back to article Chris Pine steps into Kirk's shoes

Chris Pine will play Kirk in the forthcoming Star Trek outing, chronicling how the Enterprise crew met at Starfleet Academy and subesequently set forth on their first mission. He's joined by Lord of the Rings actor Karl Urban as Leonard "Bones" McCoy, as well as previously-confirmed Eric Bana as villain Nero, John Cho as Sulu, …


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  1. Alex Cooper

    Eric Bana as villain Nero

    So......sometime in the future, popular burning software Nero becomes sentient and tries to kill us.

    Maybe we need a Rise Of The Software section to go with the Rise Of The Machines, we should be told!!!

  2. Shinobi87
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    oh dear

    its gunna be like some sort of american pie in space teeny movie, i can see it now. they will be having a frat party and trying to score some space weed but they will get into shit with the galactic gang-bangers who will kidnapp someone so the team will set out on a dangerous yet amuzing (wont be) mission. it will probly have nickleback as a theme tune and people holding gold plated phasers at 45degree angles. perhaps the enterprise will do a drive-buy on a klingon ship or pop a cap in its ass!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Rewriting History

    OMG... they are rewriting Star Trek history like they did with Enterprise series.

    Chekov wasn't with them from the beginning.... he came later after Russians made a comment that there was no Russians in the show but they were first into space.

  4. John


    Either the whole Star Trek universe will be completely confused after three films and no end in sight, or the Trek characters will end up on Oahu at the start of the 21st century trying to find and rescue the survivors of a plane they crashed into during the time-travel.

  5. Lloyd
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    No hope at all

    Let's critique:

    Zachary Quinto as Spock - good casting, looks like Nimoy and is a good actor.

    Simon Pegg as Scotty - Oh dear, on shakey ground already, looks nothing like Doohan (spelt it right this time) and is a comedy actor, are they making Scotty comedic?

    Christopher Pike as Kirk - Who? He looks nothing like Kirk.

    Karl Urban as Bones - ??? Surely he was called Bones a) because he was a doctor b) because he was a scrawny little fella. Could they not have found someone who at the very least fitted the physical bill and could act? Anyone seen Doom?

    Zoe Saldana as Uhura - I can live with this, not perfect but good actress and top eye candy.

    Anton Yelchin as Chekov - great actor but too young, coupled with the fact that Chekov only joined after the show had been running a while so makes no sense.

    John Cho as Sulu - hurrah another comedy actor playing a serious role, well I just give up, what a shite cast.

  6. John P
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    Simon Pegg?!?

    Am I the only one who thinks that is possibly the most warped actor decision ever made? I like Simon Pegg, but in comedies! I can't imagine him as Scotty!

    Paul McGillion would've been a better choice.

    And who are all these people? The name Eric Bana sounds vaguely familiar but I've never heard of the rest of them.

    This sounds like its going to be terrible. I'll still watch it, but I`ll be damned if I'm paying £25 quid for 2 people down the local Odean just for the pleasure of viewing this cinematic masterpiece.

  7. Paul Naylor

    It's Star Trek...

    ... who cares??

  8. Kevin

    I find it Ironic

    that a actor named Christopher Pike is playing Kirk seeing one of the captains prior to Kirk that were in command of the Enterprise was named Christopher Pike.

  9. Kevin

    sorry about last comment

    server me right reading a story5 minutes after i woke up lol

  10. Foxy


    "OMG... they are rewriting Star Trek history like they did with Enterprise series.

    Chekov wasn't with them from the beginning.... he came later after Russians made a comment that there was no Russians in the show but they were first into space."

    Chekov was not in TOS episode 'Space Seed', but Khan knew who he was in Star Trek II. So its assumed that he was on the ship all the time :p

  11. Anonymous Coward


    Christopher Pike? Wasn't that the name of the captain of the Enterprise before Kirk?

  12. Anonymous Coward

    Pike? cont...

    ... continued....

    Because of course the actor to play Kirk now is PINE not Pike!

    >gettin me coat as I posted before finishing my comment!<

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Star Trek 90210

    Urgh Chris who....he looks like some pretty boy teen drama queen.

    Kirk was a mans man who kicked ass and asked questions later. The galaxy was his bitch and boy did he know it!

    Personally I would've gone for...actually I have no idea. Who really can replace The Shat!

  14. Keith Williams
    IT Angle

    @Christopher Pike

    The actor who will play Kirk is Chris Pike, not Pine. Learn to read people.

    And yes, Chekov was not in the 1st season, and yes, Khan knew who he was,

    Still the best Trek movie.

  15. Andrew Moore

    Sylar as Spock!!!

    I can't wait for him to administer a vulcan nerve grip while simultaneously removing the top of someone's skull.

  16. Chad H.

    Boldly going where noone should go at all?

    I'm no trekkie, or even a trekker, I just watch the occasional episode here and there, and the movies... But as several of the Star Trek Alumni said when enterprise was mooted: Star Trek should always be going forward, not back. I possibly could have bought the idea with the original cast (Which I know isnt possible), but with a new cast???? I think I see another nemesis in the making.

  17. Anonymous Coward

    Remake alert!

    Bloody Remakes! Blah! Blah! Blah! Out of ideas! Rant! Rant! Rant! This is going to be rubbish! Whine! Whine! Whine! Remakes suck! Jibber! Jibber! Jibber! My preferred actor was not chosen! Waa! Waa! Waa! It diverges from canon! Oo! Oo! Oo!

