back to article George Lucas announces Star Wars TV spin-off

George Lucas announced yesterday he'd "just begun work" on a live action TV spin-off set in the Star Wars universe, but warned fans not to expect a cathode ray tube outing for Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader. According to the LA Times, Lucas revealed only that the series would be about the "the life of robots". He said: "The …


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  1. JP

    It can be like the cut-scenes from Austin Powers!

    They could do an episode on each of the sub-characters that die in the films! Give them a back-story, and to end every episode, show how they come to a sticky end in the films, so you can really relate...

  2. Dan

    Yay for new characters.....just no Jar Jar

    Im all for seeing new characters. So long as there are no more "comedy" characters like Jar Jar Binks. However if this series is about Robots, does anyone else think it sounds like the 80's/90's Star Wars "Droids" cartoon series ??

  3. ChessGeek

    They can have Jar Jar...

    ...if he gets killed in the first episode.

    I'd tune in to see that.

  4. Doc Dish
    Thumb Down

    Please don't let it be...

    ...a live-action remake of Star Wars: Droids

  5. Steve Mason

    Holiday Special

    If it's anything like the holiday special from the 70's (?) I'll die laughing. That was so unbelievably bad it makes me fear for the track record of going-to-tv ventures!

  6. Andrew Moore

    A little late???

    >Lucas Animation is already hard at work on Star Wars: The Clone Wars

    I thought that was finished- I remember watching it 2+ years ago.

  7. Kevin Turnquist
    Thumb Down

    I think I just got a shiver...

    Does anyone remember "Droids" at all?

    Even as a Star Wars fan, and a kid to boot, I couldn't tolerate that show.

    Note: People who like Star Wars don't really care about the droids. They want to see lightsabers.

    But at least it can't be as bad as the Holiday Special, right? RIGHT?

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Lets hope.

    That Mr Lucas isn't going to direct or write anything for this.

    Given the last 3 films (or the first 3 given how geeky you are)

    Are total and utter rubbish!!

    Flame away!

  9. Norman Wanzer

    Would have liked

    I would have prefered a Knights of the Old Republic spin off. That way there could be no tie with the 6 movie plot and it would have left a lot of plot space for origins of what we saw in the movies. From the little that has been written about the 'past', Jedi and Sith were 2 opposing views on how to use the force. As with all things, the truth got lost over time. The WHY things are they way they are no longer remembered.

  10. Jim Ned

    Why down on Jar Jar?

    Why do you all hate Jarjar? Just because he's stupid, annoying, fake-looking, and utterly unrelated to any real core aspect of the movie.........


    oh wait, now I see your point.

    Never mind

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh my God! They killed Jar-Jar!

    I could stand having J-J Binks in more often than just once if he got extirpated in every episode in a new, interesting and imaginatively messy way.

    By a mouse. No, wait, that's Itchy and Scratchy.

  12. AndyB
    Thumb Down


    Anyone else hear the sound of a cash-cow being milked too hard.

  13. Chris


    Good idea, there. There's the potential for some interesting storylines in the history of the Republic, which is something that hasn't been explored either in the films or in any of the 69 billion SW novels.

    What we'll *get*, of course, will be a live action version of Droids, with a Droid version of Jar Jar Binks in it.

  14. Kane Silver badge

    JimJam Blink?

    Quote: "Lucas's assertion that major Star Wars characters will not feature means the chosen pensmiths will not be tempted to resurrect Jar Jar Binks."


    So we're stuck with JamJar Binksmith then? I only say this because, myself, like other sane people, don't recognise ol' floppy ears as a major character.

    Hence he will be making an appearence....

    And where is the Paris Hilton angle?

  15. Christian Berger

    StarWars Holiday special

    I hope it'll be as good as the StarWars Holiday special.

    This would pave the way to whole new shows.

  16. Lloyd
    Thumb Up


    As I understand it Lucas is doing 2 TV shows, this is just the first one, the other is alleged to be about the round up and wholesale slaughter of the Jedi by the Sith.

  17. Glynn Williams


    "And where is the Paris Hilton angle?"

    Surely she'll make an appearance as an alien, or something.

  18. Bytus


    What you're talking about exists already as several short-story collections which were released prior to the Prequels.

    And yes, they ARE about the original series and not that shoite I-III.

  19. Jasper


    The sentence "Lucas Animation is already hard at work on Star Wars: The Clone Wars" should have given someone the clue that this press release was obviously picked up off the floor after it was swept out from under a wardrobe somewhere.

    Clone Wars has had two series, and finished years ago.

    The new tv series has been in production for ages, I think they were showing some footage at Celebration: Europe in June(?)..

