back to article Police bail OiNK admin after filesharing raid

The target of yesterday's high-profile file sharing raid in Middlesbrough has been released on bail pending further investigation, Cleveland police said this morning. The man, who cannot be named, has not been charged with any offence relating to his alleged role in the OiNK BitTorrent site. He was arrested on suspicion of …


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  1. Chris Phillips


    where is this money meant to come from? The police seriously think it was a paid membership site??? Morons, there wasn't even a single ad on the site. Private membership is simply the only way to make the bit torrent protocol work effectively. some investigation the police must have made into this...

  2. Mad Mike
    Paris Hilton


    How on earth do they think they can legislate against this? How do you ban P2P traffic? What an idiot. How do you define P2P anyway? Something gets uploaded and something gets downloaded. Sounds like normal internet traffic anyway!! They can't just ban file sharing, as this would knock out everyone, including legitimate sites. And how are ISPs supposed to stop the file sharing? Start blocking certain ports? They'll just move to others.

    What an idiot.

  3. Steve Evans

    Oh gawd, here we go... anti p2p legislation...

    That's like banning cars because they can be used in serious crimes, such as speeding.

    Or hammers because they can be used in violent assaults.

    Jeeez, nanny state...

    Give it 10 years and all we'll be allowed to eat our dinner with will be plastic spoons.

    I have a great new idea for a TV show... One I'd like to be on...

    "I'm a rational man, get me out of here (this country)"

  4. Jon

    Got to ask....

    Why the hell is Lordy of the Lordy Lord Tribesman sticking his nose in this area of the populations enjoyment.

    Should he read his own 'Mission Statement' off their site and go and try and fix what the current government has completely screwed up which is higher education.

    What a complete wanker. Please email me Lord Twatsman if you disagree. God I am pissed off now....

    "Britain can only succeed in a rapidly changing world if we develop the skills of our people to the fullest possible extent, carry out world class research and scholarship, and apply both knowledge and skills to create an innovative and competitive economy. The DIUS mission is to work with our partners to meet these challenges."

  5. Anonymous John

    "If we can't get voluntary arrangements we will legislate,"

    A usage of the word "voluntary" I'm not familiar with.

  6. Tony Humphreys
    Black Helicopters

    Ban P2P?

    Perhaps the ISPA are secretly behind this.

    I cant think of a better way to spank the BBC over their bandwidth hungry P2P pile of shi.... sorry, media player.

    What an idot.

  7. James


    Layer7 is an example of how P2P would be blocked. It looks for patterns in traffic rather than just blocking ports.

    This of course will just lead to encrypted P2P networks so that ISPs are unable to control content. We should be using encrypted P2P already in my opinion and there are some encrypted networks out there, they're just not popular or fast enough. GigaNews already offer encryption to their news servers. A wise move if you ask me.

    (We need an anti RIAA thumbnail)

  8. michael

    lets ban everything...

    p2p (banned)

    capguns (banned)

    knives (baned)

    water psitols (ristricted to over 18)

    somking (banned)

    hydgron and oxygan and potentley explosive so lets ban all water

  9. Vernon Lloyd

    Well, well, well

    CONGRATULATIONS to all the Police making the arrest what a SUPERB use of resources.............NOT!!!!!!! :-(

    I am totally and utterly fed up with the monkeys who govern this country. Why the FUCK are we following the American music industry.

    What makes me laugh it that they are keeping his name quiet but PHOTOED him. What a bunch of tossers.

    And in the news, as well as the raid on the house of an p2p user, the media has reason to believe that the reason the police did not go to the other 5 emergencies at the same time is they were understaffed. Unfortunately due to understaffing the police have yet to follow up on:

    A known phedophile sitting in a busy park.

    Three youths going down the high street brandishing Knives and Guns

    Three children killed as a drunk driver jumps a red light.

    However the media have just learnt that the local police have spent the day raiding the local ISP, as they have not done anything about file sharing. Gordon Brown states that this is a reasonable use of resources and that many lives will have been saved due to less illegal music being played.

    Over the top........well who knows with the governments crime fiction sorry statistics.

    Nu Labour strikes again..........Please can we have an election....QUICK!

  10. Colin Millar

    @ Jon

    " work with our partners...."

    AKA Corporate pass the parcel

  11. Biton Walstra

    police state...

    sure why not a deny any any here on this island...

  12. Lul Whut

    Come on now...

    There was no required donations for Oink.

    Care to fact check or can we assume The Reg is infested with lazy tabloid hacks?

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Radio Caroline Mk II?

    Seems like we've been here before.

    Closing down the the 'pirates' and opening up a BBC version.

  14. Conway

    Different economies

    You can base your economy on digging coal out of the ground, or making cars, or kids sewing football shirts, or on being creative and innovative. Problem is, if you are creative/innovative, technologies exist to replicate your hard work fairly quickly. Once replicated, what was your idea can quickly be distributed to all and sundry at a fraction of the cost of actually producing the "idea" in the first place.

    Looks to me like the UK wants a slice of the "Intellectual Property" pie, in which case it needs to crack down on people that share other people's intellectual property.

    The logical alternative would be to convert our secondary schools into sweatshops and get our kids sewing Gucci handbags together..... But they would probably want more money than a Chinese kid so they'd be out of work anyways.

  15. Anonymous Coward

    P2P - not for me.

    As a man without equal, I don't see how they could ever accuse me of having peers.

  16. Steve Browne

    NIce to see the standard labour response

    We will legislate ...

