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Yahoo! folk have thrown a large web 2.0 ball at their search engine by giving it a makeover in an effort to grab market share from rival internet firm Google. From today, users of the search engine will have access to a drop-down menu that automatically detects keywords linked into their specific search. Dubbed Search Assist …


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  1. Jacob Reid
    Paris Hilton

    Irritating, intrusive rubbish

    Argh, not this again! I couldn't think of many more annoying things while I am entering a search, and OFC there is the privacy problem - does this mean they will be saving search logs for even longer?

  2. B Gracey

    Sick of Web 2.0

    Saying something is Web 2.0 is like saying you're sick.

    You could be sick of work, sick from inluenza, sick from cancer, or somehow mentally afflicted, but unless the sickness is named, it means nothing at all.

    I'm sick of everything being called Web 2.0. Can we dispense with the vague sickness and get to specifics without having to dig for them?

  3. Dave Foster

    Totally crap

    Until today I used Yahoo as my front page because I could check my emails quickly and get on with some work. Now they've hidden the email page inside so I have to negotiate menus to perform an everyday task. Great improvement Yahoo, what stupidity will you come up with next?

  4. Sterling Udell

    Shows why they're in second place

    Sorry, Yahoo... you've only just introduced this, and Google's been doing it for how long now? A year? Two? Quite a shame, really, given that this is actually typical of the good, free UI tools Yahoo's been supplying the JavaScript community with for the same sort of time period.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Who! uses! Yahoo! any! more!?

    I haven't used them in literally years. I see a story like this, hit "" to see what it's like these days, and immediately remember why I use Google.

    I'd say it looks like a 6th grade webpage project, but then most of the 6th graders I know could do better.

  6. Daniel

    Weapons for all

    I typed the word "hand" into the search assist feature on yahoo, and the top two items were



    So thats a weapon for each of the sexes.

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