back to article Delhi's deputy mayor killed by monkeys

Delhi's deputy mayor SS Bajwa died yesterday as a result of "serious head injuries" after falling from his first-floor terrace while attempting to fight off a pack of wild monkeys, the BBC reports. The unfortunate incident on Saturday highlights Delhi's ongoing battle against the monkey hordes which "invade government complexes …


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  1. Senor Beavis

    Ever increasing monkey sizes

    So what happens then the langur monkeys run amok? Find larger and more ferocious species and so on until we end up with King Kong harassing the inhabitants of Delhi.

    Perhaps we could have that face-off with the Godzilla they're genetically engineering in Tokyo...

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Probably the work of evil Doctor Pork Chop

    Where are Buzz and Woody when you need them.

    (If only all inept politicians would meet such an ironic demise)

  3. Antony

    Boris Johnson for mayor of London

    Boris Johnson for mayor of London, nuff said

  4. Mountford D

    Large monkeys

    "Find larger and more ferocious species and so on until we end up with King Kong"

    No need. The species known as Homo Sapiens is easily found everywhere in great numbers.

  5. Daniel Bennett


    What a load of bananas!

  6. Trevor Watt

    Who's back yard is it anyway?

    Considering the fact that the monkeys were there first, it is not so much a case of a monkey being in your back yard as you being in the monkey's front yard.

  7. Daniel Hutty

    Sounds like a great plan

    So to combat the problem of a monkey invasion, they're training them to fight?

    Nope, can't see aproblem there...

  8. Chris Collins

    heathen snipers

    What they need are filthy atheists or some kind of heathen who don't hold such beliefs and have them armed as night-time knacker men. That way they could perform the removal tasks without those of a delicate nature being alerted to the monkey apocalypse at their doorstep. They could then sell them back to the locals in pies or kebabs, thus completing the holy circle of life.

  9. Andrew Campbell

    Heston would have handled it differently.

    Get your hands of me you dirty appppeeeeeeeee.......


  10. Robert McCracken

    I'm ashamed of you all.

    Just send in Chuck Noris.

    I'll just get my cloak, pointy hat and thats my broom to the left.

  11. This post has been deleted by its author

  12. Anonymous Coward


    Its Monkey Assured Destruction again

    Duck & Cover

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    King Kong

    Gorilla warfare.

  14. Curtis W. Rendon


    He died from falling off a *first floor* terrace ???

  15. El Veg

    Re: Huh?

    Yes, first floor terrace up one floor from the ground floor. telldodo: paper sugar departure

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wing-ed Monkeys

    First Floor?

    fly my pretties! ;)

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Huh?

    American vs British English problem.

    The First Floor in America is known as the Ground Floor in Britain. Bear that in mind when you visit here Curtis or you'll have to walk down the stairs when the lift (elevator) stops on the first floor when you are trying to get to the ground :-)

  18. kain preacher

    The First Floor in America is known as the Ground Floor

    not always . Some times the first floor is the lobby :)

  19. Anonymous Coward

    first floor is not the first

    floor the sky is down etc you are supposed to know all this. Also journalists think slipping and falling off a balcony whilst trying to shoo away monkeys means they killed him instead of his just being clumsy. I have been seeing this headline for days editors are a bunch of complete fucktards for running it as news.

  20. Dion R

    Andrew Symonds?

    Well, you smelly buggers, don't come asking to borrow Andrew Symonds when you need that bigger monkey.....Dheli... why don't u live up to the name, and have a few end up in ur Deli's?

    Nuff said...

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Employable at last!

    To whom it may concern in Delhi INDJA,

    (or what ever you people call it these days):

    Can we possibly book your performing monkeys for a for an American Congressional and White House gig/tour?

    We have lots of balconies available, mostly 2nd floor or higher, and lots of dance wax!


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