    Can I have my "I jumped on the whiny geek bandwagon" t-shirt now?

  18. Roland Korn

    To Boldly Go.....

    where every marketing failure and MPI dim bulb has gone before.

    Only Shatner is Kirk ... yadda yadda ....

    As to bad trek ... as exhibits I give you .... nemesis (boo hiss) ... and of course the forgettable classic .... Star Trek the Motion Picture....

    I'll save my C$25++ for when it makes the warp speed transition to DVD where it will do decently due to uninformed friends and family of Trek fans who will buy the tripe for the holiday gift giving.... as well as a short life on the rental circuit.

    I see this olfactory concussive device joining such classics as Water World and Return of the Killer Tomatoes on the shelves of retailers.

  19. Tawakalna

    I can't post a reply..

    ..because the lack of a Star Trek icon makes it pointless. it's like a erm Galaxy-class vessel without a warp core.

  20. Chris Totten

    Missing the obvious

    Seems like a few seemingly knowledgeable folks are missing the obvious problem.

    Uhura and Sulu were both Lieutenants, Chekov was an Ensign. None of which would be at the Academy at the same as Kirk, Scotty or Bones who would all be 10+ years into their careers at the start of the series.

    Even given the 60's-ish sexism of the show, there is no reason to believe Uhura would stay a Lieutenant for over 10 years while others are promoted around her then get promoted for The Motion Picture (Lt. Commander) and Star Trek II (Commander) within the next few years (timeline wise).

    Now, given the false premise of the movie, I doubt there is any way to possibly make a halfway decent Trek movie out of it. The others (including Nemesis) were at least consistent. (Even Enterprise is consistent within the ST Universe even if it rewrites/fills in some of the history). Taking character that are widely different in age and station and making them suddenly equals at the Academy is beyond "rewriting" or "filling in". It seems Greg Berman is in need of something to do.

  21. Curtis
    Paris Hilton

    @Anonymous Coward

    Checkov was brought onto the show as a lead to try to cash in on the Beatles. They selected a person of a similar build and gave him the same hair. They wanted to change the accent, and the actor just happened to be able to do a cheezy Russian accent.

    as for Karl Urban, maybe he stank in Doom ( a point I'll duel you in with keyboards at 2 paces!), But he was halfway decent in The Chronicles of Riddick.

  22. Tim Brown

    @Keith Williams and others

    The article said Chris Pine (NOT Pike - Christopher Pike was a Star Trek character and former captain of the Enterprise).

    It is definitely Chris Pine - this is the name being reported in all the news media.

    Once again, the actor playing Kirk is called Chris Pine.

  23. Aubry Thonon


    I just *have* to jump in with my 2-cents-worth...

    Of course, nowhere have I read that they were all GRADUATING at the same time. Think about it - it's unlikely Kirk would have been given the E right out of academy, we know Spock was already on the E, etc...

    No, more likely we'll have somthing like Spock coming to Earth to meet the new Keptin, while Kirk is prowling the Academy looking for people to fill out his crew. Scotty could be there eiher teaching or doing a touch-up course between assignments, ditto Uhura. As for Sulu and Chekov, they *could* have been graduating at the same time (or just about).

    So, it *is* possible to write a consistent story behind their meeting... *if* you hire a decent set of writers who actually care about continuity.

    BTW: I quite enjoyed ST:E - I thought it stood well based purely on the TV series and movies. I don't know about the books as I have read very few of them (and wouldn't consider them "canonical" in any way unless under special circumstances). ^_^ Oh, and I am *not* a Trekkie, nor a Trekker. I just enjoy watching the show every so often (although I tend to give ST:DS9 a wide birth. Gimme B5 any day over it. Whoops. No flame war please, my personal opinion. YMMV)

  24. Fozzy

    this is going to suck blackholes

    Are those morons in hollywood suck in some weird time-space anomaly. in which they keep rehashing the same ideas over and over again without learning from their mistakes.

    "hey lets do a remake of "the dukes of hazard" need I say more.

    Yes I do

    For my money this rubbish can only be topped by having that 80's hit Star trekkin' as the theme song

  25. Michael Sheils

    It isn't set at the academy

    JJ Abrams has already said that bollocks, it isn't set when they were all at the academy because it's just not possible, besides would it still be star trek if it was set on earth?

  26. Anonymous Coward


    the hell is Ricky Gervais in this movie for God's sake!!

  27. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    I can't wait. This film is going to brilliant.

  28. Tim Lane

    You see what they've done

    If this is successfull then we'll get another forty years out of the original enterprise crew!

    Also, could everyone please note that Star Trek is science FICTION, they are not re-writing hiostory because it is not histore because it is not real, It's their show so they can decide what happened to the enterprise crew before the time of the original series.

    PS I am a Trekkie, I will happily watch any episode opf any series and all the films are good, except 1, 5 & 7, but I still watch them when they are on and I will watch this, even though its going to be rubbish.

  29. Tawakalna

    "it is not real?"

    it's not? I thought that these were the "historical documents" - how will my embattled civilisation across the stars fare now?

  30. Kevin Dwyer

    Should be Captain Mainwaring!

    Then when the Klingons board the Enterprise and start taking names ............

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