back to article Japanese diggers unearth dino skull

A dinosaur skull has been unearthed in Japan. The 85-million year-old fossil is one of the oldest finds of its kind in the country, per Reuters. The skull was found in southwestern Japan back in 2004, on a mountain in the town of Mifune. An spokesperson for the Mifune dinosaur museum said that the skull belonged to a herbivore …


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  1. Senor Beavis

    Stop this madness

    They will use the fossil to clone a new dinosaur from traces of DNA. They shall name it 'Godzilla' and it will probably run riot in cities with easily-identifiable skylines. Stop these Asian crazies before they doom us all.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Ah no Gamara will stop them

    for he is the Friend of children.

    sorry Coat door

  3. Jon Green

    Re: Stop this madness

    Absolutely right, Beavis! Once the hadrosaur had finished lunching on the Japanese city's ornamental gardens, it would have to go on the rampage, no question about it, looking for something, anything, to eat - even sheets of nori seaweed, and those radishes cutely carved into the shape of crysanthemums.

    Tokyo terrorised by a giant enraged herbivore! There's definitely a film in that, somewhere...

  4. supermeerkat

    You fools....

    ...dinosaurs didn't exist. They are merely artificats put in place by God when he created the world 6000 years ago. They are there to test your faith and if you believe in them, you are damned forever.

  5. Jaap Stoel


    We won't have to go and watch it or pirate it.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    But but...

    Ever the presence of a religious loon. :)

    ...But where is the Paris Hilton angle... I see a photo op, or a film role? Damsel in distress at said large wandering plant eater.

  7. Fluffykins Silver badge


    Prove it.

  8. Joe Blogs

    Don't forget

    being Japanese they will of course also miniturise the beast, so when Godzilla goes on the rampage it's purely a case of making sure you have a small gate on your allotment.

  9. Sean Buckley


    Haha, love your irony.

    You forgot to mention the stupendous ability of God to place the light emanating from distant stars to be only 6,000 light years away, oh, and that coalification is possible by pressure steaming wood (I've seen the video).

    Creationist nuts are always in season.

  10. Jason


    As supermeerkat has said, God created the entirity of the Universe in 7 days (Not just the world, but the Universe - us Creationists don't go skimping on the Almighties mighty mightyness.) and the Dinosaurs and science and lack of any evidence of higher powers don't mean nothing.

    Oh ... wait ... just grew a brain.

    Science is right. There is no God and all religion is false.

    Shoulda seen that coming really.

    Quacky-dinos FTW!

  11. Chickety China
    Jobs Horns

    Hey look, another Bush supporter!

    Hahaha... superstupid is more like it.

    All religion is evil. Why? Because it breeds ignorant idiots like you.

    Jesus this and Jesus that... You all never look throughout history at what Jesus truley was and could care less for the missing chapters of his adolescence.

    So, let me get this right... we are all supposed to believe in a invisible superman in the sky who has a special place for us if you do not live by 'his' rules that is filled with fire and pain and agony forever and ever... But he loves us?

    Sorry... I'm not not buying the plausibility here.

    I can touch a dinosaur bone. It is as real as my own. Tangible. Proof.

    Your GOD... no proof. Faith by definition is belief without proof. It's apparent any way that if he did exist he has been on one hell of a long holiday. Just because mommy and daddy believe it does not mean you have to also.

    Grow a brain.

    Don't pray for me... I will, however, think for you.

  12. TLA
    IT Angle

    Where's the IT angle?

    I don't mind reading interesting off-tech-topic articles, but this is bizarre, and dull!

  13. Anonymous Coward


    Is that some kind of creationist loldinosaur then?


  14. The Mighty Biff

    Rarr !

    As an atheist I'm totally offended by the name Godzilla. God has no place in explaining the existance of Oriental supersaurs. Given that there are many manifestations of the giant lizard, I hereby propose the name Mozilla.

  15. Laurent_Z

    @Supermeerkat : you are badly out of Touch !!!

    Dinosaurs where placed by overly bored technicians when they had "Earth" built.

    Please consult reference texts at the following link :

    Read it, be Enlightened, and then come back to discuss theology with us.



    Grand-Master of the Ancient Guild of the Small OOOOK, Ankh Morpokh.

