back to article Spanish regulators in mobile price fix probe

Spanish regulators have opened an investigation into the country's three largest mobile firms over allegations of price fixing. The National Competition Commission is looking at whether Movistar, Vodafone and Orange colluded in increasing tariffs in March. The price increases were introduced after a system that rounded up call …


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  1. David Emmett

    Just how mobile mad are the Spanish?

    "Movistar is Spain's biggest mobile operator with 22m clients. Vodafone numbers 14.6m clients, while third place Orange has 11.1m to its name."

    Those are shared between 40 million Spaniards ...

  2. Lee

    one point twenty-one...


  3. John Stag

    I live in Spain so I'm getting a kick out of this...

    Um, yes, there's a lot of mobile phones in Spain.

    The population is actually 45 million so that's about one phone per person.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Call Rounding Banned...

    ... So why the hell is the likes of Virgin Media and other phone operators in the UK allowed to round calls up to the nearest minute rather than charge per second?

    Its actually a rip off as if your on a call 1 minute and 2 seconds, thats 2 minutes your charged - THAT HAS TO BE ILLEGAL???

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Complain To EU

    Instead of living in rip off britian, we should complain to the EU Ombudsman to stop telephone operators in the Uk charging per minute and rounding up to the nearest minute instead of billing per second...

    ... Visit: and click on the email link at the bottom left hand side to let the Ombudsman know that we are not happy with UK companies doing it when its illegal in spain. This should be the same rule in all EU states, like roaming charges are now!

  6. leslie

    @ AC - call rounding

    if you signed a contract, and that pricing was in that contract, then its not illegal, its user stupidity

  7. Ex Pat

    @John Stag

    You can hardly call living in The Canary Islands or in Marbella to be living in Spain. Without a doubt you live/work/social with only Brits.

  8. Adriaan Brink

    Not so

    I also socialise with South Africans, Australians and the odd American :-)

  9. Joe

    What no pun?

    No comments about the need for a Spanish Inquisition ?

    I'm disappointed in you guys.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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