back to article Drunken Indian elephants take on electricity pole

A herd of 40 Indian elephants which quaffed rice wine, "went berserk" as a result and rampaged round a village looking for food, suffered six fatalities after toppling an electricity pole, the West Australian reports. According to state wildlife official Sunil Kumar, the drunken pachyderm electrocution incident took place last …


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  1. Joe Stalin

    Film at 11

    It might suprise you to know but Thomas Edison attempted to show that AC electricity was more dangous than DC (which is electric company supplied). So he invented the electric chair (AC), also he electicuted a poor Elephant, there is film of it out there.

    Edison your a bastard.

  2. David Buckley


    they should just leave kebabs near the vats whilst they're brewing the hooch, then they won't go rampaging looking for the nearest lump of mystery meat, pitta and chilli sauce

  3. Daniel Voyce

    Wheres the IT angle?

    Sorry - Couldnt resist haha

  4. Tim Schomer

    @ Joe

    To be fair to Edison, the elephant he electrocuted was done as a form of safety demonstration, and she had killed 3 keepers so far...

  5. Bill Fresher

    Sounds like

    Sounds like Exeter city centre on a Saturday night.. fortunately God in all his wisdom didn't make men big enough to knock over electricity poles.

  6. Kim Hancock


    Lucky for the villagers they didnt find a car with the keys left in?

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Edison and Heffalumps

    I'm assuming you saw the recent QI (repeat?) about Edison electrocuting the homicidal pachyderm... I noticed he (Edison, not Fry) also fed the rampaging behemoth a large quantity of a cyanide compound, and that the reports were of a peaceful death. I wonder how much her passing away was due to electrocution and how much to poisioning...

  8. The Other Steve

    @Joe and Tim

    And the poor bugger was stuffed with cyanide beforehand, apparantly (I saw it on QI, IIRC)

  9. Adam Wynne

    @Kim Hancock

    How do you get 4 elephants in a Mini?

    Two in the front, two in the back.

    How do you get two whales in a Mini?

    Down the M4.

    Ahem. Coat, taxi.

  10. Mike Moyle

    So elephants are angry drunks...

    ...Note to self: Never go drinking with a Republican.

  11. Anonymous Coward

    Fried Jumbo?

    I assume fried elephant tastes like chicken?

  12. Adam Williamson

    Language request

    I think we need a new noun to describe people who like to try and appear tremendously well-informed by regurgitating stuff they heard on QI. Suggestions?

  13. Jason Harvey

    re: So elephants are angry drunks...

    nor a democrat that's drunk off their a...

    coat... right.

  14. Ron Beck

    Pissed pachyderms win pyrrhic victory over power pole.

    Edison's idea of invention was 1000 monkeys. He didn't think about what he did, he just tried anything and everything. When that didn't get results, he stole the ideas of his employees and the competition.

    What Edison was halfway good at was public relations. He paid a couple dollars for each dog the local kids could bring him and fried them using AC. Not that that proves that DC is safe...

    The greenie moonbats should be glad he lost the power wars, or there would be a coal-fired DC generation plant on every other street corner. DC power doesn't go long distances.

  15. RK


    "To be fair to Edison, the elephant he electrocuted was done as a form of safety demonstration, and she had killed 3 keepers so far..."

    i expect you probably wouldn't much like being caged, either...

    @ron beck

    you might want to read up on one Nikola Tesla, who was the primary advocate of DC power, and who demonstrated some intriguing solutions to the distance-transmission problems. unfortunately, due to a number of factors (including Edison's ruthless and deceptive smear campaign involving the aforementioned elephant "electrocution", as well as Tesla's strong bent towards invention and not entrepreneurship), he was never able to capitalize on or patent those particular inventions and they appear to be lost to history...

  16. Anonymous Coward

    I really can sympathize

    with thosh poor elephuntz I too am big and when I am drunk I tend to knock shit oversh. So far I haven't electrocuted myself or been run out of town but it's only a matter of time and calories. Wheres the alchohol icon dammit.

  17. Charles Manning

    "DC does not go long distances"

    Actually many very long lines and ties between grids are done with DC. DC can go further than AC because you don't have to worry about inductance etc.. Using DC also means you don't have to bother with synchronisation.

    AC, however, is far more useful for reticulation mainly because this can work with transformers which provide a very efficient, compact and cheap way to step down voltage. With DC you'd either need local generators or some far less efficient conversion strategy.

    But still, Edison was the Bill Gates of his day. Liar, cheat etc.

  18. Matthew Barker

    There's a clear parallel here

    It's clear that these are reincarnated football thugs. Or perhaps they'll

    *be* reincarnated as football thugs.

  19. anthony bingham


    He aint heavy ... he's my IT Elephants that needed the hooch to give 'em the courage to tangle with power lines in order to penitrate REGISTER and get in the News. I guess they could have packed their trunks with batteries and "torched" a few of the darker villiages! I need a sandwich !

  20. Anonymous Coward


    ...for being Trunk & Disorderly.

    @ "Edison your a bastard."

    Thats a bit rich coming from Joe Stalin.

  21. Naiirita

    i can the the cnn ticker now

    Drunken rampage blackens 30,000 homes and 6 elephants

  22. Michael Heydon


    Actually Tesla was the primary advocate of AC power. He was partnered with Westinghouse who was the one Edison was competing with.

    The inventions that were "lost" include fluorescent lighting and microwaves.

  23. Mike Moyle

    Re: well...

    Actually, RK, while Tesla did do work on DC while he was employed by Thomas Edison, it was actually his work on AC that he felt was his important contribution at the time. Edison was having none of that, however, and Tesla went to work for George Westinghouse, where he pretty much perfected the basics of polyphase AC generatoprs and motors, fluorescent lighting, and much more.

    Edison, in fact, was DC's primary promoter, vs. Tesla's and Westinghouse's AC system. Tesla was generally pretty much dismissive of DC.

    The whole elephant thing was Edison trying to prove how dangerous AC was, since AC's economic advantages (longer transmission distance and thinner wires needed to carry equivalent loads) threatened his business. He certainly advertsed the "advantages" of electrocution as a means of execution but probably went a bit too far when he suggested that the procedure should be called "Westinghousing".

    The first electric chair was officially (and probably actually) designed and built by the electrician at Auburn Prison in New York although Edison MIGHT have had a hand in it, since he was involved in the subterfuge needed to buy the necessary generators from Westinghouse (who refused to sell them to the prison, for obvious reasons).

  24. david Silver badge

    West Australian?

    Let's get this straight: The Register gets it's Meghalaya news from a West Australian newspaper.

    That's reassuring.

    I really trust their technical content now.

  25. Dion R
    Dead Vulture

    How many elephants does it take to screw up 20,000 lightbulbs??

    only 6!!!

    But I do hear they put on a pretty decent BBQ ...

    I'll Pachy my bags now i think.

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