back to article LaCie Golden Disk 500GB external hard drive

LaCie has been making a selling point out of designer external hard-drives for years, but as many of its rivals have adopted a similar strategy - those not slugging it out on price, that is - the French company been forced to up the ante with ever more outlandish products. For every stylish Porsche-designed Firewire unit or …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    get the grey version instead

    you can get the grey version for £64.99 from with free delivery

  2. Dominic Tristram


    I always wish reviews of external disks mentioned how loud they are - this is pretty much my main consideration when I buy them. I'd much rather have a reviewer say he can hardly hear it than some measurement in dB on the manufacturers site...

  3. Simon Ward
    Thumb Down


    Is it me, or does that drive case look stomach-churningly foul? Presumably the target market is bling-hoarding magpies or those registered blind.

    Given that the regular, silver-grey 500Gb 'Designed By FA Porsche' version of this drive is available for sub-£90 if you shop around, it seems to me you're paying a significant premium for something that Helen Keller would find visually offensive (yes, I know she's dead, but I think the look of the thing is so bad it could effectively reanimate the dead)

    Looks aside, the functionality can't be faulted though, and LaCie are my first choice if I'm on the lookout for an external drive, providing it's housed in a gunmetal-grey case, that is.

  4. laird cummings

    Steal this drive!

    The shiny is, well... Shiny. But it's *begging* to be lifted. This would NOT be the device on which to store one's grotty pics, financial data, evidence of fraud, or government secrets. It's a theft waiting to happen.

    I suppose you might buy one as a very tempting decoy, though - load it up with usless crap, and your boring grey boxes with real data will be ignored.

  5. Ian McNee
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    Never mind how loud, how hot?

    We've had a number of Lacie drives in these Porsche-designed plastic enlosures and not to put too fine a point on it: they fry. And getting a replacement or refund from Lacie for drives that have failed in a matter of weeks is like pulling teeth.

    Of course they look nice & tidy (I expect that's why the admin-wallahs chose them) but they just don't cool today's big, fast and hot hard drives effectively.

  6. Tony Smith, Editor, Reg Hardware (Written by Reg staff)

    Re. Noise, heat

    The Golden Disk gets warm during use, but certainly not so hot as to cause concern.

    It's not especially noisy either. In an ordinary office environment, with the clack of keys in the background and not much else, I couldn't hear the drive beside my laptop unless it was busily moving the heads around. Even then, it was nothing out of the ordinary.

    If you want a truly silent workspace, you might be disappointed. If not, there's nothing to trouble you here.

  7. jubtastic1

    yes but...

    do they tile?

  8. Matt Bucknall


    That is all.

  9. Martin Huizing

    Yes, but...

    ...does it blend?

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