back to article Google gets jiggy with MySQL

MySQL and Google have quietly tied up a coding deal seen as an integral part of the open source database firm's software roadmap for the next few years. According to an IDG newswire report, MySQL bods are also working on security improvements for version 7.0 of its software. Vice president David Axmark, who co-founded MySQL …


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  1. James Dennis

    When will the benefits be seen?

    With the MySQL 5.1 release seemingly in development/alpha/beta for an ice age (looking at the change log the first 5.1 appeared 29 November 2005) I wonder when there will be a production-ready release of code that incorporates some of Google's changes? Also to be talking about features in version 7 seems like a decade away!

    But that aside, bring on the Google improvements!

  2. tony ayherton

    Does this mean we'll see MySQL in Google Docs soon?

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  3. Butch Kaniecki

    If Bill Gates had Steel Ones.....

    He'd sweep in and make MYSQL an offer it couldn't refuse to purchase the company.

    Then he'd add some MS code corruption and release the next version.

    Then he could release the updated code to Google and watch all their search results point to msn.come

    Then everyone could sit back and watch the technology equivalent of World War III - starring Steve Ballmer as France, Bill Gates as Stalin, and Hillary Clinton as Mata Hari.

    The google boys could be played by any number of Japanese kamikazes, and Steve Jobs could have a cameo as Wolfshits the Enigma inventor who despite his brilliance, his ego insists that his U-Boat can indeed be outfitted with a touch pad and screen doors, and mysteriously disappears.

This topic is closed for new posts.