back to article Facebook teams with RIM for Web 2.0 on-the-go

Facebook has launched a fresh attack on the mobile market, unveiling a brand new version of its social networking service for BlackBerry smartphones as well as two new mobile hooks for its much-balleyhooed app development platform. With his morning keynote at CTIA Wireless I.T. & Entertainment, the mobile trade show now into …


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  1. jon fisher
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    fair play - this is one slick app. more advanced ui than what we're used to from rim apps. stylish and snappy. hopefully these new ui fields are a preview of what we can expect from the native api in the near future.

  2. Si
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    Another app to ban

    Just when we thought that locking down PC's would stop users taking the michael on work time, and they'll be there clicking at their BlackBerrys, looking busy but actually 'poking' someone. Thank god for the ability to block third party apps on the BES server, that's all I can say.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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