back to article Seagate says storage demand better than expected

Seagate surprised itself in the last quarter by shipping 47 million disk drives, more than it had actually planned for. The storage vendor's results for the first quarter ending 28 September showed revenues up 17.6 per cent to $3.3bn, with net income leaping from $19m last year to $355m. This turned in earnings per share of $ …


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  1. Robert Lee

    Whos to credit ?

    All these sales figues has Microsoft to thank for, with their giant overloaded, bloated software, everyone needs more space..imagine in 10 years time when Windows BlackRain ships on 4 BlueRay discs, and Internet Explorer takes another BR Disc all by itself.

  2. steve

    See Piracy helps businesses.

    Without Piracy and Downloading hdd company's

    wouldn't need to exist as there would be no need to keep

    buying new bigger hard-drives as there would be nothing

    you could possibly use to fill them except open source/shareware.

    so lets say avarage app 20mb-40mb, you'd need what about

    200gig for the rest of your life, so you'd buy 1 hdd, per computer.

    no need for mass storage since there you'd have nothing to store.

    without piracy think how many company's would be

    out of business...?

    CD-Writers/DVD Writers,

    CD/DVD Disc Makers,

    TV Capture Card Makers,

    HardDrive Makers,

    Printer Companys.

    Software Companys creating Ripping/Converting Apps.

    The list goes on and on.

    Without Piracy there would be no MASS demand

  3. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Piracy is easy to blame

    "Without Piracy there would be no MASS demand"

    Wrong. Have you seen the size of the last patch for Battlefield 2 ? It's a game, and the patch is no less than 536MB in size. Half a gigabyte for a patch. You think I'm going to download that every time I need to reinstall the game ? Wrong. You think I pirated the game ? Wrong again, although obviously I cannot prove that to you, nor do I need to.

    The last patch for BF2 is one of a series of 7 patches for a total of over 2.2GB. And that is just one game.

    Not interested in games ? How about Windows patches and updates ? XP SP2 is over 270MB. I don't know about you, but I prefer having that locally if I have to reinstall my PC. Add to that all the patches for all the other applications I use and you can get to over a GB of disk space again.

    Not to mention that I have a folder on one of my HDDs with all the application installers I regularly use - for my convenience and because, historically, Windows has always been unstable in the long run.

    It's easy to blame piracy. The truth is, software today is heavily download-dependant, whether you're talking about an OS, an application or a game. There is no need to be a pirate to require lots of bandwidth and storage space. If you use Windows, the need for disk space is practically designed into the OS.

    So let's cut the bull, shall we ?

  4. Anonymous Coward

    SATA, digital photography,

    price all reasons for buying new drives as big as you can as many as you can you literally cannot have too much storage I just recently started taking video as well as stills with the need to buy SATA drives for new PC's which may have one or no IDE slots so what do I find when I go to buy a new SATA drive their cheap as hell why wouldn't you get several if you can swing it. It's similar to memory though memory isn't that cheap there is no reason not to max it out if possible.Oh and not a pirated anything in sight.

  5. Matt Horrocks


    No mass demand, except from businesses who waste loads of HDD space with "business data" rather than films and other goodies.

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