back to article Trouserless car-breaker fingers leprechaun

A Cincinnati man who broke into a car, crashed out, and was subsequently discovered by the owner having a trouserless kip claimed his presence in the vehicle was due to a leprechaun who had obligingly let him in. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Nicholas Donohue found Kim Joseph LeBlanc, 36, "naked from waist down", and …


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  1. Paul F

    As a Cincinnati resident...

    ... I'm fairly certain that leprechauns were indeed egging him on. Lousy little buggers are everywhere around here. No pots of gold though, we got the cheap ones.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I work in Cincy but live across the river, and I can verify their existance. They are poor kind and usually have a sign asking for my spare change.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Drug use

    I place my money on drug use. Either too much or not enough, depending.

  4. Dennis Price
    IT Angle


    Leave it up to them......

  5. Fancy

    '..may indicate drug use'

    Straight from the No Shit Sherlock school of reporting.

    The key question is, what we he doing with those speakers naked from the waist down?


  6. Anonymous Coward


    and now we know where amanfrommars lives

  7. cor
    Paris Hilton

    Leprechauns ?


    So did they 'encourage' him to strip his trousers off? Explain that one ...

    Forget the crock of gold, his story sounds like a crock of s**t.

  8. mahoney

    drugs? leprechauns?

    I'm sure it was a combination of the two... Every leprechaun I've ever known has fancied the drugs.

    (p.s. reg: boo on the icons)

  9. Andy Worth

    Just wondering....

    Am I the only one who got the completely WRONG mental image from the headline? I was going to ask if the leprechaun enjoyed it....

  10. One-armed Freddy


    If I was a leprechaun I'd definitely spend my free time luring people into cars that didn't belong to them. Then I'd phone the police and report them. Has anyone reported seeing a small Irishman in the court room, pissing himself laughing?

  11. Stu


    Was it just me but does anyone else think the perp was just being sarcastic? I mean they dont understand irony or sarcasm over there.

    And two guys from Cincinnati / Cincinatti above both vouch for the existence of leprechauns, right . . .

    I'm planning my visit soon - the ganj over dere mizzay be wack. not-im-sayin?

    Shitz bitch, saves me some-o-dat shizzle so me can hang wiv da gyangstaz.


  12. Steve Kelly


    Ahh the the aul leprechaun made me do it excuse, that's got me out of many a problem

  13. Dalen

    But maybe...

    It was a leper with no arms and legs?

  14. Anonymous Coward

    leprechauns, pancakes, sanity, etc.

    Anyone who seriously questions the role of leprechauns in strange human behavior should pick up Robert Anton WIlson's "The Cosmic Trigger" and start reading. Once you reach the section entitled "Did leprechauns leave the Simonton pancakes?" you'll be on your way.

  15. Paul F

    @ Stu

    "Was it just me but does anyone else think the perp was just being sarcastic? I mean they dont understand irony or sarcasm over there.

    And two guys from Cincinnati / Cincinatti above both vouch for the existence of leprechauns, right . . ."

    Absolutely correct sir. We have no idea what sarcasm is, nor would we recognize it when hit with a stick. Indeed, my sarcastometer has been on the fritz since Thursday past. Additionally, there is no way that any of my posts could in any way be considered sarcastic. I understand that across the pond you have "wit" and "repartee," leaving us with only rank humor, alas.

    As such, I wholly doubt that the "perp" (as you say) would have been able to have used such an expression sarcastically, especially given the veritable plague of leprechauns that torment our fair metropolis so.

  16. Fozzy
    Paris Hilton

    @Andy worth

    No you weren't. It would give new meaning to "Getting your freak on"

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    .may indicate drug use

    dam right: pissed as a newt.

  18. Anonymous Coward

    I've heard of those leprechauns

    they take your clothes and tell you to hide out in a car till they get back cheap assed leperchauns. Of course he was on drugs and whiskey isn't everybody.They didn't say he had the speakers on him who do you think took them ghosts.

  19. Ted Treen

    Where's Webster?

    When is Webster Phreaky going to say this guy was under the insidious influence of an ipod, and it's all Steve Jobs' fault, since it's obviously part of a cunning plan by an Apple Inc. intent on world domination? C'mon, Phreaky old boy:- you know you can do it...

  20. andy gibson

    @ fancy

    You asked what he was doing with the speakers and his trousers down? Maybe he was listening to Slade and "Cum on feel the noize" and mis-heard a key word from the chorus?

  21. Anonymous Coward

    Perhaps it was Jesus...

    And he spake unto the man, once i saw a man with no trousers?

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not leprechauns

    That'd be pixies. They're always into mischief, and ever since they got to help ol' Willow they've been thinkin' even mo' o' themselves 'an usual.

  23. laird cummings

    Not Leprechauns, surely...

    I mean, the man was nude from the waist down... Obviously it was the Underpants Gnomes!

    Exit, stage right!

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