back to article PS3 Eye digicam to arrive next week

Sony has finally announced that its PS3 Eye camera will hit European shop shelves next week, bundled with an interactive board game. Sony Eye for PlayStation 3 Sony's PS3 Eye: cheaper, camera-only pack coming soon The Eye will be sold with game Eye of Judgment for around £65 (€90/$125) in the UK on 26 October, three days …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Nothing like

    Nothing like dungeons and dragons. Except maybe the origonal board game but I don't recall any cards being used then.

    More like all the other collectable card games (read Magic, Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh) but with some on screen shennanigancs - they have these kinds of things in arcades in tokyo except I think they use flat panels and rfid readers.

  2. this


    What's that big black square lump on the top? Looks 'orrible..

  3. Davin S. George

    This Game Rocks

    Having seen the demo of this game at GenCOnUK back in August I've got to say this game rocks! Definitely a must have for game CCG player, the game is strategic but with mythical characters, its got to be good, thank you Wizards of the Coast!

    Until now I wouldn't have considered buying a PS3, but for this game I can justify it entirely. Its going to change online gaming as such.

    D&D meet TicTacToe. Come on next week :-)

  4. Danny


    Yet another company who thinks £1 = $1. Much as I like the PS3 I really think we should all boycott companies who insist on using this tactic to make UK consumers pay more.

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  7. Alex

    Oh ffs..

    @Mark : Yup - correctomondo!

    @'this' : It's the microphone, possibly sterio, but not known by me at the mo.

  8. Danny



    Lets see

    £32 + 17.5% = £37.60

    Shipping and excise are generally higher to the US since all the security got tightened. I know this for a fact as my father in law is in the shipping business. Add on the necessary costs for bringing goods into this country and duty to be paid on top of the VAT and I am reliably informed that this should make the product cost between £45-£50 MAX. So the £65 price is ridiculous and another example of how we get ripped off.

    As for guestimated price, the article does not claim this to be a guess, but that it will be around £65. This usually means the manufacturer has given a rrp and it is then up to the vendors to compete with each other on final selling price which will be within a few pounds of each other.

    As for £65 not being bad for the camera and a game as games are around £40 anyway, if you noticed in the article the camera will be sold alone for £25 making the charge for the game £40. How is this a good bundle deal?

  9. Oli

    more value for money on the ps3!

    Not my sort of game so has no appeal. I have two digi cams and a webcam in my house, from which i can transfer pics to my Xbox or my Wii (or mobile or digi picture frame) Why anyone would pay £25 for a PS3 camera just so they can "put photos or videos on your ps3 harddrive" is beyond me.

    If you need this in your life then you deserve to be ripped off!

  10. Chris Reynolds


    As a regular user of Skype's Video calls, I hope Sony allow the software to be ported to the PS3 and PSP platforms.

  11. Anonymous Coward


    Yep. If anyone buys that cam *just* as a way of getting videos and pics on the PS3 then they are definately wasting money since between the PS3 can easily directly read most USB hard drives, flash drives and phone/camera memory cards -- thus making it easy to transfer stuff from your PC or cam/phone by simply plugging it in and using the PS3 interface to copy it to the HD (it can also connect to nearby media servers).

    I think the main reason for this cam/mic is for games such as EoJ that will be designed specifically around it. You can already successfully hook a lot of USB webcams, headsets and microphones to the PS3 but I doubt they'll allow the games to just use any old generic consumer device.

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