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back to article Opera and Mozilla step up mobile browser pressure

The first key milestone on the road to a genuinely appealing mobile web experience is an effective browser, and the competition to provide that vital tool is heating up. The Apple Safari open source platform has made the running so far, both in the iPhone and Nokia's homegrown browser, which is Safari-based. Microsoft is still …


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  1. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Star Wares

    And should a browser like Opera team up with a Premium Content Provider of SMARTer Intelligence which can be ported to and/or through Specific Networks and Hand-helds, will the partnership create a Dominant Intellectual Property Force/Mutual Source.

    And if one were to imagine a National rather than Interdenominational Intelligence Service being responsible for a Network or an Operating System or a Hand-held and one was at odds or in vehement disagreement with the Intelligence Direction/ Resultant Ground Conditions, there could be wholesale damage done to an entire networking Society by virtue of Faulty/Dodgy/Inadequate Intel should alternate facilities be entertained to share/receive A.N.Other Source.

    Mutually Beneficial Content is King in a Globally Connected World Environment/Virtual Space...... but different Time Zones require that its Presentation adapts to probable Cultural/Educational Differences.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Opera customer feedback

    Well.... let's see what Mozilla comes up with. At the moment the situation is rather sad: look at the Opera forums on their own website. Opera Mobile is definitely not very high in customers' perception when it comes to quality.

  3. Andy

    Nokia Internet Table

    The browser on mine, out of the box, is very definitely Opera. It works extremely well, thanks.

    Re "Opera customer feedback": I took a quick look at the Opera forums, and I saw nothing of the kind. Could you be more specific?


  4. Nexox Enigma

    Mobile Firefox?

    Is anyone here excited about using Firefox on a device with limited memory and cpu? FF is supposed to be a browser stripped to the essentials so that it can be faster and smaller. But some how it comes out larger and slower than Opera, which is rather feature-laden in comparison.

    All that I can see the FF people have learned from making desktop browsers is how to consume 2gb of memory with 4 tabs open. Doesn't sound particularly useful for mobiles.

    That said, if you think that Opera Mobile is bad, try Opera Mini. Thats the only solution that I get on my Palm T|X... Sad part is that even though their new beta crashes when I try to scroll sideways, it still works better than the browser that Palm ships...

  5. Steve Evans (a different one)

    Opera Mini

    The latest Opera Mini is great, and it's still only Beta.

  6. alistair millington
    Gates Horns


    I have 1GB of RAM on my internet system and have had well over a dozen tabs in FF running as well as downloading on some tabs and things like word and video apps running at the same time. With no slow down and room to spare. Sounds like you have a dodgy install, what version you running?

    Never tried Opera but I am currently using IE7 and it can't hack four tabs, the "reg", "reg hardware" and two "comments" pages. My mobile phone uses IE and I really want an alternative. Come on Mozilla, or opera etc etc.

  7. Damian Turner-Steele

    Opera Mini and IE7

    On my desktop running Vista Home Premium IE7 has never worked correctly. Two tabs will freeze the whole machine. I use Firefox 2 by default and never really had a problem. On my mobile, a fairly low end Nokia 6165, I occasionally use the web to check emails and addresses. The built in browser is sufficient to check gmail but will not let me view my google calender. I get a message saying that the page cannot be rendered on my mobile device. using Opera Mini I have no such limitation. Mini may be beta but I have never had any problem with it at all.

This topic is closed for new posts.
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