back to article Arnie terminates phthalates in kids' toys

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has authorised a ban on toys and child products containing "more than a trace amount" of plastic-softening phthalates, AP reports. The proscription, which comes into force at the start of 2009, marks California as the first state to move against phthalates which are "widely used in baby …


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  1. JimC

    Its ironic...

    Because many years ago, when I worked with PVC, (at least IIRC) pthalates where the new ultra safe stabiliser to replace nasty old lead!

  2. Owain

    Bring back lead

    At least you can pronounce it.

  3. unfunk
    Paris Hilton

    two things...

    1) How the hell do you pronounce 'phthalates'?

    2) Is there video (or audio) of Arnie pronouncing it?

  4. Mike



    thay (like say with a lisp)


    Its fun to say phthalates!

  5. Nick
    Thumb Up

    More banning

    It's time for Arnie to ban more and more things, just for the amusement of the cheesy "teminates" taglines!

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