back to article Nokia slides latest Linux tablet onto market

Nokia took a direct pop at Apple yesterday as it unveiled the latest addition to its internet tablet range. Nokia N810 The Nokia N810: it can definitely handle pink The Linux-based N810 finally adds a real keyboard to the Nokia tablet range, instead of asking customers to rely on a full screen touch keyboard. This might …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why no mobile data (or voice)

    Battery life? Expense? I'd grab one if I could use it without a wireless hotspot.

  2. Jan-Erik Finnberg

    It's not a phone and never has been. It's also older than the iPhone.

    "This might go some way to answering the question of whether it's more of a phone than a computer."

    That's easy to answer: It's not a phone. Never has been. It can make VoIP calls, but so can my PC.

    I also don't understand how this is "a direct pop at Apple", since Nokia's 770 internet tablet has been on the market from 2005. This is just the third iteration of the same concept.

  3. Lee

    and the winner is...

    The iPhone


    Jobs is God


    cue fanboiz

  4. Mark

    Get in there Nokia!

    Speaking at yesterday's launch in San Francisco, Nokia multimedia group executive vice president Anssi Vanjoki reportedly said: "We are competing with Apple on all fronts with all cylinders... Let the best man win."

    Good luck Apple, you will need it! Perhaps if Apple could bring out a phone that is not 3 years out of date featurewise then they may stand a chance...

  5. Alan Edwards
    Thumb Up

    4.13" screen?

    That's slightly smaller than the 4.3" on the 770/N800, or else a typo on the Nokia press release.

    Hopefully the N800s price will now drop through the floor so I can afford one to replace my 770 :-).

  6. Bryan B

    Of course it's got mobile data

    It's got Bluetooth, your phone's got Bluetooth - wake up and smell the connection.

    Or something like that... LOL!

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Who needs this?

    Absolutely retarded not including a phone. Now it's not a phone and not a laptop so who needs it?

  8. Ralph B

    Who needs it?

    I'll tell you who needs it ... someone who likes walking around the house - or sitting on the bog - while chatting on skype, doing some websurfing, checking the server logs with their feet up and the TV on. (Hmm, my wife was around here somewhere but I haven't seen her recently)

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    If you need to ask...

    Who needs it?!

    You obviosuly haven't used one for any serious period of time.

    WiFi web browsing while watching TV on the couch (without some overheating bulky laptop burning your legs) is awesome. I have flash cards stuffed full of ebooks that I can read on the go anywhere with the PDF viewer.

    Its not a cell phone (thank god). Ive never seen a cellphone with a decent browser AND a decent data network that I liked enough to take seriously.

    (Sorry Apple fanboys, AT&T's data network absolutely sucks big time. And no therre's no GPS in the iPhone either).

    US cell phone carriers are still in the dark ages as far as data plans / speeds go.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: 4.13" screen?

    The older N800 is $239 on (I managed to get that down to $229 with a coupon - Google for coupons). Mind you, I may have persuaded the wife to get the N810 - the GPS feature sold it

  11. Paul

    @Who needs this

    Well, me for starters. I'm quite unimpressed by the current crop of "smart" phones, which appear to do everything, but nothing terribly well. The iPhone had me interested, but Apple's behavior turned me off plus I have no interest in AT&T service (I had a then-Cingular phone for about a day not so long ago and had absolutely ZERO coverage both at home and work. "More bars everywhere", my ass), and I'm sure it would look pretty awful after a week spent in my pocket.

    I have a phone already. It's small, can survive being dropped, sat on, scratched up by the keys I also carry in my pocket (and it's looks don't matter), and does a bloody great job at voice calls and texting with a pretty good battery life.

    I have a laptop, but it's not something I routinely carry everywhere. I certainly don't bring it to the mall to use while I wait for my wife to try on clothes.

    Which leaves the in-between space, currently occupied in my case by an ancient Palm. It has a few games, some e-books, and even a version of BASIC so I can write my own simple scripts, but no connectivity. It fits really well in my pocket alongside the phone and keys, and if I know I'll have no need to use it, I can always just leave it at home.

    So yes, I'd really like something that does all the Palm can (not least of which is 3rd party apps and even the occasional program of my own making), but also has connectivity. Wi-fi is fine, I have it at work and home, and it's not too hard to find elsewhere. There's always Bluetooth, anyway.

  12. Eno

    Re: @Who needs this

    Several things really make this version standout for me:

    1. Now comes with Skype built-in and a headset.

    2. GPS + maps data built-in (optional voice directions upgrade sounds cool).

    3. Boing Mobile client built-in (worldwide WiFi service, $8/month).

    4. Future models will have WiMax

    5. Possibility of writing/porting open source Linux software to it.

    (OK, Im a developer so number 5 is for me).

    Nokia are quite right to forget about the current PITIFUL cellular data networks and jump straight to WiFi and WiMax.

  13. Andrea Feldman

    Long Live PDAs

    I have to agree wholeheartedly with Paul. For one thing, I have long been happiest with a cell phone that is a phone, and an Axim that does everything else without hanging up on someone to look something up! It cost me less than $200, has WiFi and BlueTooth (and therefore, in a pinch, a "phone"), and just about everything else I ever need (or can be outfitted with add-ons like GPS). Put all that on a phone that decides for me who my carrier has to be? At the moment I'm with Verizon, but I can change my mind about that without having to replace my precious "portable brain." When my Dell goes, this is definitely the way to go - unless they come up with a roll-up bigger screen by then!

  14. Rob

    @Long Live PDAs

    without having to replace my precious "portable brain."

    I'm quite intrigued about the implication that your other, non-replacable brain, is not portable

  15. Kim Rasmussen
    Thumb Up

    Navigation key location

    I think it's a mistake to hide away the five-way navigation key in the slide-out keyboard.

    But otherwise it looks sweet, and if I didn't have an N800 already, I'd be very tempted.

    The real keyboard is a nice feature. Touch screen keyboards all suck, IMHO, though they do have the advantage of adapting easily to non-English layouts.

  16. Ian Sneyd
    Dead Vulture

    In two minds

    I'm seriously in 2 minds about this kit, I already have a 770 (bought for £70 from expansys) and the GPS built in sounds sweet if I can get it to work with Kismet but I'm not sure I could justify buying one... but if I could get it cheap with a contract it would be a possibilty... otherwise I'll just have to wait for whatever is 2 generations down the line so I can buy one cheap as end of line stock ;-)

  17. saxsux


    I just spent 200 quid on a N800. If only I'd waited, I could probably get one even cheaper now.

    The N810 looks utterly fantastic, though. Well done, Nokia!

  18. Ant Evans

    It's the channel, stupid

    Nokia could put a SIM in it, but as soon as they do that, uppity GSM service providers control the sales channel. Nokia is hedging its exposure to GSM, albeit in a very small way.

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Who needs a SIM?

    I like the fact that it doesn't have a SIM. Why on earth would I need yet another phone contract or PAYG to top up, when I have a perfectly good Bluetooth-enabled contract phone with a hefty data allowance?

    Nokia did the right thing by keeping this as a tablet and not trying to make it a SmartPhone.

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