back to article Yahoo! Does! Adsense! In! Reverse!

Yahoo! today ushered in advertising network deals with three major publishers -, and Ziff Davis Media, to add a little sparkle to its Q3 earnings. The deals represent an unusual twist on the way most advertising networks work e.g. Google or Google - which place bottom feeder ads to soak up the excess …


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  1. Alan Donaly
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    Hard to judge

    how much better Yahoo with panama is but I think price might be part of the issue last I heard people were getting less for more with the Goog and were threatening mutiny mostly medium sized mostly web based businesses where they can link sales to advertising very easily. It's such a slippery topic though how much is Google and how much is web md's television advertising.

  2. mike
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    I block as many ads as i can if a site has advertising that interferes with what im reading i dont visit that site now Yahoo is added to that list ahh well there are many search engines.

  3. Pete

    @ mike

    ...yet you're not only reading, but even posting here?

    Re: the article, while I normally simply use google because it works well enough, I've always been underimpressed by the quality of the advertising links; the article's "bottom feeders" sums it up quite nicely. In general advertising is ignorable; it's too irrelevant, and half the time involves trickery, but if that advertising is actually relevant to what you're looking for, then by all means I'm for it - for the relevance directly, and because it also supports the free services and allows them to improve (while google's adverts aren't top notch, their other services at least give it a good go, at 0 cost to the user).

  4. Graham Marsden



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