back to article BEA will talk to anyone for $8.3bn

BEA blinked this morning and said it would enter takeover negotiations with Oracle, and anyone else that’s interested, at a floor of $21 per share. The middleware vendor rebuffed Oracle’s overtures earlier this week, saying it was “worth significantly more than $17 [per share] to Oracle, to others, and most importantly to BEA …


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  1. Sean Buckley

    Shoulda been history...

    JBoss was rocking un'til the Red Hats got hold of it.

    BEA was sweating as was Oracle and IBM, since their premium price product sales were flopping and they were living off of service revenues.

    Trying to build SOA on top of EJB is like trying to build a castle on sand.

    How many conferences have been pushing SOA in the last four years?

    Coat is on.

This topic is closed for new posts.