back to article Post Office strikes with broadband delivery

The Post Office has quietly opened the doors on its aggressively-priced broadband service. The packages are supplied and run by BT's white label managed services unit. Four ADSL products are available. For £15.95 you get the usual up to 8Mbit/s downstream BT service, with a 5GB monthly usage cap and a fixed line modem. For £20 …


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  1. Joe

    They missed a marketing ploy here!

    [Insert wistful comment about things turning full circle and pre-privatisation Post Office Telephones before Thatcher]

    I worked as a private telephone engineer until a couple of years ago, and the number of people who *still* refer to BT as "the GPO" is bizarrely high.

    What's more bizarre is some of those people may end up with lines provided (albeit just BT products branded) by the Post Office, and after 30 years they're now right to call it the Post Office once again!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    From their web page:

    "unlimited monthly downloads - perfect if you download music or watch movies online"

    From their (cunningly hidden) FUP:

    "A small number of customers use file sharing software to upload

    and download files, such as music and videos, containing very

    large amounts of data. That activity uses a lot of network

    capacity and can affect the speed of the network...


    If you are a Post

    Office® Broadband Extra customer or if you are already receiving

    unlimited downloads (subject to this Fair Use Policy) and your

    usage remains excessive we may cancel your subscription to Post

    Office® Broadband."

    So the FUP simply defines "fair use" as "not excessive usage".

    Lovely. They advertise that you can download music and videos, but tell you if you do it you're likely to be penalised. Why am I in IT not Marketing? (Lie for a living? Sounds ideal...)

  3. Aaron Fothergill

    Will it..

    Will it go on strike like the rest of the postal service?

  4. Peter


    they'll start scanning post and emailing it to us ? think of all those redundo posties.

  5. Ian

    No thanks

    The postal workers are too lazy to even do a full days work for their pay so I sure as hell aint gonna trust them to run a 24/7 service.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Tell you what, why don't you start at 4am and trudge for miles in the pissing rain being chased by dogs and getting drenched by inconsiderate car drivers, for not very much money, and then being told to start a different job when you get back from all that.

    I swear, there are some people who, having never done a days real work in their lives, are so quick to judge the people who keep this country going.

    Could you survive on £300 a week before tax ?

    But I guess you're one of those idiots who just say "If they don't like it, they can get another job."

    Go on, sign up ...

  7. Anthony Metcalf


    Hah, we scan all incoming post, they would need *more* posties to do that!!

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Don't confuse the Post Office with Royal Mail ...

    Royal Mail deliver letters, Parcelforce deliver 'express' parcels etc, the Post Office does stamps, insurance, car tax, homephone, credit cards, loans (I think), foreign currency etc etc.

    If posties are on strike then it should have no impact on using the homephone or broadband, BT would need to go on strike for that .. try actually reading the article and don't spread FUD !-}


  9. Anonymous Coward


    Tell you what, how about I get up at 6am every day, travel 1.5 hours to work, work 9 or 10 hours and travel 1.5 hours back, in the process spending £80 of my less than £250 weekly wage on the travel cost. Oh, yeah, that is what I do.

    Maybe you should have asked Ian what his job and working conditions were before calling him an idiot

  10. Pheet


    "For £15.95 you get the usual up to 8Mbit/s downstream BT service, with a 5GB monthly usage cap and a fixed line modem. For £20.95 you get the same speed and an "unlimited" allowance (fair use policy applies), with a wireless router."

    1st class and 2nd class, just like the stamps :-)

  11. Anonymous Coward

    Stop fricking moaning

    If your not happy with your renumeration packages, get another job.. if nobody else will employ you, maybe you should think about the time you spent dicking around when you were at school.


  12. Seamaster
    Jobs Halo

    Packet loss

    Will they be nicking half the packets en route between server and client?

  13. Alex King


    £300 a week before tax. Yep, that sounds like about what I get, and I studied for a degree for four years. Being a postie requires no more skill than basic literacy. It is an UNSKILLED JOB and therefore BADLY PAID. Thems the breaks - deal with it you workshy so-and-sos.

  14. Nick


    No, they won't take half the packets. They'll just filter out the ones containing relevant, personal information, and just send the ones advertising Viagra and asking for your credit card information. In addition, they'll also add in 'specially selected' spam from companies bunging them a few quid.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    @Alex King

    "£300 a week before tax. Yep, that sounds like about what I get, and I studied for a degree for four years."

    Heh, sucker.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Alex King

    I don't think the money was the issue I raised. I also don't think that money was the reason for the recent industrial action.

    If you took on a job, say, peeling potatoes, and you were expected to peel 6 sacks a day and then you could go home. In return for that you were paid £50. You accept the low pay, because if you get the spud peeling done quickly then your time's your own.

    One day, the bosses decide they're not making enough money, so they tell you that you are now expected to peel 12 sacks of spuds a day, with no increase in pay. So now you don't get the benefit of making time for yourself, and you don't get any more money.

    I guess you would be fine with that ? If not, then *you're* a workshy bastard.

    Not to mention the fact that there was a legal agreement between bosses and workers that specifically limited the spud peeling to 6 sacks/day.

    It doesn't matter whether the wage is £50/day or £1000/day. What counts is the change in the agreed conditions, applied unilaterally by one party.

    I bet you're not queueing to sign up to be a postal worker though. Too much like hard work, and definitely not fitting for a graduate. You'd much rather take it out on society by sitting in an office doing fuck all all day and bitching about your sense of grievance. Oh yeah, why do office workers command such a low pay scale ? Could it be because they're UNSKILLED ?

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