back to article MS keeps mum on 'Go Play' Xbox 360 Arcade edition

Microsoft has yet to confirm the existence of a new basic Xbox 360 model, the Arcade edition, despite pictures of the model’s packaging appearing online. The picture, hosted by the ShackNews site, is believed to have been taken inside a US gaming store, where it was priced at $280 (£140/€165) and sat in between a top of the …


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  1. Iain

    Not necessarily.

    While some reports are indeed claiming that the Arcade will have a Falcon motherboard, the mere presence of an HDMI port doesn't guarantee it. The motherboard design used on the initial batch of US Elite machines doesn't have the 65nm chip, so it could be more of these to use up the remaining chips.

  2. Dr Jeep

    US Gaming Store?


    That picture is from inside a Target store.

  3. matchbx

    Pre Order Here

  4. Stewart Knight


    Why wait until after the launch of Halo to do this???

    I've just bought a core, purely for Halo.

    If I'd know that a newer model was about to be released, I'd have waited.

    Microshaft, can I have my money back please?

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