back to article EU stretches Google-DoubleClick inquiry

The European Commission has decided to drag out its investigation of Google's proposed DoubleClick purchase. Today, according to Reuters, the EU regulator extended the inquiry's deadline from October 26 all the way to November 13. So it's time to edit your calendars. Google agreed to purchase the online ad firm in April for $3 …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    the pot and the kettle are equally black.....

    the pot being MS (did they ever worry about *their* monopoly ? )

    and the kettle being Google......


  2. Walter Brown

    I'm failing to see...

    Exactly where or how the EU commission has any jurisdiction, involvement and or say over this deal in any capacity, Google and DoubleClick are both US corporations, so what say exactly does the EU have in this, if the US approves the deal and the EU doesnt, guess what?! the deal still goes thru... so it would seem to me that the EU commission is just trying to make itself look and feel important by conducting an inquiry and investigating a subject they ultimately have no control over...

  3. Jack Marshall

    The EU Does have jurisdiciton in this matter.

    According to a reliable source, the EU definitely does have jurisdiction in this matter. Although they are companies based primarily in the U.S., they are both conducting business and generating revenue on a global scale.

    Both companies concerned have significant turnover in the EU, therefore granting the EC jurisdiction.

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