back to article MS and Turbolinux ink patent, single sign-on deal

Turbolinux and Microsoft are extending their collaboration agreement to improve interoperability and co-operate on research and development. Turbolinux customers will also be protected against possible future legal action by Redmond. Steve Ballmer recently named Red Hat as a violator of Microsoft patents. Red Hat and Novell …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    erm... OpenLDAP anyone?

    Seeing as OpenLDAP can be configured to fool windows machines into thinking they are connected to AD and even allow sysadmins to use the Microsoft AD utilities, isn't there already an option for SSO under windows/linux?

    Couple this with CUPS, PHPGroupware/OX, Asterisk and SAMBA and you've got a complete replacement for small business server that runs on much older hardware and is far more stable...

    TurboLinux - think carefully about what you are doing...

    (cue MS Fanboy flames...)

  2. Sean Ellis


    Kerberos would fit the bill nicely, I'd have thought. Nice, open authentication standard, cross-platform, all that jazz. No need to collaborate on anything - it's all published, and Windows already supports it.

    Oh, but wait. Microsoft broke it deliberately to limit interoperability.

  3. John
    Gates Horns

    another one bites the dust

    It's a shame that yet another small Linux distro has shat its pants and got into bed with M$. I guess they didn't have the backbone to support the community "put up or shut up" calls to Balmer et al.

    I can't see anyone in the Linux community downloading TurboLinux now, they'd better hope they have a strong business base. It's such a shame that these shady deals are happening, I used to really like SuSE.

  4. Geoff Mackenzie

    Turbolinux who?

    Couldn't give a monkey's.

  5. Michael Sheils
    Gates Horns

    Another Distro

    And here we have another Distro I will never touch.

    And what happened to the changes to GPLv3 stopping these sorts of agreements, are no parts of turbolinux protected by GPLv3?

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Is this the same Microsoft that wasn't worried by Linux...?

    > Steve Ballmer recently named Red Hat as a violator of Microsoft patents.

    He then named the Tooth Fairy as a 48-year-old transsexual lorry driver from Grimsby* called Albert, the next Prime Minister of the UK Parliament as a small cross-bred terrier called Scraps, and his lifelong mentor and strategy guru as a 6' white rabbit called Harvey.

    There is only any empirical evidence for the last of these three, according to a certain Mr Edward P. Dowd...

    * To all our US readers: this is our version of an East Coast bayside resort, featuring a heady and exotic mix of entertainment complexes and high technology incubator companies... sort of...

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Now I have the choice of Windows or turbowinlindows?

  8. Mark

    conspiracy be dammned

    The reason why I don't have XP and never will have Vista is because of the EULA. The reason why I never installed some of the stuff you get with SuSE is because I cannot be arsed working out what I'm agreeing to with the propriatory CD they included with some of their products.

    So with Novell's "covenant not to sue" and this Turbo Linux (and Linspire and all the other pissant little distros that want to get the MS moolah) I'm going to avoid them for the same reason: I will now have to work out what I'm signing away along with my money.

    Hey guys, tell you what, I'll send along an EULA that tells you what you can use the money for and what rights I allow you to have with it. I'm not giving you rights to the money carte blanche (try copying it and see if it's legal, just like me with your software and so on) so you don't "own" the money. So I'll have to get you to agree to an EULA for the transfer of partial ownership of my cash to you.


  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Single sign on?

    Perhaps someone with more recent knowledge than I have would care to explain what this SSO alliance will bring to the SSO picture that Kerberos didn't already, some considerable time ago, prior to being hit with the MS "embrace and extend" death-hug ? Seems a bit of a non-event to me really, but...

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    turbo who

    This is one more of the millions Linux distros however I do wonder what MS gets out of this it won't help their product only they can do that and they seem oblivious. BTW I am currently carving out my own Linux distro and if Ballmer wants to sign something and give me a bunch of money I will take it and the one after that and so on to go with the money from all the web 2.0 companies he's going to buy from me all completely worthless of course but that shouldn't bother him

  11. Tim Bates
    Thumb Down

    Here we go again...

    At this rate, I'm going to need a bigger piece of paper for "my list" by June or so.

    These deals will come unstuck when they start distributing Samba 3.2 or higher. All versions of Samba 3.2 and up are GPL3. And I expect once Samba 4 comes stable, they'll all want to include that because it does Active Directory and such.

  12. Adam Clarkson
    Thumb Down

    Might as well have shot themself in the face

    Theres no way now that people are going to use Turbo Linux. What sort of a selling feature to the linux community is the fact that "windows live search" is now included on the desktop?!

    I for one avoid the distros who are jumping ship to the M$ corporate machine, and its just another one to add to the ever growing list of companies going against "the community". have been a fedora user for years now, and cant see my self changing!

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