...

    "Under the influence" - drugs don't make you do sh*t like that, just beyond the point of sick...

    RiP Christine

  41. skeptical i

    hate crime enhancement

    To follow along the lines suggested by Teslar, here in Amurka we have a "hate crime enhancement" that can increase the severity of punishments given to convicted scum. E.g., if I murder someone and steal her/his wallet, I get so many years in the pokey. However, if it can be demonstrated that I acted against this person because of who s/he is (say, if I yelled "faggot", "nigger", "christ- killer", or other epithets or otherwise broadcasted my true intent), then my time in the pokey increases. The reason being that while murdering a random person is certainly horrid, targeting specific people for murder does damage beyond the victim and into the victim's community (LGBT, ethnic, religious). Without having read much about Christine's case, I'm ass+u+me'ing that the three- year sentence was given for similar reasons since there is clear video evidence that Christine was assaulted because of who she is (i.e., disabled, possibly homeless). RIP.

  42. yohan


    amazingly tragic end to a life. Deeply saddening. may his conscious one day truly let him understand what he has done and may the realization of this allow this young man to spend his remaing days seeking redemption for this act. If so, maybe Christine Lakinski would not have died in vain.

  43. Dion R

    I wouldn't piss on her if she was on fire?

    /start kelvin

    Let alone at all, but u guys in the UK are a bit closer to Germany than we are :)

    /end kelvin

  44. Richard Woollacott

    Phillip's comment

    I regret that he will have a cushey time in prison as he will be segregrated with those prisoners in for crimes disliked by the others. He will also probably serve only about two years and get a social security handout upon release.

  45. Kimberly Burgess

    RIP and may the other one suffer.

    Christine Lakinski, may there be a heaven for you to go to, and may you rest in peace. I am very sorry for how this world, and especially this miscreant have treated you, and I hope that you are in a better place now. RIP dear.

    May this sorry bastard be made to pay for this act every day for the rest of his life.

  46. JC

    What's coming

    I'm sure this sick fellow will get what's coming to him in jail once his fellow prisoners hear why he's in, but what about the friends watching, laughing, and especially the one who filmed it? Just as they'd be considered accomplices if they'd followed him around robbing banks, they're not quite guiltless in this act.

    The fellow is a perfect example of why we have to have prisons. People who think they can do whatever they want to others need removed from society, and this fellow should also undergo some therapy once released.

  47. Joel Brown
    Jobs Horns

    Living Hell for the Urinator

    Wow, this eerie scene is right out of the book " A Clockwork Orange". Hopefully when this loser gets out of jail, he will be just another old jobless worthless has- been hanging out on the street being harrassed by young punks who will knock him down and urinate on him. This is the way that the powers above (or below who knows?) works by creating living hells with real pain while your alive, and not waiting for death.

  48. Liam Stewart


    Typical Saturday Night

    Go to the cheap bars, get "munted"

    Make the treck to the nightclubs

    Stumbling over some brothers that never quite made it

    as far as the man in question was aware this lady was slaughtered and unable to make it due to the amount of alcohol she had consumed, it seems to me that in this instance the punishment does not suit the crime as someone said above, its a £50 fine for urinating in the street, but if you take a wizz on someone you get 3 years jail??????? the lady who sadly died has been made to look like a victim of bullying as it brings more guilt on the "person needing a piss"

    may i ask this what happens if your taking a tinkle and you splash yourself?

    is that like comunity service/????

    or what if your mate splashes you?

    are you able to press charges???

    this is utter bullshit and one last thing "this is youtube material"

    you couldnt fucking write that humour

  49. Geoff Mackenzie

    Re: Strange?

    True, that's weird. Laws relating to killing people or destroying things with vehicles are bizarrely lenient - maybe people would drive more carefully if they weren't? Maybe the leniency is a reflection of the fact that driving is fundamentally one of the most dangerous and reckless things an average person will ever do. If you or I ever kill anyone, statistically speaking it'll be with a vehicle.

    Back on topic - got to say there are some pretty extreme views going around in this comments page! Granted what the guy did was atrocious and I don't have a problem with the sentence (apart from the usual problem with the fact that in the UK he'll probably serve half of that, if he doesn't escape from a Reliance van in a couple of weeks) but this mob mentality helps nobody.

    When I read the story my gut reaction was really just one of disgust; the first thing I imagined was having a free shot at this dipshit with an iron bar. But that's confusing revenge with justice and anyway it's just not the point. In a way the root of this is making this one individual the scapegoat for the fact that our society produces a few people like this. Quite a lot of people, if my general impression is correct.

    How's that happening? Whatever punishment is inflicted on this guy, he's probably going to be a worthless fuckwit for life. Whatever extreme lengths we go to, this poor woman's still dead. (On the plus side, from the article it sounds like she may well have been comatose and unaware while this sick attack was going on; we can only hope).

    The problem is that our society produced this guy and if we don't figure out why and do something about it, it will keep producing people like this and they will keep doing things like this.

