back to article Ballmer: Google is winning online

Steve "on the" Ballmer is telling anyone who'll listen about how Microsoft is taking a pasting from Google in the search advertising racket. In a speech in Orlando this week, the Microsoft boss said: "In world search and advertising, Google is the leader, we're an aspirant [shouldn't that be perspirant?]. We have a lot of …


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  1. Adam Buckland

    Well he wins the award...

    For spotting the bleeding obvious.

    Or did he have to wait for someone to read the search survey results on The Reg to him.

  2. Jon Double Nice

    I'm no expert

    But if Microsoft wants 'a quarter of revenues to come from advertising within a few years', they could just stop selling Windows accordingly - this would allow them to achieve their objective and open up the market to other OSs.

  3. adnim

    Ballmer says

    "We have a lot of work to do in search and advertising"

    They also have a lot of work to do on making their OS work properly, that should have priority over annoying users with adverts.

    "Our advertising system works..."

    Not on my PC it won't.

    "when we have something there, we'll show you."

    How about showing us a stable, fast and reliable OS?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    Ballmer still out of the office?

    Doesn't he know that major Microsoft products need to be rescued from pending disaster?

  5. Chad H.
    Thumb Down

    Ballmer, make up your mind

    I thought you said a few months ago that Live was better than google... Now you've got a long way to go? Make up your damned mind already.

  6. Smell My Finger

    He's not so daft

    If Ballmer can play the card of letting become Google of becoming absolutely dominant we'll see history repeating itself. If Google becomes (or has?) the gatekeeper to all the information on the Internet it won't be long before you here cries or having Google broken up. If anything, Google is potentially more toxic than Microsoft as a monopoly, Google controls access to data, it almost monopolises access to other peoples data.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    Anyone remember...

    ...Gerald Ratner.

    It does seem the Steve Ballmer is treading the fine line between "We can do better" and "What we do is c**p"

  8. Giles Jones Gold badge
    Jobs Halo

    Barmy Ballmer

    I think the whole bury your head in the sand approach of Microsoft can be attributed to Ballmer.

    He talks about the value of Microsoft all the time, what value? you pay a fortune for Windows Vista, a good PC will cost a fair bit too.

    You can get a 20 inch iMac for £799 with come good productivity tools. OS upgrades are around £89.

    Where's the value of Vista and Office? they cost £200-300 each if you want the proper full versions.

    Ballmer famous said he'd brainwashed his kids into not using Google or an iPod. His children's insight into why Microsoft's products suck would have been invaluable, sadly they will never have that conversation.

    I've used Windows Mobile devices for about three years now, time to move on as the mobile OS has gone nowhere in that period of time. Additional functions like 3G and hard disk support have been added, but it clunky and dull.

    Linux is the OS that provides real value, if your hardware is fairly common and you have no need for DRM, high end professional tools (eg. Music software, Film editing) or some PC games then Linux will cost you little.

  9. SpitefulGOD
    Gates Halo


    Anyone one actually know what Microsoft are planning on the search front, I heard some rumours that they're planning some big secret shake up...

    Giles Jones - Office 2007 Home is £80 (you get what you pay for, which is why open office is shit) unless your building your own machine the MSOS is bundled usually anywho, IMHO the different desktops I've used feel totally flakey, Plus I wouldn't suggest Linux to anyone unless they knew how to use a computer, and most alas. don't.

    I've had vista for 16months and not had any issues (apart from that file copy bug). The most stable OS I've had, behind 2008 Server. nothing wrong with MS products, and as for Nomen Publicus comments, I don't think microsoft have anymore software issues now than they've had before there just seems to be more boohoo'ers around.

  10. Kontra
    IT Angle

    Consumer markets: Time for Microsoft to exit?

    Unlike their success in the enterprise, Ballmer's reign at MSFT has been a disaster in the competitive consumer markets. I list their string of flops and wonder if this management should go at:

  11. Richard Kay

    how to avoid bandwidth waste by using robots.txt

    User-agent: msnbot

    Disallow: /

    Unless you particularly want those who use his search engine on your site. Personally I can manage without them.

  12. Neil

    Global Domination

    SpitefulGod: "I've had vista for 16months and not had any issues"

    Someone is telling porky pies.

    Why oh why do Microsoft think they have to have a finger in EVERY pie. Make an OS and make it well. Then make some Office apps, and make them well. The only thing Vista has done in my household has made me try alternatives, and I'm very hapily using XP on my desktop and OSX on my laptop now. Vista on my PC? not in my lifetime.

  13. Alan Donaly
    IT Angle

    It's never seen

    I have Google in once a week and Yahoo every couple of days and even that bot that classifies sites for workplace blocking once but never in my logs have I had msnbot so I don't even worry about blocking it.Ballmer is a weird guy all that drooling and perspiring it isn't normal maybe they should think about not letting him out of his office so much.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I am looking for some more icons here.. a bush one and dick (his VP.. pleeeze) one.. any help Reg ?

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