back to article MDX: Why it will matter to application developers

Since when did application developers need to know about an analytical querying language like MDX? Since February 27th, next year. That’s when Microsoft will launch SQL Server 2008. Of course, you’ll still have breathing space because, as we are painfully aware, launching and actually delivering products are, in Microsoft’s …


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  1. Syd

    Sorry... Not gonna happen!

    This ain't gonna happen, and if this is MS's strategy, it is doomed - MDX is just too difficult for the average SQL-monkey, many of whom could barely cope without the query "designer" as it is. I'll be willing to be literally PENNIES that in 2015 MDX will still be a minority sport - rugby, if you like, to SQL's football.

  2. Steven Knox


    "So copies of the data were pulled out of the transactional systems, munged with data from other operational systems and stuffed into a data warehouse built to support analytical querying. (OK, so the technical term is ETL – Extract, Transform and Load)."

    So your version would be "Pull out", "Mung", and "Stuff", or PMS. Sounds troublingly appropriate...

  3. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Uncle Sam's a Crack head ? And how SurReal is that...?

    Whenever you analyse all the metadata in that article, Mark, you realise that it can be and most very probably is, a tool of dumb intelligence a la the Spooks variety maintain an idiot's guide on a battlefield rather than create a master plan for a virtual environment. But then business doesn't need virtualisation for ITs master planners, it only requires idiots to follow religiously.

    And boy, does that render M$ and the Status Quo establishment aka New World Order players vulnerable to malicious attacks right to the heart of the kernel. Doom and Gloom precipitated by a Markets slide which starts to bite ...with sub prime/pie in the sky meltdown?

    Of course, that may be entirely wrong and if it is, then there is nothing to worry about. However, if it is not wrong, which is much nicer than saying it is right, then any who see it as such will be able to fix IT.

    There will be, however, as there always obviously is, a tipping point after which, plausible denial and manic panic and all the money in China, will not be interested or able to fix it.

    IT will be a dead parrot of an OS. RIP M$. And a much more enobled DNA System will reign QuITe Supremely alone rather than Guiding Parallel Systems.

    The Trick or Treat/Sink or Swim choice is theirs [NWO Control] to make. Although given the situation as it may or may not be, it is as close to Bloody Chaos as makes no Difference, and the Grand Delusional XPeriment is ever to have thought IT for Order without Out of this World IntelAIgents lighting the Way in the Darkness..... PathFinding for Registered Interests.

This topic is closed for new posts.