back to article IT majors forge SAFECode alliance

Leading IT vendors have clubbed together to form a new organisation geared to increasing trust in IT products and services through software assurance. The clunkily-monikered Software Assurance Forum for Excellence in Code (SAFECode)* has signed up EMC, Juniper Networks, Microsoft, SAP and Symantec as founder members. The non- …


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  1. Richard Dyce

    Has anyone told the lawyers?

    I'll change my views on their software reliability when they re-write their EULAs to include at least some liabilities...

  2. Geoff Mackenzie


    Excellence? Safe Code?


    Excuse me, just off to laugh my ass off for a few hours.

  3. Sceptical Bastard

    Ben - a safe pair of hands?

    Quote: "Ben Fathi, Microsoft’s corporate vice president for Windows development ... (said)... there’s still a need to build greater trust into IT products"

    Too fucking right - and he, of all people, should know.

    As for SAFE (Software Assurance Forum for Excellence), they obviously thought of the acronym first then made a piss-poor job of backforming it.

This topic is closed for new posts.