    Oh, and just to clarify: I'm not advocating genocide or eugenics, and I'm not making excuses for anyone's behaviour or suggesting we should blame society for this. My opinion falls somewhere in the middle.

    What should be done to this guy is whatever we as a society (or our representatives in the court at least) think would most effectively correct his behaviour. Unfortunately as far as that's concerned we don't have a lot of options (I wonder how many people have emerged from prison in the UK reformed and honest citizens?) but if that's what they've decided to do, fair enough, that's their role.

    As a society though we need to work out where this human pus is coming from and fix the underlying problem.

  50. Danny Thompson

    Revenge, revenge, revenge

    It is very easy to get very angry and upset at what this person and his friends did to poor Christine who, herself, was a victim all of her life until the bitter end. I am feeling the rage myself. But my thoughts are that any eye-for-eye punishment is too little, too late. The "fix" for society is too short-lived.

    For sure, this rat should be incarcerated for very much longer than the 3 years. As should his accomplices for that old crime of "Aiding and Abetting" which used to carry the same severity of the perpetrator. What was done there and subsequently by posting the video on the Internet was a massive crime against society itself - poor Christine was already far gone and with not much time left.

    But the problem in my mind is how these people, and Christine's previous tormentors and neighbours, the Police and welfare, collectively let this situation even happen in the first place.

    The kids who did this clearly have no inkling of Right from Wrong. They have no compassion for another human being who is in a disadvantaged position. They saw her only as meat for their sport. What parents, schools and local society brought these kids to such a state of mind? What is being done to change any of that?

    There was a time not so long ago when there was a sense of morality in our society, a sense of right and wrong. Yes there were those who were aberrations on society and that is why we always had prisons and always will have. But what hope is there for us as we apparently sink into this anarchy? Where our paid protectors no longer do so, and instead turn their attention to the generally law abiding masses.

    I think that these people should be imprisoned for at least 10 years with no remission. That following release they should be put into enforced employment in one of the caring professions, starting at the bottom of the ladder. Seeing as this lad likes urine he could start in the laundry of a Geriatric Care unit.

    Crime like this cannot go unpunished - and society must be protected from these people. But there are very many guilty in Christine's sorry tale of life. Shame on them all.

  51. James Condron


    If anyone truly believes for a moment there will be outrage in the prisons at this guy's crime I pity your naivety. Bigger crimes, and worse criminals, to attack.

  52. alex

    to david U-the american

    what that man idid is disgusting- he is being punished, end of. If you don't like it here that much- I suggest you return to the US where you can all run around with your guns shooting each other, turning to that fine leader your country has- now that...makes sense.

  53. lglethal Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    Why didnt all of them get jailed?

    Surely, the disgusting buggers who filmed it on their camera or just stood and watched should go to prison as well. They're just as guilty as the wanker who did this!

  54. Fozzy

    Summary Justice

    Whilst my faith in the justice system evaporated years ago, my faith in the justice system within prisons has not.

    He will be treated just like every other rapist or kiddie toucher that enters the prison. He is a marked and hunted man ( term used very loosely). He maybe separated from the general prison population, but there are times when they are mixed together (meal, shower and exercise), so every minute of every day until his release he is basically going to be in fear of his life, not to mention his gentials and facial features.

    Ironic isn't it that we now have to put our faith in the criminals we have locked up to mete out the punishment this arsehole so richly deserves

  55. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I've heard of people stabbing people getting similar jail time.

    This guy didnt even get a custodial sentence and he blinded a guy.

    Allegedly he's 'unhinged', which if true should mean he gets sectioned and help for his nuttyness.

    Moving on to the pissing guy...

    Am I in the minority that think this was a henious crime, but that the sentence was disproportionate? What is the benefit to jailing this guy? Its gonna cost a whole lot of tax payers money to put him up in our overcrowded jails.

    I'd have fined him £10k and given him a years community service. At least he'd be putting something back.

    Now all we've done is generate another life criminal with little prospects and a high percentage chance to turn to crime long term since no one will likely employ him.

  56. Dillon Pyron

    Prison code of conduct

    At least in the US, there's a "code of conduct" amongst the convicts. Go in for killing a man, everybody gives you respect. Go in for peeing on a dying woman, BOHICA.

  57. Graham Jordan


    This kind of thing makes me sick to the bone.

    Society is on its arse, victims get penalised and wrong doers get benefits up to their balls.

    I sincerly hope this bloke gets bowl cancer... And Herpes

  58. David S

    I have to say, I'm kind of with Steve here.

    The miscreant's clearly a shit of the lowest order, and deserves the book throwing at him not least as an example of how not to treat someone who's clearly in distress in public, but locking him up for three years, at the taxpayer's expense, does seem disproportionate and inappropriate.

    The sorry state of the victim certainly had something to do with the sentencing, and it's certainly regrettable. Just out of interest, though, how many of the outraged and disgusted commenters here contribute regularly to their society in a positive way? Hands up who's stood up to yobs on a bus, or called an ambulance for someone who's collapsed, or put in a few hours voluntary work collecting for a charity, or devoted a year of their life (say) working for a voluntary organisation helping people less fortunate than themselves?

