back to article Microsoft to reach out and take control

This evening Mr Ballmer is to announce Microsoft's "System Center Mobile Device Management 2008", which will compete with Nokia's better-named Intellisync to remotely manage mobile devices in the enterprise. The to-be-announced software will integrate with Microsoft's System Center, and require a client application to be …


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  1. Morely Dotes
    Thumb Down

    Oh, joy, another way for Big Telcos to control us

    "SCMDM will offer capabilities such as locking or disabling handsets which have been reported stolen, wiping data, and controlling functions such as the camera, or the ability for users to install their own applications."

    Let's see, what features there will interest Verizon, or Orange?

    Locking handsets. Disabling the installation of users' apps which they didn't buy from the Telco.

    And possibly activating the camera remotely to produce "evidence" of terrorist activities, should the customer be stupid enough to resist the orders issued by the Telco.

  2. Doc
    Gates Horns


    Is this pronounced "Scum-Dumb" ?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    ... not for personal use!

    Not for endusers, businesses.

    Camera functionality, not spying!

  4. Chad H.
    Gates Horns

    Arent Windows Mobile Devices Buggy enough as it is?

    I mean my Vario couldnt reliably put the right things in the right place on the screen.

  5. Michael Miller

    Imagine the fun

    they will have going through all the pics looking for the odd nude shot......

  6. Giles Jones Gold badge


    Actually given Microsoft's reputation Windows Mobile is pretty reliable. There's bugs in it, some annoying ones, it's also slow. But compared to XP or Vista it does typically work and not require reboots.

    It is however typical Microsoft, leaves temp files and rubbish in the filesystem which requires a clean up now and then.

  7. SImon Hobson Bronze badge
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    What a loverly attack vector !

    So, for this to work, the device must contact a public command centre - a private one is no good since all the thief needs to do is not connect the device to the private network ! On the other hand, once these devices contact Microsofts Mother Ship for directions, there is the perfect opportunity for anyone to set up a rogue wireless network (or some such) and spoof the Mother Ship - I think we can imagine the rest ...

  8. Anonymous Coward

    You'd better....

    "Ballmer is known to get somewhat excited during press conferences, and we'll try to convey some of that enthusiasm as best we can when we bring you the details. ®"

    Any non enthusiastic reports will be subject to lock downs in the future LOL

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