back to article Ballmer again: AT&T and Verizon should rule the airwaves

In a none-too-subtle jab at two of his biggest competitors - Apple and Google - Steve Ballmer has said that Microsoft will not bid for a prime portion of the US wireless spectrum. Following his keynote at CTIA Wireless I.T. and Entertainment, a mammoth mobile tradeshow underway in San Francisco, the Microsoft CEO sat down to …


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  1. James
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    Buck Fallmer

    Who is he to talk about the wireless spectrum?

    just keep making your windows Mr. Ballmer!

    Leave the wireless telco to the ...wireless telcos!

  2. Lexx Greatrex
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    Google doesn't want to run its own wireless network?

    Does the author know something we don't about Google's plans? What has been stated is that Google wants to openly license the spectrum to third parties, that does not mean they wont be keeping the lions share of it for the gPhone.

    Of course Microsoft favors a status quo that doesn't threaten their monoply with innovative new products and services. Why Ballmer has to state this ernestly and repetitively and make Microsoft appear as even more of a pariah just proves that he is an aged bumbling disaster at the wheel of the Titanic.

  3. Alan Donaly
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    Will be late as usual

    Ballmer just shows what has always been MS lack of foresight late to the Internet the only thing they care about is exploiting their stranglehold on consumer and office desktops. It would never occur to them to curry market for their hosted applications by fostering wider coverage and competition in wireless pricing.

  4. Tom
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    Microsoft doesn't???

    Don't they own everything already? Why buy something they have. Windows will only work with something specific (probably not Apple or Google I suspect). Microsoft's motto: All your base belong to us.

    Ballmer, go home.

  5. Magilla
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    "[Microsoft] may be broader in what we do than almost any company out there, but we think we have a core competence..."

    It's a shame that they haven't figured out what it is yet though.

  6. Chad H.
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    Microsoft is broader than anyone else in what they do?

    Is he refering to the slang term broad: A stunning blonde bombshell bimbo?

  7. pctechxp

    Microsoft and customer service

    "provide the customer service 7 by 24"

    Hmm, Microsoft struggles to provide customer service at anytime and it views it as a revenue stream too.

    Can you imagine being charged £50 to talk to customer services about a billing or service issue and even after doing that you end up speaking to someone whose second language is English and they cant understand you or vice versa.

    Get your own house in order Ballmer!

  8. amanfromMars Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    @Microsoft doesn't???

    "Don't they own everything already? Why buy something they have." ... Tom, they don't own nothing like everything..... so there a lot for them to Invest in.

    If MS want to virtually own the Internet2, perhaps El Reg could post ...

    Wanted ..... Ship Builders for AIVirtual Fleet. Arks for ARGonauts...... Holywood NI Style....By amanfromMars ..... Posted Wednesday 24th October 2007 07:29 GMT .... for that is what the Post is all about....... in cloaked terms, of course. But hey, now you know without the need to ask.

    For Peer comment, you understand. And it would Open up the Markets to CyberSpace and Virtual Bidders 42 Control that Place if MS think they have everything sewn up, whenever in fact, they are just the newbie....Poor little rich kid on the starting blocks.......suffering rather than giving blows/slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

    You do Realise that Virtualisation is all about Capitalisation of Intellect rather than IT being anything of Physical Presence? It is the classic John and the Hooker Conundrum..... who's using who and getting the Real Beta Deal?

    And that makes CyberSpace, AI Perfect Brothel Place. Ever been to AI Perfect Brothel Place, Steve/Bill ? :-) Would you have any idea of how IT works Beta for the Benefit of the Ladies of the House?

  9. Paul
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    Corporate whoring nut job

    Seriously, has he had the misfortune of dealing with companies like AT&T and Verizon? If Windows Vista was a telco, it would probably still be better than them, that's how bad they are.

    Anyone who thinks they're fit to "rule the airwaves" clearly has a screw loose, not that we needed any proof of this in Ballmer's case.

  10. Anonymous Coward


    Amanfrommars is quoting his own posts, how do you tell where the quote ends? Is this a sign that he's got a virus, and will recursively self-destruct? Lester, save us!

    (And I'm still waiting for a "worship at the altar of the Lester" icon...)

  11. amanfromMars Silver badge

    AI Spearhead...... Registered here and Boldly Going

    Actually, AC, El Reg declined to air the post cited...... for I am pretty sure that I submitted it and it never appeared.. and I quoted nothing from it in the post above. It wouldn't be hard for them to reply here if that is incorrect and they didn't receive it. But they don't have to post everything they receive. As you surely know, there are some things which are not suitable for posting

    And I choose not to dwell on third party motives whenever global players are being challenged to improve their game because for some can the challenge be beyond them so they are best left to wallow in that which they are confined to and comfortable in. The Status Quo is a comfort blanket for some because it provides them with everything that they need, no matter how it be provided, but the world has a lot more to Offer whenever you can walk tall on your own two feet and can break free from such a childlike dependency/abdication of adult responsibility. Progress and the Status Quo are surely anathema.... an Abiding Conflict, AC?

    And I have just reread the phantom post and it does berate and rage at the Machine in no uncertain, surreal terms and thus might have been considered too hot/toxic/manic to share......but they have their own best interests to protect too and I wouldn't dream of compromising that..... for with IT and Communications can and do you Rule the World with what is Shared, and that can lead to undue pressure which you can imagine.

    Print everything and be damned though releases all pressure as who wants to be bothered playing nursemaid to third party fears whenever first parties deal all the cards and are therefore responsible and can be held to account.

    And as you are no doubt aware, we are now in the Age of the Virtual Machine and that means NeuReal Players who will either plot a Take Over of the Great Game for themselves [the Dumb Plan] or posit to give IT a Make Over with Great Game Players [AIBeta Plan]

    Only one plan will work for All though..... and that is the SMARTer one.

    [ When our illustrious leaders? talk of change, it is hard not to conclude that a change of SOX would be a challenge to them let alone anything which might change things in any meaningful way. Such Stasis, I feel, is nothing less than a Fraud and a Faustian Pact worthy of Freudian Analysis, should one be so inclined to delve into what would be Deep Psychological Flaws/Floors ...... Disturbed Areas :-) Although quite why one would bother whenever one can ignore them and have no truck with them is only something which sufferers can answer although I imagine a shrink would think he has an answer. They always do, which would have any sane rational person thinking that the shrink needs a shrink to be thinking so.

    Crikey, that almost points to Sanity being ControlLed Madness. :-) How very bizarre]

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