back to article Sony slashes US 80GB PS3 price by $100

Sony has cut the price of the US 80GB PlayStation 3 to $499 (£245/€352), a prelude to the launch next month of the 40GB version, already announced in Europe and Japan. Sony launched the 80GB PS3 in the US in July, a month before it went on sale for $599. The 40GB model will cost $399 (£196/€281) and will go on sale Stateside …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A hundred bucks?

    What a silly price difference. They anounce a "cheaper" option, then slash the differential between the two in half? How does that make sense? Or does it mean the 40GB version is due to have its US price hacked before its actual launch?

    I'd certainly pay £50 more for an uncrippled version with larger drive and plenty of USB. Maybe I'll wait til the 80Gig price drops here instead of buying the cheap crippled unit.

    Silly marketing people.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    the obvious comment

    are Sony going to give current 80gb owners a $50 credit, now that they've lowered the prices that quickly and "ripped off early adopters", or does that line only apply to Apple gear...?

  3. Ring peanut gallery

    Now for something to play on it...

    Without PS2 games, there is very little gamery available exclusively to the PS3.

    In removing compatibility, they have cut off access to the very best reason for owning the device.

  4. Graham Jordan

    Will the US ones play PAL games?

    So will one of the current 60gb/80gb models play UK games? ps1/ps2 and ps3 games?

    The price difference is so shocking im tempted to get one imported but if it doesnt play my current library of ps1/ps2 games i guess theres not much point.

  5. Michael Habel Silver badge


    [quote]Sony has cut the price of the US 80GB PlayStation 3 to $499 (£245/€352), a prelude to the launch next month of the 40GB version, already announced in Europe and Japan.[/quote]

    Now how the f*ck does S0NY get away with this?!

    Those lucky Bastards over there in the USA could pick up a PS3 (why they'd want to is another matter!), for ca. £245.00(GBP) or €352.00(EUR) ±$50.00(USD) VAT ~which is NOT included in the Price~, but whatever!

    Kinda makes paying £349.96(GBP), or €499.00(EUR) for such a device look like a bad Joke.

    Since there will be no further Backwards Compatibility with PS2 Games, and all Billy-Ray + PS3 Games ~should be~ Region Free HAHAHAHAHA.

    What's the point in not just getting an Import off oBay* or some such place??

    *Sory meant to say eBay...

  6. Mike Richards Silver badge

    US / UK pricing

    @ Michael,

    The price difference between the two regions is less than it appears.

    US prices don't include sales tax which is imposed at a city or state level but ranges from 0% in Montana, (where you'd be hard pushed to find a PS3) through to about 10% in Chicago.

    But a far bigger cost to Sony is that US warranties run for shorter periods (often 90 days) and are far less extensive than those offered as standard in Europe. So we pay more for better protection.

    But, yes, it'd be nice if Sony at least offered early PS3 users some form of rebate on their purchases.

  7. Andy Worth


    I'm not sure if I'm glad to own an original PS3 or not. I paid more for it, but then it has the backwards compatibility and a full set of USB ports.

    I've seen the 40GB ones on sale here already, or at least for preorder, and they were about £249 I think. I think this must be part of Sony's big push to capture some of the Xmas market.

  8. rfrovarp


    Yes, us lucky Americans. I can pick up a PS3 for £245.00. Never mind I only get paid £20,000/year. Kind of makes your £349 look to be a pretty good deal, as I'm sure my $40,000/year job would be £40,000 in a similar environment over there. The cost of living is higher in Europe than in the US. These companies employ people in the local countries, and they expect to get paid according to the local economies.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    What's with the compatibilty remarks ?

    It's an article on the 80GB version, which does have PS2 compatibility (nothing changed with that) and is still not compatible with EU PS2/PS1 games (region locked), but does play all PS3 games which are region free.

    But don't let the facts get in the way of another bash fest.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    US Value

    Go to - order a box to be delivered to a hotel in tNew York and go on a pre-XMAS shopping trip in New York - of course, tell the hotel in advance. No sales tax. The savings on all the other presents will more than pay for the flight over... oh, and the box is better because it's still got the emotion engine chip so is more compatible than the software emulation compatibility of the European boxes. Only question, how bad is the Region control ?