    Okay, here's an easier question: Hands up who's been secretly relieved when the yobs who were plaguing the nightbus finally got off, or when someone else told them to pipe down (and suffered the verbal abuse as a result)? Who's felt a little guilty relief when someone else stepped forward to help the collapsed pensioner, or walked by a charity collector as if they were wearing a personal cloaking device?

    It's an old phrase, but it's a good one: If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. bitching about perceived lenient punishments for worthless scumbags isn't being part of the solution. Everyone has soemthing they could contribute to society, if they'd take the time away from their own lives to do it. All too few people actually do, though, and that's (one of the reasons) why society is up shit creek.

    As for the subject of this report: He should be made to contribute to society in some way. caring for (cleaning up after) incontinent patients might be a good start. Failing that, municipal flowerbeds always need mulch...

    Couldn't resist that. Sorry.

  59. hidden67

    a few more years

    Only three years... If he had phoned for an ambulance then she may have lived.

    He won't get much sympathy in goal :)

  60. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh, irony...

    ...that people so outraged at cruelty should should be seduced by it so easily.

  61. Anonymous Coward

    Want justice???

    Go to Scotland! When I lived there (near Glasgow), we got familiar with a case where my wife worked. A heroin addict had attacked another one with an axe. The person attacked spent 6 months+ in hospital, and came out with horrific injuries and disabilities, at least she got weaned off heroin in hospital (small comfort for her). The attacker was sentenced to 6 months (!) in jail, of which he spent only 3 for good conduct. Notice the genders: that guy attacked a girl for drugs with an AXE, and spent half the time in jail that she did in hospital. When he came back, he was straight back to dealing his shit all over the place, without even any control orders on him! That means that when the girl finally came out of hospital, she had to go back to her council flat on the same street as him... That is just not right, and I'm just glad I don't live there any more.

  62. laird cummings

    The outrage gives me hope...

    That such a despicable act generates such knee-jerk animosity and rage gives me hope that public decency is still alive and well, albeit living under an assumed name in an undisclosed location.

    That people feel such anger at crimes which attack the basic social contract and violate decent behavior tells me that people still have an ingrained sense of 'what is right,' and expect others to live up to those expectations. The intent to humiliate the defenseless, and the utter indifference to her condition, are the key elements here, and are what have everyone so up-in-arms. It pleases me greatly to find that depraved indifference and bullying are still despised behaviors.

  63. Anonymous Coward

    He should be tortured...

    And the video of the torture should be available on Youtube.

  64. Mike Cave


    Irregardless isn't a word. The clue is in the 'less' at the end of the word 'Regard'

    . Gotta be a septic.... (yep know Gotta isn't a word either, or yep). :o)

    Lets hope justice prevails and the f*ckwit bully gets his just desserts in the 18 months he will serve at Her Maj's Pleasure (although I doubt it will be much of a pleasure for HM).

  65. Kamina

    What? I see a lot of cowards posting.

    Kill this guy? Castrate? Assrape? You are all evil cowards who don't know what justice means. If this guy had enough balls to piss on someone lying in public then why didn't he use those balls to do something a hell of a lot more interesting like punching a shitty yuppie that desires to mutilate and subject their fellow man to depravity tenfold of what they commit. That's what makes this guy evil and also what makes me want to give him a punch of burning justice.

    Prison? Bullshit. Half of you pussies would be frightened out of your chairs to go 1v1 with this guy with your bare hands. That's what this guy needs. An ally of justice to show him the errors of his ways by breaking his face in a way that only a man can.

  66. RK

    it's too bad

    that we don't have public humiliation punishments anymore. i'm thinking locked in stocks in the middle of Liverpool every weekend is a very fitting punishment for this type of behavior, because it turns it back round on him and puts him on the receiving end. you can't outright torture people for this kind of thing (i.e. no blowtorches or castration...come on, it's despicable but that kind of thing is too much for nearly any crime short of really horrifying acts, like torturing little kids or animals for "fun"), but you can teach them a lesson via public humiliation that will likely leave a deep impression and make them think twice about doing this kind of thing again. the idea is to create a deterrent -- to condition them to stop before they engage and recall the unpleasant consequences of previous maldeeds.

    i think a great deal of selfish, idiotic behavior would be curbed if society returned to the use of public humiliation. this guy would be a perfect test subject.

  67. Bill Coleman

    @ Secret Santa re prison dentist

    My little sis is a dentist and during the course of her work training with the dental hospital, she was required to do prison visits... and she is a very good dentist - better then this evil prick deserves anyway.

  68. Mark Leaver
    Thumb Up

    I'm also with Steve about it except...

    I would include some form of public humiliation in addition to the 10k fine and the community service.

    I would also include a 5 year suspended sentence of 12 months incarceration and another 10k fine to be acted on if he behaves in an anti-social manner again.

    I am quite certain that this yob would behave in a similar manner again and so he gets locked up and fined another 10k :D

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