back to article Cassini team spies moonlets in Saturn's A ring

Many years ago, a comet strike or a wandering asteroid passing through Saturn's moon system, crashed into one of the orbiting bodies, shattering it and sending fragments the size of sports stadia whirling along its orbital path. Moonlets orbiting Saturn. Credit: NASA Moonlets orbiting Saturn. Credit: NASA New images from …


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  1. Joerg

    Those are either alien or secret human spacecraft..

    .. there is nothing natural there.

    Although Cassini pictures are heavily censored like anything else, it's still possible to see many anomalies that are far from just natural rocks and gases.

    Those are just 4 spacecrafts, pretty huge given the relative distance from the camera.

  2. Thomas Swann

    The End Is Nigh.

    And I for one welcome our new insect overlords.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Space craft! They must hide from us behind saturn to avoid detection! they are also like those space craft from Futurerama where you can't see them sideways because they are so thin! We are doomed!! DOOOMED!!! haha

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    ah, you gotta love conspiracists

    So, although they censor the pictures of the 'alien spacecraft', they still distribute them, with visible spacecraft?

    Woudn't that be... oh, never mind.

  5. Luther Blissett

    But not without a struggle

    Speaking for myself, I have always wanted to try deep-fried locust, with a dash of chili. I look forward to resisting our new insect overlords, and feeding off their malevolent little corpses.

    No anonymous cowards here. They may have giant spaceships, but I have an invisible coat if I can only find it. So hand me my ray-gun and don't cry for me Paris Hilton - I will die on a full stomach at least.

  6. Joerg

    That's a clever tactic..that's what it is.. and you and others here just prove their point

    @Anonymous Coward: The best way to hide something is to put in a clear or almost clear view such that either no one would really notice, which seems a paradox but it happens continously, or the majority of people would dismiss it as nothing strange and would trust any official statement that is given to them about it.

    Also, by applying heavy digital censoring they ensure that even the most obvious artificial objects like huge spacecrafts and buildings that can be seen on official NASA/JPL/ESA images can't be clearly identified and the majority of people would simply accept the "natural rocks formations" and such explanations given to them. And since there is not a clear public knowledge of alien races nor technologies then no one could give a clear statement to have identified something that no one knows for sure and it's more or less partially hidden/distorted by using some clever AI-drive digital censoring.

  7. david

    that was quick.

    the nutjobs (and i'm talking about you joerg) sure did jump on the 'they're spaceships! aliens! arglbargle!' bung awful fast.

    ever think that maybe they're telling the truth, when they say that those things are just rocks, just bits of junk, etc etc? i mean, yeah, sure, universe is huge and all, but when you think about it, wouldn't aliens have just made a much more obvious 'hi chaps, mind if we bring some friends to tea' by now?

  8. Steve Browne


    They are parked up around Saturn waiting for clearance to land from the DHS. Apparently, their passenger data is incorrect and has not been properly filed, they now have to wait another 6 years for the correct data to be resent from their home planet.

    They had another difficulty over the lack of fingerprints, but it seems that a finger print waiver program has been negotiated, provided their home planet implemented an IP protection regime and singed a non disclosure agreement.

  9. david
    Thumb Up

    wait, so they're not going to be.... illegal aliens?

    sorry, had to go for it. great response steve.

  10. Jon Tocker

    Steve Browne

    It's worse than that, mate, they're hoping to land in the USA but the rules for entry keep changing faster than they can comply .

    At the moment they're trying to guess what the USA is likely to require in 12 years so they can start working on the proper documentation, DNA samples, compound-eye retina prints, scrapings of chitin, mandible prints, signed references from an acceptable deity etc

    It's gonna take 'em at least 10 years to fill out all the declarations that they are not gay, socialist, communist, or wurblist and are not affliated with any of the 20 000 known potential terrorist threats listed (or likely to be listed) by US-gov.

  11. ET Intel


    You are very perceptive.

  12. Andrew Tyler
    Gates Halo

    Rings... rings...

    I've always wished the earth had rings. That would look splendid from the ground.

  13. Kane Silver badge

    But, but...think about the Lizards!

    Insect Overlords? Not Bloody Likely!

    Besides, our resident Lizards in Power™ won't stand for it. Even as we speak, the Babylonian Brotherhood is sending a fleet of attack ships their way right now.

    @ Luther Blissett: It just so happens that each ship in the fleet comes epuipped with a Crunch-O-Matic™ Deep-Fat fryer. You shall have your Crunchy Locust Legs (Chili optional).

    Ladies and Gentlman, it's time to break out the Tin-Foil hats and be prepared to defend our planet.....

    Paris Hilton angle?

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