back to article MS readies second-gen 65nm Xbox 360?

Microsoft will release updated versions of its Xbox 360, this time with even more 65nm chippery, from August 2008, the console's pundit-in-chief has claimed. The new version is codenamed 'Jasper' - actually, that's the name of the motherboard new models will be based upon - and is set to incorporate an incarnation of the …


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  1. Sampler

    Not much news

    Unless they plan to do something a little more to it - it would be like announcing the recent changes a year in advance which they didn't.

    So maybe they tend to implement onboard HD-DVD by then? Prices and availability should've dropped enough by then to make it viable.

  2. Brian Wright
    Thumb Up

    Even better

    I'd like integrated HD, large Hard Disc, say 250GB or thereabouts, HDMI and all in a slimmer sexier smaller case.

  3. Giles Jones Gold badge


    Having the HD-DVD drive externally mean those who aren't interested in that can save money on the console.

  4. Anonymous Coward
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    The Microsoft 360 HD-DVD is the least compatible HD-DVD player which is a little ironic considering that Microsoft had quite a bit of input in the spec of the HD format!

  5. Alex
    Paris Hilton


    Agreed - that is the main concern for all Xbox-ers. They wanted a relatively priced console that 'could' be upgraded if they wanted. It's also the main criticism against the PS3 being the most expensive console of recent times (think the Neo Geo was the most!!). Adding in the bigger HD and HD-DVD drive would be shooting M$ in the foot as it's against what they have been saying about Phony's PS3.

    Interesting to hear that some people do want a fully laden Xbox..

    Also, being an external choice M$ could legitimately switch between HD-DVD and Blue-Ray depending on which one becomes the norm (of which, IMHO, we will have dual formats for quite a while as both have positives and negatives that only preference will decide).

    Apart from the RROD issue, I really don't see the purpose of another incarnation.. Almost as many variants as the dreaded Vista!! (<- personal opinion: Vista is great for home [all flashy], but under-par for Business..)


  6. Scott Mckenzie

    Least Compatible??

    How do you figure that, it adheres to all standards, starts up quicker and works just fine?

    Sure there are some issues but they get resolved very quickly in my experience.

  7. Anonymous Coward


    So you want a PS3 then...

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