  20. Chris

    Star-cross'd Episode 3: The Resurrection

    In Episode 3, Romeo returns from the dead with the help of Friar Lawrence and the Apothecary. Using an old Saxon incantation, Lawrence with the help of "The Father" brings back a vengeful Romeo who smites down the decendents of both houses. An enraged Romeo forces the two soothsayers to perform the same incantation on Juliet, with dire consequences. She shuns Romeo after realizing the bloodshed he's caused and runs away even though she is with child. (Sets up three additional episodes about the child reuniting the houses.)

    Star-cross'd Episode 1: The Fracture of the Houses

    Prequel to Star-cross'd Episode 2: Romeo and Juliet. In it the history of the feud between the Montagues and the Capulets is discussed in great detail starting with the theft of an Ox six generations prior to Romeo and Juliet. Pretty much goes nowhere but sets the tension for episode 2.

    Leopold Episode 1: Troy

    Prequel to Ulysses, chaotic following of an average day in Dublin on the 15th of June 1904. A new character is introduced - James Budgen who parallels Hector in the Iliad. Each of the twenty-four chapters in Joyce's sequel/prequel Troy correspond to the generally accepted twenty four books of the Iliad.

    Seriously. Can we stop with the farkin spinoffs already?

  21. Raheim Sherbedgia

    Back to Basics

    The whole Star-Wars storyline was always supposed to be about the droids, not the Jedi's or other fleshies. It'll be nice if they can pull it off.

  22. Kalle

    Re: Clone Wars

    There are -- or rather, will be -- two Clone Wars: the old, cell-animated one (Star Wars: Clone Wars) and a new, 3D-animated one (Star Wars: The Clone Wars).

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Right Ewoks and jar jar

    Ewoks and Jar Jar Binks hour is what it will be and people will watch it anyway.

  24. Guy


    Robots are cool and what have you, don't get me wrong, but why make the whole series about them?

    That leaves out the likes of the cantina band, or the myriad of aliens we see in the various crowd scenes.

    I just hope it won't be the damn ewoks all over again...

    To bring back bad memories, everyone sing with me....

    We are the E... E.... E.... E.... Ewoks, and we're one big happy happy family (Or something vaguely similar)

  25. heystoopid
    Paris Hilton

    Oh Yeah !

    Oh yeah , bad TV just became even worse!

    I wonder me thinks it's time for these still born shows to bite the shark before they even see the light of day !

    Oh how I long for the days when TV exec's actually had a brain , unlike the brain dead reject one hit wonders that are employed exclusively by the media moguls in the industry now !

    Perhaps they will employ Paris as the Cantina dancing girl on a chain ?

  26. yeah, right.


    If this damn show has anything resembling Jar Jar - which is basically a sop to Hollywoods love of useless, irritating plush toys - I'm declaring jihad against the whole thing. The madness must end somewhere.

  27. Anonymous Coward

    Oh Joy

    More Star wars I thought that the Republicans had it all sewn up. Oh wait that was Ronnie, but he is dead now so maybe we can get the republicans to come up with another version. Just hope they don't try and come up with any ideas in the mens room at the airport.

  28. Grant Nurden

    Who's the director?

    For quite a while (long before this announcement) I've thought that it would be a really good idea to do a live-action Star Wars TV series in the vein of Band of Brothers; Empire vs. Rebels in the trenches, as it were. BoB was a really good show and I think it would translate well if done properly.

    Of course to get something of that calibre would require a director other than George. Don't get me wrong; he has great vision (mostly) -- zillions of Star Wars fans have shown that -- but I've found his directorial abilities to be rather lacking.

  29. Josh

    Clone Wars Series/Jar Jar

    The series is going to be in 3D, and most likely more in depth/different storylines than the cartoon.

    I don't mind if Jar Jar's in there... As long as they decide his fate... The menacing way. :P

    But in all fairness, Jar Jar wasn't half as annoying as Rosh from Jedi Academy (And all those who have played it will probably agree)

  30. Damian Gabriel Moran

    okay so the holiday special was pants

    but it did give us Boba Fett. I wonder if Kevin Smith will write any episodes?

    "This battle station will be the ultimate weapon in the universe. Snoogans!"

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Jar Jar

    Jar Jar had extensive re-constructive surgery and now quietly occupies the Lincoln bedroom at the White House. Recently appointed as a replacement for Karl Rove as Dubya's senior policy advisor and Delphic oracle; Jar Jar is being considered to take over the operation of the CIA. (Another clown act that went bad.)

    George is pissed, Karl promised him an aircraft carrier named after him like his dad got.

    Not to worry George! ...You're in line, right after Vlad Tspis, John Wilkes Booth, and Jeffrey Dahmer. SORRY, was this supposed to be about Lucas? The movie guy, or the the guy that's responsible for the Anti-Christ electrical system on the MG B?

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