back to article Ex-Linspire chief defects to Ubuntu

Former Linspire CEO Kevin Carmony has shown all the loyalty of a free agent athlete. Just a few months after resigning from Linspire, Carmony has traded in his old company's Linux operating system for Ubuntu. Carmony, who seems awfully keen to get a job at Ubuntu's parent company Canonical, made his OS reveal on an Ubuntu …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Axe to grind?

    quote: "Earlier this week he was accosted by a Christian who banned Carmony from running through the Horizon Christian Fellowship parking lot."

    (from Carmony's blog:) "This week, while running through the parking lot of this "Christian fellowship," I was stopped by a man who worked at Horizon's [sic] ..."

    My teenage daughter got virtually the same treatment from a public school principal. So, should I say "public" school instead? How "public" can it be if the public is not allowed access to the grounds?

    It sounds to me like Mr. Carmony has an axe to grind with Horizon. How this relates to the subject of the article is beyond me. Most likely, he and his neigbors object to their sacred enclave (Rancho Santa Fe, the wealthiest community in the San Diego area) being sullied by the presence of the church facility.

    Also, Carmony says "I was stopped by a *man* who worked at Horizon's ...". Did the man identify himself as a "christian"? (Not that it would make a difference, but El Reg appears to have made up that part.)

  2. Ashlee Vance (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: Axe to grind?

    KC seems to have identified the man as a Christian.

    "Shame on the Horizon Christian Fellowship for telling lies, being bad Christians, bad neighbors, and poor advocates of good health."


  3. J


    I suppose they are in their rights to ban him from running through there, but... what the hell? Why would someone care if some guy happens to run through the parking lot for a minute or two every once in a while? I don't see a reason why, and would appreciate if someone could enlighten me to a reasonable motive... Maybe they are afraid that he'd sue them if he got hurt there (twist an ankle in a hole, hit by a car, whatever)? (not that I think that's a reasonable motive, but this is America...)

    Anyway, nothing to say about the real substance of the article. :-)

  4. Sceptical Bastard

    And in other news...

    Your plug for Ashlee's book asks "Want to know where Gordon Moore eats Chinese food, where Steve Jobs and Bono hang out ?"

    Only to avoid inadvertantly running into the law-maker, the plutocrat meglomaniac and the gobby Irish wankstain - otherwise NO!

    Now if Licklider were still alive....

  5. Ashlee Vance (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: And in other news...

    That was just the eye candy for the easily moved.

    I don't have too much on Lick, since he wasn't really a Silicon Valley player, although I do touch on some of his cohorts like Ivan Sutherland and the Xerox PARC crew. If tech history is your bag, you might give the book a look. I've got loads of info on Shockley Labs, Fairchild, Intel, PARC, the government labs and fellas like Carver Mead. There's also quite a bit on the electronics and radio pioneers that were beavering away here well before Shockley arrived.

    </shameless self-promotion>

  6. E

    Logo Stickers

    I don't want no Ubuntu sticker.

    Ubuntu makes it too difficult to get at a terminal emulator, much less actually change anything important.

    I want a Slackware sticker.

  7. E


    Why are they charging 20% for Canadian than US dollar? CDN is worth a bit more than a USD!

  8. Tom Simnett

    Hardly a defection...

    Linspires homepage says:

    "It begins where the others end... Linspire 6.0... Powere by Ubuntu"


  9. Pete Cliffe

    Mmmm, endorphins! (or beer or doughnuts)

    start quote >>> PS: I just noticed Horizon's is having Dinesh D'Souza speak there. I met Mr. D'Souza when I sat on a jury here in San Diego where he was found guilty of not paying a large bill to his lawyer.<<< end quote

    Nice, seems like if you p*ss this guy off he will dig up the dirt - in this case on someone totally unrelated to the incident. Is this guy a Scientologist? If this guy ran around my property I would tell him to shove off too - how many times have i almost been hurled from the pavement or had to break suddenly in my car, when a tunnel-visioned endorphin-junkey cannot stop or go round an "obstruction". The sight of this crazed athlete must terrify the poor kids in the school next door.

    I can actually sympathise to some extent with Mr. D'Souza (whom I don't know), fat wad lawyers charge outrageous fees.

  10. Pascal Monett Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    Yet the guy still crows about Ubunto like he discovered the Second Coming

    I really will trust a guy telling me about how great a new product is when I've just learned that he has been given a contract with a salary probably worth ten times mine. Yeah, sure.

    Just like I won't in any way imagine that what he's actually saying is how happy he is to have landed a nice cushy job that will keep him in Ferrari and Armani for another few years.

    I'm really not impressed.

  11. Martin Owens

    Not a problem

    It was interesting to see his post, esp since he'd been on the forum before calling to the great buy it through a apt repository network (while not a bad idea on the face of it was badly done)

    >> I want a Slackware sticker.

    Funny enough I'm sure the guys are up for making other things, but we had to buy 18ks worth to get anything like a decent price so you may find them a little pricey at 1.

  12. Alan Donaly
    Thumb Up

    logo stickers

    just $3.95 a piece, not too pricey I hate to say this

    but Google is your friend.

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