back to article Microsoft throws unified communications party

Today, in downtown San Francisco, Microsoft's long-awaited lineup of "unified communications software" was officially announced by chairman Bill Gates, business division president Jeff Raikes, and a surly-looking guitarist in a red velvet jacket. As he officially introduced the world to this collection of interwoven VoIP, video …


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  1. JW
    Gates Horns

    Trust my phone to MS?

    On what desktop OS is all this great stuff supposed to work? I manage my SugarCRM system from a terrifically stable Ubuntu desktop. I terminal rarely into my Shoretel VOIP (oh yeah, MS you're a bit behind the curve) soon to run v7.

    Phone on my computer? Get rid of the desktop phone?

    Oh wait, I'm rebooting, I'll call you back.

  2. Mike

    Ability to communicate... even using my mibile?

    Thank you Bill, but I think WM5 has resulted in enough downtime on my phone.

  3. Micha Roon

    History tells a sad story

    I remember the early days of Windows networking. When Novell was still the dominant file server around. Novell was faster, more reliable, more secure and had options Microsoft did lack. We all know what happened next.

    At least with the phone system even M$ will not be able to sell a system that works only with M$ hardware and software. Businesses around the world still need to communicate with all their customers.

  4. Smell My Finger

    More ignorance runs amok

    Poor old "JW" shows he's never even seen OCS. OCS is actually a pretty stable and extremely far-reaching application that can unifiy nearly all communication. I don't think any OSS application exists that can redirect voice calls to voicemail based on my availability in my calendar, it knows when I'm in a meeting or on holiday etc. It integrates everything from web cams to instant messaging to PBXs. No product is perfect but the nonsense posted above is from people that have never seen it. What the fuck a CRM product and a "terrifically stable" desktop have to do with OCS is beyond me.

  5. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    I hate mobile phones

    I hate being "contactable" all day long, wherever I am. But my job requires it, so I live with it. However, it is absolutely out of the question that I accept such "connectivity" on a personal basis. I have friends, thank you very much. Not to mention relatives. I do not need an uber-tool to ensure that any nutjob can bother me via remote buzzer.

    And if all this does come to pass, just think of the DDos and spam possibilities. Receive a wrong phone call and answer it, and you get your "communicator" spammed out of existence.

    Is this supposed to be for a bright future ? Or is Gates actually an emissary of the Devil, hell-bent on driving us mad with techno tools of torture ?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    Jack of All Trades....

    ... and Master of None

    Here's a suggestion Bill : fix the current bugs in all your existing bloatware before shovelling another pile of crap on the market.

    This is yet another blatant attempt by Microsoft to tie your front end applications (and desktop) to the Microsoft back end. Don't ever expect clients for those stinky, dirty Macs or those filthy communist Linux things.

  7. JayKay
    Gates Horns

    Communication my eye!

    I just tried to watch the 'launch' on my Mac, and guess what: it didn't work.

    Classic M$ - you can communicate, as long as you use Micro$oft.

    Thanks Bill, but no thanks. Every time this guy is wheeled out he looks more and more like the Emperor who has a new set of clothes.

    Can't wait for iChat in Leopard.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Questions questions

    It makes me wonder how many servers I will need to buy or upgrade to get this working? And I am wondering whether the OCS is actually a server package or will I need Windows Server and OCS?? On top of that will I need CALs? Also, no doubt I will need to upgrade to Office 2007? Seems like a massive outlay, with all the money going to Microsoft!

    Hmm. Somehow I don't think I can recommend this to our bosses!

  9. Geoff Mackenzie

    Signed guitar

    Can't believe they defiled a Gibson like that. I haven't felt the need to scrawl my name on things for no apparent reason since I was a small child. Are Microsoft actually trying to comprehensively piss me off?

  10. Stuart Jones
    Thumb Up

    Good News

    I'm personally happy with this development. We're a Microsoft shop and therefore it is far easier to support everything from a single vendor, not to mention the licensing benefits of being a certified partner. As long as it all works, which unlike what most Microsoft bashers think, usually does.

  11. JW
    Thumb Down

    Wrong @Smell My Finger

    Shoretel does that just fine. Plus find me where ever I am. Plus runs on a nice 1u piece of hardware thats terrifically easy to provision more if we need it. The Voice Mail runs on MS but we virtualized that for ease of management since the server has crashed twice on it. But that's just the voice mail. The rest of the system works fine. MS idea that we can get rid of our desk phone while using their crap system is insane.

    Just yesterday I was rebooting a users PC because she couldn't open Outlook appointments. Her phone rang. She was able to answer it. doh.

  12. Jude Bradley
    Jobs Horns


    Wasn't there a film called Anti-Trust that covered what is supiciously like this scenario?????They even made reference to Bill and Open Source.

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