    90 day warranties are not a concern - I never buy extended warranties and the products will have been designed to last 1 year (at least) so that Sony's eposure to warranty claims in Europe are minimised. Unless they use worse components for the US versions?

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  12. Joe Cooper
    Paris Hilton

    Backwards compatibility

    If the only reason you can think of it buy this thing is to play Playstation2 games, wouldn't it be a bit more uhhh, "cost effective" to buy a second hand PS2 for $50?

    Backwards compatibility is neat but I think we can do without the "NOW THERE IS NO REASON TO BUY PS3 YOU BASTARDS" drama.

  13. Alex
    Paris Hilton


    Exactly! Why buy a next gen machine to play last gen games..?! Sort of makes paying 300 notes a bit steap really.

    I've had the PS3 since launch, and am very impressed with it. I admit the games are slightly scarece, but I have 4 which have kept me occupied since launch!

    Played Killzone for a couple of hours on mine, but then afterwards went straight to Motorstorm. If the need for a PS2 player is so great, agreed: buy a cheap PS2 off eBay. Sony are doig what the Sony Community wanted: a cheaper PS3 to play PS3 games on. Remember also that there is a Blu-Ray player in these units too, so it's definitely Value For Money against the Elite (which I also have) - I really wanted it to be cheaper to buy the HD unit, but I couldn't afford it when I bought it..

    As for the "UK gets screwed" debate - tiresome and explained again.... And again.... And again... Go live in the US and see how 'cheap' life is over there, along with these 'huge' salaries....

    Nighty night, rant over :)

  14. Graham McDermott
    Thumb Down

    Backwards Compatibility - don't make me laugh

    When I look at my collection of PS/2 games - none of the ones I play are supported!

    Guitar Hero - nope

    GT4 - umm, nope

    and so on...

    what a con.

  15. Graham Jordan

    @ Alex and Joe

    The reason backwards compatibility is so sam important is i dont want a bloody ps2 stashed under my tv along with a ps3, common sense really. Although at present there are no games i want, FFXIII is on my to buy list so hence i will get the machine but i'll be dammed as hell if i have to keep my old ps2 beside the tv also. Along with a sky box, Media pc and a 360 its already cramped enough as it is....

  16. Joe Cooper


    Lessee which of those games are supported on the PS2 you apparently already have:

    Guitar Hero - Yup!

    GT4 - Yup!

    and so on...

    It's crazy. And you wouldn't have to pay a dime.

  17. Alex
    Paris Hilton


    Fair enough - I'm quite proud of my PS2, so I don't really care one way or another. I suppose also having the functionality on my PS3 is an added bonus, but I still prefer to play my PS2 games on my HD'd PS2 (that's Hard Drive.. not 720p/1080p) where the load speeds are fantastiche! And again, you CAN play Guitar Hero on the PS3.. (people just don't listen..tsk)

    If you truly want a PS3 with backwards compatibility, then buy a 60Gb now before they run out of stock (will they though...? As in make anymore? doubt it.. but hey ho). At the current price of £350, i think it's a steal what with all the tech in that box. Can't see why some people are complaining about price - I paif full whack, and I'm certainly not complaining about losing out! had more than enough play out of it already, and on a per hour basis, i'm sure I've kicked the rate per hour to well below 50p/hr.

    One happy PS3 owner.. and Xbox Elite owner.. and soon to be Wii owner (when LegoSW comes out[!!])

    Yay for Paris!

  18. Demian Phillips

    PS2 on PS3 in some cases necessary

    Games like Sky Gunner and others that had performance issues (Sky Gunner you had to tell the game to reduce all graphical setting to crap for some stages) on a PS2 seem to get enough power out of the PS3 that you can play at full settings without such a slideshow effect. A new PS2 wont cut it for those situations (admittidly rare).

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    dumb people

    yeah if you guys were actually smart, you would have bought it when the 60 gig was out, like i did, and not have to worry about it. there is not one day where i felt that 600 dollars for the 60 gig, was not worth it, in the end, people will see the superior next-gen console (and for those that need help...your reading comments about it!) But if you are complaining about not having backwards compatibility, then go buy the 80 gig, damn cheap people. well, i would love to talk more, but i'm too busy playing my backwards compatible 60 gig ps3 peace out!

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