back to article Schwarzenegger terminates data breach bill

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a bill on Saturday designed to give new protections to credit card holders by placing tough limits on the type of payment information retailers can store on their customers. The governor said the bill would have driven up costs for merchants. Assembly Bill 779 was championed by …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    I want your clothes etc....

    The reason Arnie came to that decision is that....

    Yes he's a ROBOT... GIGO.

  2. Ian Chard

    Veto the veto

    It seems bizarre to me that one man has this incredibly powerful veto (even if he is from the future).

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Whats wrong with the USoA in a nutshell

    Here we see an actor / bodybuilder elected to one of the most senior positions in the US using the power of veto to kill what is clearly a much needed law, because it might inconvenience the private sector.

    What do you do when your country is so clearly sick? Wake up USA, wake up.

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  5. Benjamin Wright

    Sloppy Draftsmanship in AB 779

    In AB 779, proposed Civil Code Section 1724.4(b) was poorly drafted and confusing. It was not clear whether 1724.4(b) covered Internet and mail-order merchants (although the legislature probably did desire to cover those merchants). 1724.4(b)(2) was muddled about what does and does not constitute "sensitive authentication data" that a merchant would have been forbidden from storing. A literal reading of the words of 1724.4(b)(2) would forbid merchants from storing zip codes, even though Internet and mail-order merchants need to store zip codes for operational purposes. Proposed Section 1724.4(b)'s poorly crafted language would have been a roadblock as innovators try to invent the next PayPal. See detailed analysis at

  6. P. Kelsay

    Less law.

    The fewer laws, the more responsibility individuals must retain. And who wants that? Want to buy things without being tracked? Introducing this fabulous new concept - CASH.

  7. Svein Skogen

    Not so strange

    No conscious politician would ever do anything to defend the regular working citizen at the cost of the corporations. It's that simple. It's called uncontrolled capitalism in a country that has given corporations more rights than people.

    Just stay on your side of the oceans, and I'll be happy.


  8. David Wilkinson

    Blame the voters.

    The USA definitely needs some decent consumer protection laws.

    Also national health care, and some strong new anti-trust laws to create a more independent media.

    But I don't see big business paying for the TV ads that will tell people that they think those issues are important.

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