back to article Anti-fraud site turfed offline after Joe Job attack

Cybercriminals are attempting to tarnish the reputation of a website designed to fight online money transfer frauds and other scams. UK hosts Fasthosts unwittingly played into their hands by temporarily suspending over the weekend in response to fraudulent emails. UK-based website, which warns the …


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  1. Hedley Phillips

    Shock, horror Fasthosts pull another site

    Fasthosts must be one of the worst companies for pulling a domain from under your feet and then not replying to any atempts to contact them.

    I spent months trying to get a similar saga sorted and it drove me up the wall.

  2. yeah, right.

    oh look...

    another incompetent hosting company. Is there a single one out there that hires people based on actual knowledge rather than just having an MCSE but still no clue? I guess it's hard to do when it's clueless people doing the hiring in the first place.

    If anyone wants to visit the Fasthost office for a little one-on-one explanation and edumacation, they're apparently at 154 Southgate Street, Gloucester. Right near Gloucester Prison apparently. Maybe if they're not able to hide behind their phones they'll actually answer some questions from their angry customers?

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Google is just as bad as fasthosts

    Google is just as bad, they can destroy a site that links to another site or redirects DNS or doesn't follow one of the 100 rules at.

    Who would go back and check a search result every day after being told just browsing to it will infect you. Why not use one of the many other results and competitiors.

    Get Google toolbar onto that list, oh wait

    Exceptions to the above website guidelines include, but are not limited to:

    Indexing sites that are automated and comprehensive.

  4. Alan Donaly

    domains are cheap

    You have to be willing to do some work in the security world bad guys fight dirty and cheap hosts hire as few and as cheaply as possible so having more than one site is a must mirroring software can help so can doing a little research on who is the most reluctant to pull a site. I looked around for a while and found several not bullet proof but just really stubborn hosts in the US I don't have a clue about the UK but there must be someone with some balls.

  5. Biton Walstra

    Gloucester farmers

    Yeah, They (Fasthosts) did the same with my web site! And also not responding other then standard automatic messages. Very very bad hosting company.

    On my site was (is) some free available security information about how to prevent hacking and hardener from O’Reilly since that’s my job as Network and Security Manager.

    But according those Fastshosts Experts it was hacking info... and they shutdown my web site without any notification other then an email (after the site was suspended). Lucking me I have manage my own DNS servers and my site was up and running in minutes from my own server.


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