back to article Acme unveils 'ideal' mobile gaming PC

Most people seeking a portable gaming system are happy with a Sony PSP. But in the US, where everything’s larger, one company has developed a PC-in-a-box product that unpacks into a three-screen display. Acme LPG370TS Acme's LPG370TS: fold-out three-screen display Two of the Acme’s LPG370TS' 17in non-widescreen LCDs …


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  1. Daniel

    Sli...multi monitor...!??!

    Well if it is a multimonitor setup, how can it run on an Sli setup? multi monitor setups arent supported? if its combined and shown as one screen... tell me how!

  2. James
    Black Helicopters

    SLI multi-monitors

    matrox triple head!

    that's how!

  3. Ciaran Hoey


    I expect Wily E. Coyote will be looking for one.

  4. Terry Ellis


    That sure does sound like one heavy box.... unlike a PSP

This topic is closed for new posts.

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