back to article Xbox 360 wrests US sales lead from Wii

Microsoft's Xbox 360 outsold the hugely popular Nintendo Wii in the US last month as consumers caught Halo 3 fever, sales figures from local market watcher NPD reveal. In September, Microsoft shipped 527,800 360s, up 90.8 per cent on the previous month's total, 276,700. That growth pushed 360 shipments past the Wii, which …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    Won't be for long

    I think you'll find once Metroid Prime 3 and Mario Galaxy are out (can't wait!) it will be a whole different story.

  2. Dimitrov

    Well, figures...

    Everyone who wanted a Wii already has one. Try total units sold and I think the picture will be a bit different.

  3. david gomm

    might yo-yo for a bit longer

    This has happened at a really important time for Microsoft

    In compeition to Microsoft, the launch of the 40GB Ps3 and the corresponding price drop means a much more competitive head-to-head offering from Sony, the Nintendo Wii also has a very heavy release schedule for the Winter season with the next few months promising a number of major titles designed to fully exploit the capabilities fo the Wiimote.

    Both these events have major implications for the 360 and its sales curve over the coming months, especially as in recent generations the console market has seen 'wars' with one side eventually domiating the other, to the detriment of adopters of the 'losing console', leading to a certain degree of 'caution' from consumers that they are to pick the winning console.

    I'd suggest that the healthy sales curve so far enjoyed by the XBox 360 will serve to further emphasise its leadership over the PS3 (currently more than 2:1 global sales leadership) and will by one of (but not the) later nails in the coffin of the PS3 as 'loser' of this generations war.

    The Wii I believe will be unaffected by what happens to either PS3 or Xbox 360 as due to its wider and in many cases different userbase, the focus on compeition with the Xbox 360 will decrease over the current generations lifecycle.

  4. Chris Hill
    Gates Halo

    Games will define the outcome

    The fact that the release of Halo 3 pushed out more hardware is no real suprise as games are the root of what these machines are all about (at least to the consumer). Expect the Wii's hardware to rise as its big-hitters are released and the same for the PS3 when the likes of Metal Gear Solid 4 and Gran Turismo HD hit the streets.

    I think its difficult to compare the Wii to either the 360 or the PS3 since its 'casual gaming' angle is not one shared by the microsoft/sony offerings. Nintendo make great games, really great, but they're aimed at a different market - look at how they've always dominated the handheld sector, the epitamy of 'casual' gaming. That audience makes nintendo money and I don't blame them for trying to capture home users with the same tactics.

    Now that the 360's hardware problems seems to have calmed down its in a good position to dominate. Its cheaper, has a bigger catalogue of 'name' games, developers have had time to get used to its arcitecture... the PS3 may well be technically the superiour machine but they've entered the race a little too late IMO.

  5. Matthew

    Wiiii're bored

    Everyone I know that managed to source a Wii got bored of it within a couple of months, the nice thing about it though is due to the shortage of new ones you can sell yours on for what you paid for it!

  6. Sam
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    Whats with all the 'bored after 3 months' talk?

    So you're bored and now its time to sell?

    I have the best console released (imo), the PS2, its great, I love it, I don't play it for 3 months or more at a time.

    It takes one game to bring it back to life and be played again (even dwarfing my pc usage).

    So yep, I've completed every game I wanted to so far for the Wii, its not collecting dust mind due to my GF's 17 year old sister playing MySims like crazy...

    Once Mario & Mario Kart hit, my pc & PS2 will collect dust except for checking email, and ill be burning through wiimote batteries. Should I sell my pc and ps2??

    Anywhoos, its good for MS to finally beat Ninty at something...

  7. Rick Brasche

    there's still a lot of folks that want 'em

    they're very hard to find here in the Bay Area. Used ones selling for over $300. I got mine while my girl was back east visiting relatives-had her pick it up at a Wal Mart and stuff it in a suitcase for the return flight:)

    When Mario Galaxy, and the Wii versions of Mario Kart, Smash Bros., and Lego Star Wars (with lightsaber-that'll bring the kids running!) Wii's gonna pop back up for awhile.

    PS3 fanbois need to give it a rest. Except fro trust fund college weenies, crack funded gangstas, and overpaid dot-com executives, the PS3 is not desirable. The rest of us who want a "hard core" gaming experience built a no-compromises PC. Real "hard core" are willing to pay more for the ultimate experience without compromise. Those who want to be "hard core" but can't afford it, go with the Xbox. The casual gamer, the less expensive Wii (which doesn't need adapters to talk to the normal televisions that *most* of America still owns, hype to the contrary!).

    Selling a completely striped down, non backwards compatible version of the PS3 ain't gonna help either. I'm still buying games for the PS2:)

  8. James Pickett

    Market share

    "Everyone who wanted a Wii already has one"

    I don't think so - plenty of youngsters (including one of mine) are raiding their piggy banks as I write (or pinning their hopes on Santa). The current shortage in the UK suggests that demand is pretty high. I got the last one in our HMV today, and Argos, Game and Woollies were all out of stock.

    Oh, and since PS3's and Xboxes sell at a loss, Nintendo seem to be the only ones who actually did their sums right!

  9. Keith Turner

    Until . . .

    Star Wars on the Wii

    Halo might be good but how many will resist the temptation to waggle a light saber - if the Ars Warts nuts hadn't got a Wii by now then they'll flock to the shops when the game's released (and the expensive controller add-on).

  10. ElFatbob


    Dunno where i am on this debate...

    I have a PS3 and i love it. I've never had a console before - always preferring the PC for FPS (my preferred game type).

    So people buy them for diff reasons (obs), but here's a glimpse into the 'fuzzy' logic that went into my choice.......

    Friend got a Wii - I tried it, liked it...was going to buy a Wii, then read that MOH Airborne Assault only had 5 (albeit good) levels & COD stuttered a

    thought the 360 was a good choice due to the amount of games available and poss HD player upgrade..then spoke to the guy in the shop who was on his 4th (in a year!)...didn't like the prospect of multiple

    Decided on the PS3 and i like it (didn't like the cost though!). Like the games and like the Blu Ray... think it has a lot of potential....

    And at the end of the day, each console has it's strength, but what i have learned through all this is that...a (or should it be 'an' - i can never decide) FPS needs a mouse and keyboard to be truly fulfilling ;-)

  11. Jonathan Tate

    Selling at a loss?

    I was under the impression that each premium 360 made somewhere around US$200 for Microsoft.

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