    So fuckin what. The entire internet is made solely for file sharing, that is what HTTP does. Just that some people dislike having their files shared, quite why this involves the police is a mystery to me. Forensic examination indeed, just another example of the bully boy tactics of which they are so fond. Wonder what extra powers of surveillance they will need now ?

  17. frank denton

    Murky Waters

    I notice that the article had a link to YouTube content which appeared to be a regional news tv programme. Did the owner of the copyright in this work give permission for it to be posted on YouTube and did El Reg seek permission from YouTube and attempt the same from the copyright owner in order to place the link in the article?

    I would draw your attention to the following item of interest:

    Maybe the boy's in blue and local Trading Standards swat team will be calling on you soon :)

    Oh, just realised, I didn't seek El Reg's permission to post that link, damn!

  18. Luther Blissett

    Watch the hand

    Coming on top of the tv-links arrest this week, we need to watch the hand so as not to be distracted by the histrionics. There will be no comparable display in respect of price fixing cartels, even tho the police have evidence by the cabinet full in relation to UK council public works contracts.

    Realign the referents in "one law for them, one law for the rest of us".

  19. Anonymous Coward


    > How do you ban P2P traffic? What an idiot. How do you define P2P anyway?

    Well they will probably try to get them to "do a Comcast" and block all traffic between home users. After all why would anyone honest need to talk directly to another home person's machine directly? Also stops us from running our own mail servers and sidestepping the surveillance on their mail servers.

    The ISPs would save a fortune on bandwidth if P2P was curtailed. It's going to happen, particularly when they have the perfect "sorry but they made us do it" excuse.

    > A usage of the word "voluntary" I'm not familiar with.

    On the contrary, this is a usage of the word "voluntary" that the British public have become only too familiar with over the lifetime of this Government.

    > A message left by the record industry at the domain says: "A criminal

    > investigation continues into the identities and activities of the site's users."

    If you were an OiNKer now might be a very good time to get rid of your old PC and buy yourself a new "upgrade" one because your current one is "too old and slow" or "won't run Vista."


  20. Chris Williams (Written by Reg staff)

    @Lul Whut

    No. Please read the story again. If you can find a passage where I say OiNK required donations I'll eat both my hat and yours.

    Chris Williams

    El Reg

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    I have a better idea.

    Ban music. It's for deviants, encourages people to behave like pop stars who neglect and borderline abuse their children while exposing themselves in public and is primarily used to cause a public nuisance and stop people sleeping at night. Looking at the amount of music related crime and antisocial behaviour in this country you have to wonder how anyone can justify selling that stuff at all let alone to children.

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Wait a minute!

    "...The man, who cannot be named,..."

    You fools! You've gone and arrested Voldemort! This will not end well!

  23. Levente Szileszky

    @Jon RE: Lord Twatsman

    "Got to ask....

    By Jon

    Posted Wednesday 24th October 2007 14:51 GMT


    Why the hell is Lordy of the Lordy Lord Tribesman sticking his nose in this area of the populations enjoyment.

    Should he read his own 'Mission Statement' off their site and go and try and fix what the current government has completely screwed up which is higher education.

    What a complete wanker. Please email me Lord Twatsman if you disagree. God I am pissed off now...."

    PRICELESS!!! It's past 3AM here but God, now I'm awake, after 'rolling on the floor and laughing' on this... thanks, Jon! :D :D :D

  24. Slackness

    But on the upside...

    Choco rations going up, Twenty-five grams next week; Doubleplus good!

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Re: I have a better idea.

    After we ban music we can ask for more CCTV to crack down on "music offenders", in fact, anyone in possession of something that can be used as a musical instrument will be arrested for "intent to play". Instruments included are:



    Margarine tub and rubber bands


    Tub filled with rice

    Of course, if you have the tub and bands kept seperately you will be trying to hide your nefarious activities and will receive a much higher sentence.

    In other news, Blue Peter canned.

  26. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Don't be surprised if...

    Don't be surprised if after all of these raids they manage to find some kiddie porn on a computer he has access to, just in case the BPI's copyright case isn't sufficient to put him behind bars as long as they'd like.

  27. Ian


    "Nu Labour strikes again..........Please can we have an election....QUICK!"

    How would that help? The Conservatives have been even MORE vocal about forcing anti-P2P legislation and fighting "piracy". No other party has a hope of getting in so regardless, an election is worthless at fighting this issue.

    We need to educate the MPs through campaigns and letters so that they understand how fundamentally flawed the music industry standpoint is.

  28. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "...The man, who cannot be named,..." is:

    Alan Ellis, 24, who was contracted to work as an IT consultant for Virgin Media’s contact centre in nearby Stockton-on-Tees, but was dismissed on the day of his arrest.

  29. George Johnson

    Utter balls!

    Lucrative? My arse! Almost all of the donation money going into a torrent site, gets spent on paying for the astronomic server and bandwidth rental.

    "Won't see another share site like OiNK for a while." When you see the latest Hollywood drivel being siphoned off to the tune of 70,000 downloads in 2 weeks and another 15,000 in the queue, all from a very popular site, you get the feeling that OiNK going down, really is pissing in the wind!

    This was all designed as a nice big PR exercise for the IPBI, MFI, or whatever they are called.

    Well as I said before, nice to see PC Plod doing something useful with his time, rather than wasting his time catching murders and rapists!

  30. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Time to move to darknets: gnunet / freenet etc

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