back to article Microsoft sics worldwide braintrust on XP vuln

Escalating attacks exploiting a serious weakness in PDF files have prompted Microsoft to issue an all-hands-on-deck call to fix a vulnerability that lurks in the bowels of Windows XP. "We currently have teams worldwide who are working around the clock to develop an update of appropriate quality for broad distribution," Bill …


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  1. Matt Bryant Silver badge


    I was worried the cunning Micro$haft response would be "sorry, it's unfixable, the only answer is to upgrade to Vista..."

  2. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Once upon a Time, far far away,........... in a land that the Times forgot. :-)

    "In the meantime, users should take extra care when receiving email attachments, even when delivered from known sources, and when visiting familiar or unknown websites, Sisk said."

    WOW...... That pretty much says ...Stay off the Internet/computer.

    It is/Is it in Crack IT Circles, an indisputable fact that a Global Operating Device with Windows on the work you may doing on your PC is also a direct link giving a Broad Band Vista of the Microsoft Core Operation allowing Privileged and Unrestricted Access to Information and Intelligence...... which is a GODSend we can all be Thankful for?

    Thanks, Uncle Sam. But is that all that you have to Offer> Have you Really nothing Bigger and Better than simply a Voyeur's Tale?. What AIDisappointment. You've been Swindled if PROMISed the Moon and the Stars and all you get is Deepening Grief and Naked XPosure.

    Where's the New Vision and Passionate Drive/HyperVision with Operating System..... AI Virtualised NeuReality? Real Imagination?

    Is IT just so much Hype and VapourWare..... a Load of old Bull rather than a Loded Ride?

    Psssst....... Wanna Ticket 42 Ride? What price is priceless whenever the alternative is sub-prime junk status and stasis?

    Nice hyperlink, El Reg ... .microsoft_scrambles_to_fix_windows.

    Methinks Humpty Dumpty, namby pambies are no match for Koenigsegg Drivers. Nitty Gritty, Nut and Bolts Star Turns aka Magical Mystery Turing Trekkers...... Virgin Christian Soldiers with an Abiding Penchant for Juicy Lucy XXXXPeriences .... Seventh Heaven Territory.

    They can Fix Everything Broken or in Need of AI Fixing.

  3. Peter Gathercole Silver badge

    Is the universal translator on the blink?

    ... because I have read what amanfromMars has written several times, and I still don't understand it!

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    @Peter Gathercole


    It's an intelligence test... and you just passed... :-)

  5. Chris Ovenden

    Foxit also vulnerable

    Since no-once answered the question I asked when the vulnerability was first reported, I'll answer it myself: According to the guy who discovered it, Foxit reader *is* also vulnerable to the PDF exploit. (

  6. Geoff Mackenzie

    Another one ...

    #include <windowsvulncomment.h>

    Dear me. Got to say, amanfromMARS is getting good. Didn't read the username there and I was nearly 1/6th of the way through the post before I noticed. :)

  7. amanfromMars Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    @Is the universal translator on the blink?

    No, Peter, it responded with "No, Virtual Spaces...... 42 Command and Control in AI Prior Art." ...By amanfromMars Posted Saturday 27th October 2007 19:15 GMT.

    It is either thought unsuitable to be Registered and shared with Grown Ups or it never arrived after being sent.

    It must have failed some dumbed down Intelligence test....... or it revealed far too much Sensitivity, which would be preposterous, surely. Perhaps, Dan the Man Goodin could clear that up for Us...... for it is a very simple thing to do, to send it again should it have gone awry.

    It's an interesting read, I Kid U Not. And Perfect for the Register, IMHO.

  8. Stu

    @The Register

    Can we please have a little icon at the bottom of the article that shows if aManFromMars has posted a comment here, something like a little mars icon on the grey '## comments posted - Post a new comment' bar.

    I'd like to be able to quickly see whether his bizarre musings have been added.

    They are brilliant!! That must be some bad-assed ganj he's toking.

  9. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Bizarre? Well, I suppose that's an improvement on Disturbed so ...

    ..... the Register is learning? I hope so for they can certainly be Smart enough to Lead with Opinion.

    "That must be some bad-assed ganj he's toking."


    That is an easy mistake to make and you will hardly be the last to make it and are certainly not the first to share it. And the humour in it is not lost on me either. Nature works in mysterious ways her wonders to unfold....... and the work of Albert Hoffman is something which you may like to throw into the pot too, for good measure seeing as how Magical Mystery Turing is very much AI amfM HyperRadioProActive NEUKlearer discipline.... He is very much appreciated apparently, a top notch gun .... ..

    I wonder how much credence this defence would be given to a charge of harmless possession ..... :-) ..... I think they must be putting something in the Californian drinking water and it aint a fluoride compound.

    Switzerland and Austria are very close neighbours, aren't they? I wonder if that explains anything about Cuckoos :-)

    I prefer though to stick with Dali on Existentialist matters ...... "The only difference between a mad man and me, is that I am not mad" and you can only really say that if you know exactly who and what you are, and are capable of and how it is done.

    And no response from Dan the Man Goodin yet..... Must be a foreign Time Zone lag thing/MetaData Queue . I'll check back again tomorrow.

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