  16. Joe Stalin

    You fools....

    O well, I guess I'm damned to the fires of hell forever. Now where is the Icon for an asbestos coat?

  17. Jon Green


    Presumably cheaper than electric sheep.

  18. Joe Blogs

    @Chickety China

    Before I start let me just clarify that I also am a non-believer in God and/or any other diety or religion.

    In your comment, you do come across as a bit of a hypocryte. You say that they are brainless for beleieving in a God/religion without proof, but you beleieve in dinosaurs because:

    "I can touch a dinosaur bone. It is as real as my own. Tangible. Proof."

    Sureley what you mean to say was "

    I can touch something that someone told me was a dinosaur bone and I believe them so it must be true"

    Just my £0.02p (not inc VAT)

  19. Rafferty McDonald

    Atheist Ignorance

    There are more views of a biblical creation than just those espoused by some of the less enlightened factions of the faith.

    For kicks:



    When is a day not a 'day'? When it's written in ancient hebrew.

  20. Graham Bartlett


    Mr China's sense of irony seems to have rusted...

  21. Sean Buckley


    Some more kicks for you.


    ... sorry this is getting a bit off-topic, but when you start linking mathematical arguments to the existence of God, it needs to be answered.

  22. Anonymous Coward

    *whoop whoop whoop* - digression alert

    If we're going to digress any further into religion/atheism/creationism etc., some mofo is gonna get bitchslapped

  23. Luther Blissett


    OK. Having drawn comfort from the silky sensuous touch of dino bone, examine it more closely. Reconstruct the beast conceptually. Calculate the strength to weight ratio of its muscular skeletal system. Ask yourself how it could ever have stood up without being crushed by its own weight, or some such analogous question.

    A bit of a nuisance, really, this problem - but even the earliest paleontologists were aware of it, as for years, until the numbers of bones found made it difficult to sustain, the story was that dinosaurs had to be aquatic in order to benefit from the buoyancy. Since then, boffins have learnt from the English abroad - shout loud enough and you will be convincing.

  24. Anonymous Coward


    Kudos on the flame war you started. I went and looked at your previous posts on the FSM and have come to the conclusion that you're just trolling. Excellent job.

  25. Jon Tocker


    Bloody hell, I must have a great sarcasm detector (possibly because I'm the most sarcastic SOB I know) as I knew his(?) tongue was in his cheek the moment I read the post but so many other people seem to have got their feathers a mite ruffled.

    Way to go, supermeerkat, you've successfully revealed who didn't get enough coffee this morning and didn't get laid last night.

    Where's a napkin-for-wiping-froth-off-people's-chins icon when you need it?

  26. Michael Sheils

    His Noodlyness left it there for us to find.

    And if only we could conduct an experiment without Him changing the result we would see that it is only a few hundred years old. R'Amen.

    PS: there really needs to be a FSM icon.

  27. Kurt Erickson
    Paris Hilton

    what is going on here

    even paris would have known this was a troll!!! wise up people

    on topic, i will be elated if they ever actually do find some good dinosaur dna. that would be so freaking cool. but who cares about old bones? i think we have plenty at this point, anything more is gravy.

  28. supermeerkat

    Come on lads...

    I was taking the piss. Given this is a tech site, mainly frequented by IT types, nerds (I consider myself to be one) and tech freaks, I sort of assumed that you'd all get the joke. In fact only some of you did (Jon, Sean et al) and others didn't. Perhaps I should have added a smiley or something.

    @Anonymous Coward: I don't consider myself to be a troll, rather I have a dry sense of humour, strongly laced with sarcasm. Unfortunately, this doesn't really come across well in text. Ho hum.

  29. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Web sites.

    Here's another one for you:-

    (That's not a real site BTW, I know some people will be struggle with it.)

  30. David S

    Just what do they get up to???

    Glancing at the headline, I read "Japanese doggers unearth dino skull" and did an actual double-take.

    JonB: Your link is broken. Maybe you could substitute a link relevant to the headline I thought I read?

  31. Jeremiah Steidl

    RE: Come on lads...

    I'm the Anonymous Coward from Monday 15th October 2007 18:53 GMT, and I was being seriously congratulatory, your post made for a bunch of very entertaining reading in the follow ups.

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