back to article Quantum scientist wins Euro computing prize

A quantum physicist has scooped a major prize for computing for his work on the edge of both disciplines. The Royal Society said it had chosen to bestow the €250,000 Royal Society and Académie des Sciences Microsoft European Science award on Professor Giorgio Parisi, professor of quantum theories at the University of Rome La …


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  1. Groz Bat
    Jobs Horns

    Apple trademark clash?

    Apple own the trademarks iMac, iPod and iPhone. I wonder if they'll accept someone calling their product IANUS?

  2. Lol Whibley


    Look, i know he's the roman god of gateways etc. but does anyone else think there's a copyright cease and desist order in progress from the PodPeople(tm) here?

  3. Lol Whibley

    point, the second...

    iAnus : what you stick your iPod earphones in..

  4. Joerg

    This Microsoft award it's a joke.. the professor is a joke too...

    ..he won the money and the award just because he is a Left-Wing activist in Italy, that's the whole point. The award is just politically driven.

  5. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Benedict's Choice ....

    I wonder if the project is a stealthy Vatican transubstantiation thing .... a SMARTer Trojan for a new Beginning in which they could play a Lead rather than Following Role .....

    It does sound like a Colossus of a beast ... "next-generation field-programmable gate array (FPGA)-based machine... allow[ing] the computation of Boolean variables that will be able to simulate complex systems."

    I wonder if it is field programmable to stimulate complex systems? Now surely that would be AIBeta System for complex systems .... and an Enlightened and Enlightening Choice?

  6. The Other Steve
    Black Helicopters


    That's right Joerg, MSFT are famous for supporting lefties, and the RS are notorious for not supporting proper science.

    Keep your tinfoil hat on.

  7. Phillip Dixon
    Paris Hilton

    What are you on about?

    Joerg, you're a good example as to why it's not good to use drugs.

    Stop smoking crack, the paranoia is getting to you.

  8. Stu


    Lets begin doing that Wikipedia style 'citation needed' system from here on in shall we-

    Joerg show me the proof.

    Are you saying he did zero research? Or did he do some research, but not enough to get this award?

  9. Joerg

    I'm telling that the guy is a joke... the majority of politically driven activists in any role.

    This is a Left Wing political party which name is Margherita... and just as an example, you can find many more, it shows that Giorgio Parisi is a Left Wing activist for that political movement:



    Arturo Artom (Imprenditore)

    Giulio Ballio (Rettore Politecnico Milano)

    Nando dalla Chiesa (Sottosegretario Ministero Università e Ricerca)

    Ferdinando Latteri (Resp. Settore Università margherita)

    Giorgio Parisi (Ordinario Università La Sapienza di Roma)

    Mirano Sancin (Dir. Gen. Kilometro rosso)


    It's thanks to this that he got the award, not his skills (if any).

    I never used drugs, Left Wing people promote and use drugs mainly.

  10. Justin White

    Another project under development

    Since Europe has its IANUS project underway, I'm looking for dollars to create an American version of the IANUS project, something I like to call IPENUS.

  11. Stuart Van Onselen
    Thumb Down

    Left wing = Drug users? Right-wing = Fascists?

    Joerg: 'I never used drugs, Left Wing people promote and use drugs mainly.'

    And right-wing people mainly support racism, fascism, and the indiscriminate slaughter of foreigners for their own financial gain!

    We could continue this all day, this trading of baseless, unsubstantiated insults.

    Just because he is a Leftist doesn't mean he got the award for that reason. Just because you hate all Leftists, and this man may be a Leftist, doesn't mean that his science is worthless. It just means you're intolerant.

    Why don't you take a course in remedial reasoning? Just pay particular attention to the section on logical fallacies. Until then, STFU!

  12. The Red Baron
    Paris Hilton

    Is Google Left Wing?

    Have you looked for "G Parisi" on

    The citations number seems too high!!!!

    Do you think that Google may have an algorithm to increase the citation number for Left Wing People?

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