back to article Cathedral gun battle game not blessed with gaming award

Controversial PlayStation 3 game Resistance: Fall of Man failed to take a gong at last night's British Academy Video Games Awards in London, a result that will surely have Manchester church-goers rejoicing. Wii Sports fans also have reasons to be cheerful. R:FoM was beaten to The PC World Gamers’ Award, the only award voted …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    Hardly surprising....

    Although reasonably fun, R:FoM is a rather lacklustre first-person shooter - was anyone really expecting it to clean up at the awards?

    Seems an odd lead to a newstory....

  2. Michael Sheils
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    Rucking Fidiculous

    Wii sports rightly deserves best casual and the innovation awards, but the others, best strategy and best simulation, did these people even play any of the games?

  3. Simon Lewis


    "for their game Ragnarawk, which uses a virtual magical guitar to fight evil"

    that's as opposed to a REAL magical guitar then?

  4. Alastair Dodd

    Well a PS3 game

    is hardly going to do well in the PC world award was it? I mean thats typical of PC World to be so clueless that they'd select a PS3 title for a PC award ;)

  5. michael

    what is the fuss about?

    "which wanted the game dropped from the awards because it uses Manchester Cathedral as the location for a gunfight"

    I am prity cirtain that hey have been gun fights in over churches and rilgious buildings b4

    I seam to rember a church used as a headcrab missile launching staion in halflife2

  6. Stuart Harrison

    Football Manager 2007???!

    Ah well, whatever floats your boat I guess. Personally, I find Football Management simulations to be one of the dullest genres of games ever conceived. There must be some boring people in the world, that's for sure...

  7. Andy Worth


    Wii sports MUST win best simulation....because you move your hand like a tennis bat innit? The fact that in most of the games, the hand movement is only loosely related to the player movement is beside the point......and the games all look shit.

  8. Stu

    The BBC...

    ...reported that the CoE have FORGIVEN Sony for using their cathedral imagery. You know, like Sony ever gave a damn in the first place. Like ANY of us gave a damn.

    I didn't care, I played thru the game, thru the cathedral scene and it bore no relation to the issues of gun crime in the slightest, they were frickin alens for crying out loud, but not sharks with laser beams on their heads.

    Of course churches have been used in games b4, just not real ones in real locations, also not in the middle of smack & gun crime dens like Madchester.

    Still, not an issue. But the CoE saw it that way, most likely aiming for a little bit of wonga compensation.

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